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Journal by evilviper

It has to be said... It's clear is run by trained monkeys.

I was subscribed to the theora mailing list for a very long time. Recently, I tried to send a message to the list, only to find it rejected because my IP (on which I run my personal SMTP server) is dynamic. Don't ask why I don't use my ISP's SMTP server, that's an argument for another time. Suffice it to say that I'm stuck with this arrangement, and quite happy with it.

Finding that my posts were not welcome (and angry that Theora is at least 3+ years behind schedule) I decided to unsubscribe and wash my hands of it. Guess what? is subject to the same IP filtering... I guess they don't want their bots to waste time reading spam... So, of course I use the web-based interface, and unsubscribe.

Figuring someone at would want to know about this, I e-mail Monty. Sadly, Monty's address is subject to the same filtering as all other addresses at I do what any nerd would, look up the whois information for "Great honeybee of infinity" the contact info for the domain is

So, that is why I've come to the conclusion that is run by trained monkeys. These are the people we're supposed to depend on to give us the next-gen free audio/video standard? I still like Vorbis, but I've lost all faith in Theora.

Comments welcome.

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  • set it to reject mail from that domain with a 50x error - "your spam filtering won't let me unsubscribe." Majordomo is often set to collect bounce/refusals and remove people automatically.

    Or, you know, get a GMail account or something, to mail administratively from. Get used to having to deal with the dynamic IP issue, because it's not going away.

    Oh, and DNS claims the administrative account is RFC requires a postmaster@ be present, too. So mail to those from GMail, also. (but don't cc:
    • since you run your own mail server set it to reject mail from that domain with a 50x error - "your spam filtering won't let me unsubscribe."

      Actually, I only use my own server for OUTGOING mail, not incomming. Though it is possible (through the use of dyndns and the like) to run a full mail server on a dynamic IP address, it's very iffy and too unreliable to depend on.

      Get used to having to deal with the dynamic IP issue, because it's not going away.

      It's not that I can't send a message, which bothers me. It

  • I also run my own SMTP server for my domain, and also began getting bounces a couple of years ago, due to my IP being part of a dynamic IP block belonging to Comcast. At first, I was kind of upset by mail servers blindly rejecting my emails simply because of what my IP address was, but there was an easy fix... I just relay all of my outbound traffic through Comcast's SMTP servers, which are not blacklisted. If you're using sendmail, all you need to do is define SMART_HOST and you're done. (in my case, the
    • Just relay your outbound traffic through a 'legit' server, and your problems will go away.

      Not an option. My ISP's SMTP servers suck, to put it mildly.

      Other spam-fighting methods are much more effective. If the only tactic you use is a dynamic-IP blacklist, then of course it will catch a lot of spam. However, other methods are far more effective.

      My complain isn't about the DUL. If people want to use it, go ahead. However, it's stupid to use any kind of spam filtering on a mojordomo e-mail address, and i

  • by Sloppy (14984)
    Heh, a domain contact address within that domain, so if someone ever wants to report a problem with the domain... uh oh.

    I mailed monty about your problem, and I don't expect I'll get filtered so hopefully something will get done about it.

    Hmm... although now that I think of it, my email contains a number of suspicious keywords ("spam", "mailing list", "remove"). And I probably shouldn't have pasted in that ad for Viagra.

    • Re:Oops (Score:3, Funny)

      by evilviper (135110)
      Hehe. Nicely done.

      I think actual spam looks less suspicious to the mail-server than e-mails to with one single line in their body, if comming from a dynamic IP. Sad...

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