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Operating Systems

pogson's Journal: Job was lame

Journal by pogson
My new job was lame. During the interview I was told my technical expertise would be respected. I set up my LAN with LTSP (Linux Terminal Server Project) on an AMD64 with 2gB RAM and 200 gB storage. I showed students the variety and virtues of GNU/Linux in the Debian distro and was shocked to find they preferred that other OS, XP, not for any valid reason, but because they could escape the scrutiny of my kid filter and process watching. The bosses even said the students should use Windows. I was disgusted. They actually want to use obsolete software from 2001 instead of current stuff. This is the first time in six years I have been told to use Windows. I even made long lists of advantages of Linux and documented its use in other schools and businesses, to no avail. The technicians in charge of the Windows system have not been able to provide accounts and printing services routinely for months. My Linux system has been running very smoothly.

I have given notice and will be out of here in two weeks. Time to find another job...

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