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Journal of The WIPO Troll (267426)

Journal Entry Date
Goodbye, Cruel Slashdot! Thursday January 03, 2002 @09:52PM
Taco-Snotting is Dying (1.1) Thursday January 03, 2002 @08:58PM
Death of a WIPO Troll Wednesday January 02, 2002 @11:22PM
Why Do They Reject My Submissions!? (1.2) Sunday December 30, 2001 @10:50PM
I Like to Fuck my Little Sister! And Other Shit (1.5) Thursday December 20, 2001 @01:24AM
Lovely Snot! Wonderful Snot! (1.4) Tuesday December 18, 2001 @11:42PM
The Linux Gay Conspiracy Thursday December 06, 2001 @11:04PM
The Official Taco-Snotting FAQ (1.16) Monday November 12, 2001 @01:34AM

Although the moon is smaller than the earth, it is farther away.


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