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User Journal

vik's Journal: Air Marshals Not Needed In NZ

Journal by vik

New Zealand is suggesting that it will allow air "marshalls" to fly on planes headed to New Zealand. Now, I don't know about you but I don't much fancy the concept of state-sponsored terrorists being given a ticket to carry firearms into my country.

Since their inception they have killed more than they've saved and their tactics are indistinguishable from those of hijackers - even down to shooting unarmed passengers. Their training is to intimidate and threaten, then shoot those who do not comply.

Familiar tactics? They are either going to kill more innocents, or get themselves killed because Kiwis are certainly not going to put up with such behaviour on their aircraft.

They're not needed and not wanted. Bugger off.

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Air Marshals Not Needed In NZ

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