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Journal pezstar's Journal: Happy Tuesday 3

All things considered, I'm in a pretty darn good mood today. I've been feeling good lately as a whole!

I'm proud of myself. I'm actively working toward bettering myself, and the added bonus that I didn't expect is that my self-esteem is rising at the same time. I've lost 20 pounds since about Sept. I have a job, and will *gasp* get a paycheck tomorrow. Holy crap, money that I earned! I'm a productive member of society!

I have a solid list of goals and I plan to check them off, one by one. I have a boyfriend who is also my best friend. It doesn't get any better than that. (Did I ever tell you how awesome trmj is? Because he's awesome. Really awesome.)

Basically, this entry was fluff. But hey. I feel pretty good.
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Happy Tuesday

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  • Not a bad way to finish off the year at all.

    Congrats on all fronts.
  • i keep telling ya. It keeps being true.

    Didja find out whether pez are gluten free yet?
    • They are! Tom and I had the discussion outside Whole Foods one day, when we decided it would just be entirely too cruel if they weren't. I did a bit of research, and they are A-Ok. So are the 5 flavored life savers! (the hard ones, not the gummies) I called today.

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