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Journal of Platinum Dragon (34829)

What the hell?

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Monday August 20, 2001 @02:52PM
PC Games (Games)

What's this shit? Slashdot hopping on the weblog bandwagon? Yeesh - now I can waste kB's of space with my own crap on Malda's precious colo space. Phun.

Phone calls need to be made, but will put them off until tomorrow. Why do today what you can do later?

Not that I update shit much anyway. I really do need to put a new rant on my rant page.

Still restoring .ogg collection from the Great MP3 Wipe. Next up; Pantera, Far Beyond Driven. Good friends and a bottle of pills...

Ummmm.... hi mom, hi teresa, dunno why I'm getting involved in this shit at all... uhhhh.... right.

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What the hell?

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