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phantomlord's Journal: Bye Bye slashdot

Journal by phantomlord
As evidenced by my low UID, I've been visiting slashdot for years. My UID would be even lower but I waited a few months before I finally bothered to get an account.

As of late, slashdot has grown more and more intellectually vacuous. It's a site full of people who think their shit doesn't stink and anyone who disagrees must be silenced by a quick modding to -1. If that weren't enough the editorial staff, and even of late, Taco himself, has been posting stories just to troll people to generate page views.

The new politics section has only encouraged the inane politics to bleed over into most non-political stories as well. If a story is posted on structural engineering, some kook comes out of the woodwork to claim the US is a vast right wing conspiracy and the buildings couldn't possibly have fallen the way they did on 9/11.

I'm sick of the group think. I'm sick of being trolled. I have to deal with enough 15 year olds during every day life that I don't need to participate in a forum filled with 35 year olds who never quite reached the maturity level of 15. Goodbye slashdot, I'll go to DU/Kos the next time I feel like being trolled and I'll use another source for my generic nerd newsfeed. Another voice silenced by those who proport to be about free speech and free thinking.

Update 10/12/06:
I've decided to not give in to the slashbots. I feel it is my duty to try to educate the members of slashdot who are incapable of dealing with criticism of their ideas.
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Bye Bye slashdot

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