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Journal Billly Gates's Journal: I am thinking of writing a payroll/scheduling app

I wrote a few anti gpl comments that hopefully wont appear too trollish. TO be honest I am quite ignorant about the GPL considering all the information I read on slashdot is biased.

I know modifying a GPL product and redistributing is bad. But what constitutes a GPL rewrite? If I include some functions and link to some libraries dynamically does that constitute a redistribution? Could I sell it to my employer?

I would like to view some gpl source code and perhaps link to some libraries for graphics dealing with timetables. I will be heading to MSDN to see if they have any .net libraries I can use.

I have never really wrote anything major before and this will be a special project for me this summer. I need to get into IT again. The only thing I wont be able to do is access teh SAP database for my program. I will use a text file for the access layer and just be honest. Then I could sell myself as someone who can show the prototype of the program and rewrite it with the SAP connections if they decide to hire me. :-)

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I am thinking of writing a payroll/scheduling app

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