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Journal SimianOverlord's Journal: Business Opportunity (NOT NIGERIAN) 4

I'm looking for a general manager to do all the work for this great startup idea I've had. I wanted to recruit the cream of the crop, which is why I'm posting this to journal land. No timewasters here.

Anyway, I'm going to start a new product called... wait for it... Open Sauce. It's ketchup - but with a twist. The twist is the name! The brilliance is in the simplicity.

I'm looking for someone to buy lots of Heinz ketchup at wholesale, steam off the labels and gum on my new ones. I'll advertise my product on Slashdot. You can get 10% of any profit or losses made.

Geeks will love adding Open Sauce to any closed shop traditional fries they have. And it works brilliantly with other foods too! I plan on sending a complimentary box to Linux, ESR, RMS and Bruce Perens for the cachet. Maybe it could have Linus's head on the bottle.

Here's a mock up. I used an old photo of Linus deliberately, to flatter him. Open Sauce - Good With Anything.

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Business Opportunity (NOT NIGERIAN)

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