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Journal blazin's Journal: BANNED! 16

So last night (at home) I tried to read some JE's. I got the lovely pink slashdot "BANNED" page. I've never seen this before. I wrote in to find out why I was banned, and was told that IP has been banned every day since 12/19 for hitting the RSS feed 100s or 1000s of times in an hour. The weird thing is that I am not running any RSS readers on the computer I use the most and the other computers don't have any slashdot rss subscriptions.

Does anyone know how to track this thing down to see what is causing this? I've checked the router logs and the only slashdot hit I can see was when I tried to read the JE, but admittedly it doesn't go back all that far.


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  • Do you have a static IP address at home? I would expect that the abusive activity happened when someone else had the IP address.
  • by IASmaster (827152)
    you could also be NATed. There could be someone else on your network who is accessing the RSS feed. This is fairly likely. I recommend finding a proxy to avoid the banned page.
    • by blazin (119416)
      I have my computers in my house NAT'd. If I go to the IP address of my router from work, I can log into my router. I would have to assume that I am not NAT'd at my ISP level, right?
  • I got the lovely pink slashdot "BANNED" page. I've never seen this before.

    Me neither... Did you get a screenshot?

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