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The Gold Museum

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  • There's nothing quite like the satisfying weight and shiny of a Krugerrand or a Maple Leaf. Mmmmmm.

    • I held a 100 ounce bar of silver yesterday in my hand, very pretty. I'm seriously thinking that a 100 ounce bar of gold should be in my collection, but at US$58,000 its a bit out of budget :)
      • I certainly wouldn't complain if I had a few of those lying about the house.

        I'm pretty bullish on precious metals right now... but I get to worrying when I start to see ads about it on TV. Being an Austrian frequently makes one a contrarian, so I get a bit nervous when the way I'm going gets to be even a slightly popular.

        • I completely agree. I got into gold mostly due to Rothbard's book, and because it was declining, meaning the demand was low. I am very happy that one of my first ounces was bought in the upper US$2xx. For me, though, buying at US$600 still is worthwhile since it has completely caused me to stop spending on useless consumerism. I barter more for things I love (I barter with 6 different very high end restaurants and get free meals often, more than 1 a week).

          I think gold is overvalued based on 10 years of

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