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nullard's Journal: Submitted: You too can build a software empire! 1

Journal by nullard
In order to make my submissions to slashdot feel less futile, I'm posting them in my journal. At least this way, if they get rejected, someone will see them.
All this hard work designing software is a smokescreen to keep the little man down. Aparently I've been wasting my time as a programmer. I've learned over a dozen languages, have taught courses in programming at the local community college, and have even assisted the author of a popular textbook with his latest edition of that book. I guess I was going about things all wrong. According to this book, there is no need to know anything about code, software engineering, or even be intelligent. You too can build a software empire!

Great. Now I'm gonna be out of a job.
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Submitted: You too can build a software empire!

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  • by cyranoVR (518628)
    Yeah, I saw a TV ad for something similar on CNN morning news the other day. "Internet Millions in a Box" or something like that. "Everything you need to start your own web site, only $149.95...Within minutes you'll be online with your own 'e-commerce' web site and mass-mail system, making thousands every week! Why wait, get in the game."

    It was so bad I thought it was a parody. (Like that Simpsons "Internet King" bit...Homer: Internet, eh?") Apparently the geniuses behind this don't read the paper that much...or they prey on customers that have lived under a rock the last few years.

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