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pvera's Journal: My first two novels, CC-licensed and free to download

Journal by pvera

My second novel is out! "Pulling Strings" is the follow-up to "Shining Star." In my first novel I came up with a crazy what-if:

What if Puerto Rico votes to become an independent republic? And what if it happens without the Americans knowing that Puerto Rico is sitting on huge oil reserves?

In my second book I explore the Puerto Rican Republic as it starts its expansion across the other countries in the Caribbean basin. All this while the US nervously keeps an eye on these developments, and Venezuela becomes more hostile because Puerto Rico is not a member of OPEC and is not bound to obey their monopoly on oil.

As with my first book, this book is available free of charge under a Creative Commons License. You are free to download it and pass it around as long as it is unaltered and you do not charge for it. Also, you cannot create derivative works based on it.


Shining Star (pdf)

Pulling Strings (pdf)

If you are interested in buying a print copy of my books, please feel free to visit my bookstore.

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My first two novels, CC-licensed and free to download

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