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krow's Journal: Thus Far 2

Journal by krow

Bomb in a Bali nightclub has the marking of terrorists. The club was mainly filled with Europeans and Australians it seems. No actual Indonesians though unless they were a part of the staff. The club turned away people who actually happened to be Indonesian. See any happy fun resentment possibly there?

Seems that Falwell apologized for likening Muhammad to a terrorist. The amazing thing is that a few groups actually bought into it. I wonder what Socrates would have to say about that.

Good morning Afghanistan. While Afghanistan seems to have slipped American minds for the moment it is nice to know that at least a few people living there certainly have not forgotten about us. They were reminding us about this last week by shooting rockets into our camps. They use timers so that when we show up to thank them, they can keep it a surprise as to who gave us the wake up call.

Looks like Britain has decided to take back Northern Ireland again. Just remember this if you are on the London tube and you see a package sitting there all by itself.

Ewww, Salon gave a positive review of "Birds of Prey".

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Thus Far

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