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Journal rickymoz's Journal: Mozilla advocacy in South Korea

I've been staying in South Korea for almost a month and here, more than anywhere else, Internet Explorer is just THE browser.

I installed Mozilla on a friend's computer and noticed some weird things:

Even if Mozilla is open and ready to be used, the friend clicked on the IE quick start button, waited for 15 seconds until it was ready for use (yes a slow Win98 machine...) and then started browsing.

I was surprized to see that the favorites were not being used. Sites accessed daily were accessed through the history list of the address field.

I am convinced that Mozilla is superior to IE. One big problem in South Korea which prevents Mozilla use on a regular basis is the very impressive number of sites which use bad javascript (sometimes even used for logging into a site...). Even IE regularly displays the yellow triangle in the bottom left. But it works... document.all & co. however don't work in Mozilla. Too bad.

Let's see what can be done. I'm really hoping that the Korean W3C office will work hard on evangelizing the W3C standards...

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Mozilla advocacy in South Korea

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