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Journal hzs202's Journal: Quote: Of Studies 3

"Histories make men wise; poets, witty, the mathematics, subtle; natural philosophy, deep; moral, grave; logic and rhetoric able to contend" (Bacon).

I'm Meditating on Sir Francis Bacon's essay "Of Studies" and considering, at which of the 6 studies am I most skillful. If I were to place them in order... I think it would look like this:

1. Histories: wise
2. Natural Philosophy: deep
3. Poetry: witty
4. Moral: grave
5. Logic and rhetoric: able to contend
6. Mathematics: subtle

If you wish... in the comment section list the studies and their attributes as the apply to you.

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Quote: Of Studies

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  • by mercedo (822671) *
    1. Histories: Lessons to learn
    2. Natural Philosophy: Truth
    3. Poetry: Art
    4. Moral: How to communicate with others
    5. Logic and rhetoric: Logic-Most important, Rhetoric-Least important
    6. Mathematics: Ruler of the world
    1. Mathematics - what is sufficient?
    2. Natural Philosophy - what is possible?
    3. Logic and Rhetoric - what is available?
    4. Moral - what is necessary?
    5. Poetry - what, of the impossible or unavailble, is still necessary?
    6. History - what is dangerous?
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