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the_mad_poster's Journal: Arlen Specter is the Longest Sitting Senator From PA Today. 2

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Because unlike extremist, mysognistic, homophobic, pompous morons like Santorum, Arlen Specter is a level-headed, moderate guy who knows what he's doing.

Yea, you don't see that a lot in government these days. You see cocklickers who hate women, minorities, and freedom getting nominated for high court positions.

Oh well. Like I told Brent, 13 years from now we'll be in the grips of one of those dirty liberals while he/she rebuilds from the disastrous mess caused by the conservatives again, and the idiot public will then vote another whacked-out conservative to wreck all that progress all over again.

Constant cycle. The cons destroy what the progressives build. Sad, sad cycle.

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Arlen Specter is the Longest Sitting Senator From PA Today.

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  • by Dogers (446369)
    Geez, do you ever sleep? :)
  • by dave-tx (684169) *
    The thing I like most about Specter is that he phones in to the 610 WIP [] morning show for a weekly chat about the most recent Eagles game. Hey, even Arlen ripped 'em after this past week's nonsense!

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