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shomon2's Journal: Prison System 1

Journal by shomon2

Instead of treating a prison as a punishment, it should be a place of rehabilitation. Of renewal and rebirth into society cured of all evil. The convicts should enter into a complex social system - a heirarchical team based game of points to score freedoms with each good trait or learned positive behavious rewarded by the other prisoners in a collective team based big brother futuristic nightmare. It would be a bootcamp. A rough place but which instills cameraderie, and social values. Convicts would have their own television stations and would have to gain popularity votes to get the best positions, at all times aided by teams. Or teams can set up businesses and an entire small market system is put in place whereby they can actually make money - perhaps valid outside the prison walls as much as inside.

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Prison System

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  • I heard this a long time ago. I don't know if it is true now, or was even true then, because Red China is a nation of lies.

    You know those third world micro-loans? Small loans are made to locals (generally women see below), who don't have any collateral. The lenders have the loan applicants form into groups of about a dozen. The loan applicants meet, and discuss their applications, and then they vote on which of them has the strongest application, and should get the first loan. So the applicant may

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