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bluhatter's Journal: DVD Menus should not exist 4

Journal by bluhatter
I am a bit disappointed with the usage of menus on many modern DVDs. As if it weren't bad enough to have to watch previews before a movie, now I must click through a barage of menus before I am allowed to watch the film.

Perhaps I'm a purist, but I'd like to be able to stick the disc in, sit back and relax - let the thing play itself - like it would in a theatre. You don't see the people at the theatre fumbling around with the remote trying to tinker through the menus.

I bought the Simpsons second season on DVD recently - and guess what I found? A menu! (no surprise there...) You see, Simpsons' first season DVD menu was buggy on certain PC-DVD drives, but the second season was just plain bad. Every time a disc is inserted into the drive, I must press [enter] three times in succession and watch little heads spin around before it even lets me into the main menu! And from there it branches out into individual episodes. There isn't even an option to let it run through them all... What, don't they think I can?

Because I can!

There needs to be a new format - a new drive (which still plays DVDs, mind you) that can play discs whose menus are either hidden or nonexistent. I am tired of playing around with cutesy little buttons and over-pixellated graphics. It's time to move on - give the world what they want: movies.

But then, perhaps I take DVDs a little too seriously...
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DVD Menus should not exist

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  • Most DVD's that I have automatically start playing the way that they would in the movies, without having to do anything but put the movie in. Maybe it's just another quirk of the pc-dvd player. Or maybe it's just that creative crap....
  • by cei (107343)
    I do QC on DVDs for a living. The first title I dealt with for release in Japan (Willow [], IIRC) auto-played the feature. I asked why that version was authored that way, considering the Italian, German, French and UK versions of the disc all went to the menu by default. It seems a lot of the Japanese players are stack-loaded jukebox style, and they want to be able to just play the movies without all the other stuff.

    Japan is still NTSC, but you'd need a chipped or Region 2 NTSC DVD player to play the discs...
    • You'd think that there'd be a way to program a software player that skips the menus, finds the feature itself, and plays it through regardless of the Regional encoding. Perhaps one already exists.

      I always knew the Japanese had better DVDs...

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