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Godwin would be ... something something something

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  • ... the idiocy over there has really ramped up.
    • Hey friend! Are you here to drive this all home with a good joke? We've even brought Pudge out of hiding if you want an easy target. I see you have warmed up by responding to an AC [], can you bring your A game out now?
      • Nope. Just here to note that your idiocy is on another level these days -- which for you, is really saying something. It's past the point of you just naturally being a little slow on the upkeep, it's degenerated to the point where you really have to try to be as willfully ignorant as you are. I'm just here to applaud your effort, it takes a lot to remain so oblivious to overwhelming facts that shatter your world view. Your psyche must be hanging on by a thread, when it finally shatters it'll be amusing to w
        • Oh, come on. You've done the "I know you are, but what am I" punchline before. Applying it in the third person doesn't make it original. You can do better material than that!

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