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So i'm on a cruise ship

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  • ... don't get eaten by a grizzly while you are up there. I expect pictures and good stories when you return!
  • by bethanie (675210) *
    I wanna know what little nuggets of wisdom you left them in case you hit an iceberg or whatever. C'mon -- spill it.

  • this was all you could find to do? What kind of cruise line is that? I didn't have (nor want) internet or cell service while I was on my cruise. And if I'd had it, I would only have used it the one day that we skirted the edge of a hurricane and couldn't go outside.
    • by Blackneto (516458)
      No it's not all i could find to do. But it's cold and misty out there. And as I'm typing this i'm watching a glacier go by outside the window.

      • Ah. Yeah, I guess a cruise to Alaska and a cruise in the Bahamas are a little different. ;-) Enjoy the glaciers!
  • I am extremely terrified of cruise ships. It's like some weird pathological fear. The mention of them makes me nervous.

    • by Blackneto (516458)
      weren't you a Marine? if so you probably got that fear because like my dad whenever he got on a ship he ended up shooting at little brown people.
      • by banky (9941)
        It's just cruise ships. It's something about floating hotels, I dunno. No other form of water transport scares me.

        I guess you could say it's a conceptual fear, as opposed to a tangible one.

"Everybody is talking about the weather but nobody does anything about it." -- Mark Twain