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Journal Pirogoeth's Journal: Heart Attack on a Cake 3 3

Thing Two turns five today. He's completely into Cars right now, so we're helping to boost Disney's stock price and having a completely Cars-themed party.

I decided to try my hand at baking a "fun" cake for him. I'm no Ace of Cakes, but it didn't turn out half bad.

Why yes, that is two pounds of buttercream frosting on there. And it's delicious...

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Heart Attack on a Cake

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  • As a bonus, it's slightly less heart-attack-y than it would have been had I made it. I use Creamy White Frosting [] with an extra dollup of trans fats on top, please!
    • by Pirogoeth (662083) *
      And that's exactly why I made my own. I refuse to buy frosting in a can anymore, as I'm trying to cut down on the trans-fatty crap I buy.

      Not that this is health food or anything, but at least my body knows how to deal with butter properly...
      • I make my own frosting because it tastes better than canned frosting. Mmmm...almond flavored trans fats...

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