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rickymoz's Journal: First impression of SuSE Linux

Journal by rickymoz

I've been using Mandrake 8.1 on my personal computer for half a year now. Today, I had to install SuSE 8.0 at my school computer. Which is supposed to be more advanced than Mandrake 8.1.

Supposed to. Because for me, it's much inferior. To begin with, the setup tool, Yast2. Crap. Not transparent process. Partitioning made more complicated than you could imagine (do I know what a cylinder is?). Then I wanted to install Mozilla. From the packages I could find on the 7(!) CDs, no Mozilla. I guess it must be somewhere, but heck! Where did they hide it? Ok, no problem, I'll just download the newest and run it in my home. I even made a shortcut on my K-bar but it would not run. It does on Mandrake, why not on SuSE? And Finally, I wanted to setup and configure Apache, PHP and MySQL. I gave it up: where do I start the services? where are they? Have they been installed at all?

Ok... I have that Demo-CD of Mandrake 8.2. I'll take it to school and I'll install it on my computer. Much more straight forward and clear to me. At least I won't lose my time trying to figure out cryptographic stuff from the SuSE people. No thanks, I need the computer to work, not to play around.

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First impression of SuSE Linux

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