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User Journal

Omaze's Journal: Crime and retribution

Journal by Omaze

Running with scissors is against the rules because there is potential for an accident to occur and injury to take place. Not everyone who runs with scissors, however, is automatically charged with conspiracy to commit murder nor are they forbidden from using a cutting tool. There is no automatic retribution for the crime of running with scissors. Instead they are asked to stop running and walk.

Driving under the influence is against the rules because there is potential for an accident to occur and injury to take place. Everyone who is caught driving under the influence, however, is automatically charged with a politically correct wording for "intent to commit injury" and their driving priveleges are revoked. There is automatic retribution potentially on the order of thousands of dollars and even potential jail time. They are not asked to stop and walk home but instead incarcerated for a period of time at the discretion of an arbitrary person.

I don't condone driving around mad drunk, tearing around corners, speeding off stoplights, and recklessly running people off the road. With the legal limit for intoxication always being lowered and the costs of the penalties always going up I really wonder if the true intent is to keep peace or if we're seeing yet another example of politicians playing the emotions of the ignorant in order to hide their own failure to make any real improvement in their world. It's probably the latter but, eh, what can you do? Life is what it is and unless you're independently wealthy there's no way to avoid it much less change it.

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Crime and retribution

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