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Journal SlashCapper's Journal: SlashCapper's Bettors Guide for 26 June, 2006 2

The recovery is on!

Thus far: 20-28-1, -$126.53 (-4.36% of risk)

The bankroll stands at $873.44 ($134.40 retained earnings)

MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL: (Standard rules about pitchers apply)

  • Philadelphia (C. Lidle vs. T. Wakefield): $51 risked @ +165
  • Houston (W. Rodriguez vs. Z. Miner): $41 risked @ +145
  • Atlanta (T. Hudson vs. R. Johnson): $30 risked @ +154
  • Tampa Bay (J. Shields vs. J. Johnson): $41 risked @ +130
  • LA Dodgers (C. Billingsley vs. C. Silva): $41 risked @ +102
  • Colorado (J. Jennings vs. J. Lackey): $61 risked @ +142

Aggregate risk: $265

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SlashCapper's Bettors Guide for 26 June, 2006

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