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Are people boycotting the "Funny" mod or something?

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  • There's an old maxim that the funniest things have some core of truth to them.

    I thought your first example was funny, definitely, but especially funny because that's how many folks (me included) tend to work. My safari application sessions tend to last anywhere from a week to a couple months and include many tabs, windows, etc along the way (read interesting pages, and you'll find more interesting pages to read). I'd hazard a guess that you might behave somewhat the same way.

    So, your comment *was* funny b
  • I have attached -2 to funny in my profile. Most slashdot moderaters have a worthless, lame sense of humor. They award so many "funny" mods that they mask the comments that actually contain worthwhile information.

    Yours were funny though.

  • by The FooMiester (466716) <goimir.endlesshills@org> on Wednesday April 20, 2005 @09:49PM (#12298757) Homepage Journal
    It doesn't add karma, and opens you up to getting modded "overrated" if some CSM thinks it's not funny. Getting modded up +5 funny and then back down to 1 costs you 4 points of karma!

    Oh wait, I forgot, we don't have karma points anymore. Don't worry about your karma. It only means everything about your ability to post and submit stories, and of course, moderate.

    • I realize that the moderation system here is "differently optimized" (I think that's the politically correct term for it). And I suppose that could account for some of it--at least, it gives me a tiny bit of WarmFuzzyFeeling(tm) to think that there are that many people who will refrain from pushing a button because they know it doesn't work they way they'd like it to.

      Heck, that's darned close to what I'd consider a joyously optimistic view of mankind.

      But my more cinical side insists that there's a much

    • To whoever just did that

      , ,|,,

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