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vague_ascetic's Journal: is 'evidence' an obscene word to conservatives? 2

Journal by vague_ascetic

It seems that once again I am given an opportunity to tease right-sided idiotsynchrocies.

A post of mine was modded as flamebait, that just asked for citations to back up the parent's claims. Admittedly, it was a harsh request, but anyone can see that citations were not proffered in response.

Why has "evidence" become an obscence concept to the right-side of America's political bipolarity?

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is 'evidence' an obscene word to conservatives?

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  • You should have asked for "facts".

    To a True Believer of the Conservative Christian Party, "evidence" is a statement of purported fact, made with significant conviction. In other words: if you believe hard enough what you're saying, regardless of the facts, what you're saying must be true. Point: confronted about WMDs, Bush's handlers routinely dismiss claims of deceit saying [i]he believed what he was saying at the time[/i] as if having faith in your own ignorance made up for that ignorance.

    That's why even

  • The hard-core conservatives I know in real life will find evidence all right. It may be made up, it may be from the Rush Limbaugh website, but they sure will find some "evidence".

    Specifically, I'm mentioning an AP History teacher at my high school (high school...imminent graduation... :'( ). This guy would pick up any sheet of paper off his desk and read "figures" from it, about how Clinton's surplus wasn't really a surplus, or the economic mess Carter supposedly caused. I once kept an eye on where on h

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