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Planesdragon's Journal: Serenity 4

Journal by Planesdragon

Short, short review:

It's a good movie. Not as good a Orison Scott Card says it is, but still good.

Why do I say this? Because Whedon's choice of how to heighten the tension in the final act (after they land on the last planet) is a cheap trick. Or an expensive trick, if you want to nitpick. But still, a trick that made me stop living the movie and remember I was watching a man's work.

I'd say more, but it's only been out a week.

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  • Not about the quality of the movie, it was exccellent. Well, maybe about that, too. I agree with Card (Orison? is that a Fruedian slip?). But I definitely disagree about the choice made. It was, if not brilliant, at least inspired. It also produces a certain amount of tension that can carry all the way into a sequel, if they get the chance.

    However, to avoid spoilers, I'll have to stop there.

    • But I definitely disagree about the choice made.

      We might be talking about different things. What made me stop "living" the movie was the "here are those bad guys again" moment, right after Serenity lands on Mr. Universe's planet.

      No character development. No foreshadowing. Just a sudden shift to heighten the tension of the end.

      Sure, it heightens the tension--but at the expense of the story's believability. It's like if Shakesphere suddenly had Juliet get attacked by a bear -- not exactly in keeping with
      • We might be talking about different things

        Maybe we are... I figured you were complaining about the one scene that seems to have a significant minority of the fans complaining. The scene immediately after the last "Leaf in the wind" line. If you're refering to something else, then I'm not sure what it is.

        • No, that's it.

          It's a cheap trick to heighten the tension for the movie's last act. It was the exact moment that, as I said, I stopped "living" the movie and remembered that it was a film.

          The actions themselves don't upset me NEARLY as much as the amaturish way that they happened, and the fact that they killed my suspension of disbelief quicker than SMG's bad acting on the last few episodes of Buffy.

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