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blazin's Journal: My wife is jealous of Sam and Richard... 2

Journal by blazin

There's a lot more people out there who read Sam's JE's and a lot more that read Richard's JEs than my JEs. As some of you may remember I met Sam a few weeks ago. I didn't write a JE about it as I've been super busy lately, and didn't know what to say anyway. Everything Richard said about Sam really rings true. I'm sorry I didn't write anything about it, but I did have a great time with Sam.

As for the reason of the jealousy. Let's see. A museum, a long scenic drive in the mountains, dinner and drinks... It sounds like the makings of a good date. Forgetting the fact that it's two hetero guys, but regardless, it sounds like fun. I read Richard's JE to my wife since I'd told her about my meeting with Sam and am trying to convince her that there are people that you can meet on the Interwebs that aren't psychos or want to have sex with you.

Sam had told me about the upcoming meeting with Richard. I'm sorry I missed it or wasn't able to meet him as well. I'm behind on JEs and it wouldn't have worked this weekend anyway.

I guess the bottom line is I need to figure out how to get a babysitter and get my wife and I up in the mountains and out to dinner and drinks soon.

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My wife is jealous of Sam and Richard...

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  • The museum...was a place in the middle of the places we were coming from.

    The drive to Mt. Evans...was his idea, something he does on his trips to CO.

    The dinner...was supposed to be his meal before his plane trip back to NYC that night. The drinks...were with dinner. I didn't eat, actually, as you know what a PITA it is for me to eat out. :)

    So...yeah. t'was good. Just like meeting you. :)

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