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The Backstreet Boys Must Die

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Friday August 31, 2001 @10:57AM
This morning, I was using a magneto-retentive/repulsion based transport apparatus to move big heavy rocks by pulling them with a chain, when the alarm clock buzzer stirred me from my dream. It was then that I knew that The Backstreet Boys Must Die. Then, I wished I had some Sugar Babies, so I had a bagel. If I meant to go camping this weekend, I sure as hell didn't make a decent effort to get myself ready for it, but if I got a damn compass, how am I supposed to use it?
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The Backstreet Boys Must Die

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  • What kind of compas is it? Is it an engineers compass (it has a lid with a fine wire on it and a sight with a small lens, round and circular in shape), or is it a (um) flat compass (usually clear and flat with square edges, a few rulers, and a rotating dial).

    If it is an engineers compass, it is more suited to cross-country navigation and taking bearings on distant landmarks. line up the wire and the notch in the sight with a landmark, look through the lens to determine the bearing to the object, repeat with another object and triangulate on your map. You now know where you are.

    The flat kind is better for navigation with a map when you know your route or want to plan one. First calibrate the compass to True North (you did get the adjustable kind, right) with the indicator on your map (any good topo map has one, USGS, etc). Plot a direction from your starting position to some object by drawing lines using the straightedge of the compass, measure the scale and the bearings when done for distances to each change in direction. (Measuring the bearings should be self-explanatory, orient the map to true North, align the compass with your route lines, align the needle with the 0 indicator and read the bearing off of the direction arrow.)

    • I'm a wimpy camper. All I really want to do is get my tent set up so it's in the shade when the sun comes up. In theory, it was a great idea, but it didn't work this time because it was more important to find an even spot of ground that hadn't been torn up by gophers.

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