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Troll tuesday

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  • Your troll was FAR too calm and reasoned- as shown by the well-thought-out comments that followed.
    • Isn't that the idea of a troll? To convince people that your fallacious post is actually serious?

      Next time I'm going to go for more direct flamebait, I guess.

      • Next time I'm going to go for more direct flamebait, I guess.

        Oh no you won't, you don't have the balls for it. I skimmed through your posting history and I've never seen such blatant socialist propaganda in my whole life...

        I'm not really a troll, but you were too-much on-topic in your answer: try to talk about RMS and the GPL the next time you mention Linux, and don't forget how the XBox360 will suck compared to the Revolution (even in a topic about HPC, it doesn't matter). And when you compare Linux an

The longer the title, the less important the job.