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Journal FidelCatsro's Journal: Insults of the week 9

Here is a great one , Coxcomb .. For all of you who need something to stick it to that conceited Dandy .
Also you should try to use the word cant somewhere , cant meaning basically the same as Jargon . :D Please try using cant on slashdot and laugh at the grammar trolls as they insult your grammar .
That cant becomes not useful in many situations .
Your cant sucks ..etc.

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Insults of the week

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  • This sounds like a mission for... Troll Tuesday!!! Tom?
  • by RM6f9 (825298) *
    Vulgar British, as opposed to the Gawd-awful concatenative mess that is modern US-ian?

    I can't seem to cantilever my head around to using cant to describe the argot that Kant used in his dryer-than-Grandparent-farts "Critique of Reason"

    Teetering on an attempted cantilever, indeed!

  • by rk (6314) *

    But I can't understand your cant.

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