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Well, that's interesting....

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  • should only happen IF you check the submit button.

    Unless the behavior varies between subscribers and non-subscribers.

    And, no, you didn't miss a discussion. Unless I did too. It just showed up a little while back.
    • it goes back a bit, to not long after they switched to css. but you are right, it is an option and only kicks in if you check the box.
      there's been discussion of this but kind of here and there.
      • Oddly enough, I noticed a JE of mine got submitted without my checking any boxes, but only once.
        It appears Planesdragon suffered a similar fate.

        But what the hell - the code compiled, so go ahead and just roll it out into production ;-)
  • He discusses all the code upgrades- but only allows discussion among a very small subset of users.

Nothing happens.