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Root Planing and Scaling

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  • by Com2Kid (142006)
    I go to same dentist all the time, have been for some time, very VEEERRY nice guy, he feels extremly guilty if any of his patients are in the least bit of pain. :-D Things go very well with him.

    Friend was asking another dentist about braces, evil dentist was descriping blood and pain and all this, ugh. Bunch of bull, at least in my case I had no blood (except for when I did something st00pid one time, hehe) and the pain was no more then you would expect from having a tight rubber band pull your teeth through bone.
    • er, stupid thing you did? was anyone else wounded also? ;)
      • Nah, I forget exactly what it was, something stupid involving eating something or another that I shouldn't have, gotta be careful with braces that way. :-D Luckily they are off nwo and I am just on the retainers for, err, until I die. LOL

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