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Glonoinha's Journal: Wiki - set one up with a glass of Scotch in one hand

Journal by Glonoinha

Yea - finally.
After toying with the idea for months, I finally broke the ice and got a Wiki installed.

I have been looking for a knowledge capture and management platform to use at work - something better than 'Mike has some magic SQL scripts to fix that, keeps them in a Word doc on his desktop' to tame the environment (more like 8 environments.)

I looked around, found Wikipedia and thought that it would be a perfect fit (the technology, not posting all my info to wikipedia) - Wiki. As usual, the name alone is making it difficult to get past the Productivity Prevention Team at work - so I took it underground. Ok, maybe I just took it home to work on it here.

Tried TWiki - looked cool, I heard some good things about it if you have Tomcat already running (which I didn't) - but it didn't play nice with WSAD's WAS 5.0 test environment and I didn't feel like figuring it out. Back to Babbages for TWiki.

Hear about MediaWiki a few times over the course of a few months, but I don't pay attention.

Someone mentions Wiki on a Stick (USB Thumbdrive, etc) so I look it up. Looks good, but I don't have time.

Last night I have some time, start playing with it and less than an hour later I have it up and running. It really is a no-brainer, just follow the bouncing ball and it installs on a Windows box really nicely.

It doesn't seem to be a hardened install of anything, but for internal use only it looks like a great implementation. The nice thing is that it is completely removable - just turn it off and remove the Thumbdrive (the upside being that you can start it on pretty much any machine without re-installing or configuring it.) As an added bonus, you get a zero footprint (no .dll's or registry settings to worry about - although you will need to tweak the ip-address it is listening to in some .conf file) install of Apache web server w/ PHP and a MySQL database server - all in under 32M.

Pretty spiffy.

And in case it matters - Glenlivit 15 year old, French Oak Reserve.

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Wiki - set one up with a glass of Scotch in one hand

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