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illumin8's Journal: I'm sick of political trolling/modding/meta-moderating... 2

Journal by illumin8

Has anyone noticed that the amount of political freaks that troll these forums has gotten out of hand lately? I mean, I just got meta-moderated as unfair for a comment that I modded informative that was highly relevant to the discussion.

Judge for yourself: This is the comment I modded informative.

The discussion was in the story about how "pseudo"-scientists were criticizing Gore's new movie, and this comment rightly showed some quotes by the same guy that was in the article, proving he was an industry shill.

So do you think now the conservative trolls have figured out that they can meta-moderate this board into oblivion? My Slashdot, how you've fallen lately... it's sad really.

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I'm sick of political trolling/modding/meta-moderating...

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  • I agree with your assessment, although I can't back it up. I haven't moderated anything in a year or more.

    But I do see how the moderation system is broken. Nicely, I've read that that the moderation system is being re-worked. All in all, I (mostly) like the CSS change. Perhaps the moderation system will be as nice an improvement, too.

    I can hope. ;-)

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