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ceejayoz's Journal: Dell is unbelivable 1

Journal by ceejayoz

Little sister goes off to college in a couple weeks, so I was asked to config her a laptop.

Now, before I switched to my Mac mini, I'd had two Dells, and I was quite happy with them. Cheap, did the job, etc.

Now, sure, the site says you can get a laptop for $800. Okay.

You then go through three pages of options, with all sorts of spammy "hey want AOL?" "hey want a colored anal plug?" etc. type prompts. Three huge, long pages of configuations.

Not only that, but the $800 price is for irresponsibly poor config options. 128mb RAM for Windows XP? No thanks, mofos.

By the time I'd config-ed it for her, it was $1600 - and no tax or shipping yet. Yeah. Nope, she'll use Dad's spare instead.

Buying an Apple laptop?

Hard drive
Extra display
Extra keyboard/mouse

Done! And for approximately the price they quote you on the store pages, not twice as much.

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Dell is unbelivable

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  • I needed a laptop to do work on, as I was being hindered by not being home alot and having to use a small USB key to do most stuff. So after saving forever, I purchased a Gateway 3040GZ [] for about $800 too. Its specs seemed to be better than the ones you got from Dell:

    • 1.5 GHz Celeron M
    • 512 MB ram (minus 32 MB shared video memory)
    • 14" Widescreen
    • 60 GB HDD
    • DVD/CD-RW
    • 802.11g

    It certainly isn't a gaming box. The video subsystem (shared memory) sucks; however, those problems are trivial quibbles that don't

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