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SharpFang's Journal: That's it. 1

Journal by SharpFang

Installed AdBlock on the last of my machines. For one, single reason. Slashdot ads.
No, I don't mind the ads themselves. I remember often clicking on the banners on Slashdot. Not once I pondered purchasing stuff from ThinkGeek. I got interested in the "airzooka" toy so much that I built one myself. I understand, source of revenue, subscriptions aren't enough etc.
But I'd at least expect keeping the ads servers working. Slashdot pages load for me in 2-5s on hosts with Adblock. But on this one, it was taking a minute or longer. Because the page would stop loading and wait for the ads server. I'd see "looking up" indefinitely, while the black screen wouldn't contain any content.
The more intrusive the ads, the more probable the users will disable them. If the ads make the content proper completely unavailable, they will be disabled for sure. And screw you, Slashdot. Somehow I don't believe I'd re-enable Slashdot ads once you fix the ads server...

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That's it.

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