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Ten tips to reduce spam

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Wednesday December 19, 2001 @04:43PM
  1. Do not post your email on a website or in newsgroups.
  2. Use a separate email address for subscribing to web sites. If that email gets spammed, change your email on web sites you want to continue to use, delete your second email and create a new one.
  3. Use 2 emails, one for your job and one for your private use. That way, you won't get porn or stupid jokes at your job and your company won't monitor your private emails.
  4. Never reply to a spam. If you have to unsubscribe, do it on the web.
  5. If you want to put your email on the web or in newsgroups or on any system that can be digitally scanned for emails, disguise your email so that only a human can read it. Example becomes myname(AT)isp(DOT)com.
  6. Use a tool for filtering your incoming email.
  7. Never forward an email chain letter. They are all scams. If you absolutely want to forward one, check the information before.
  8. If you have subscribed to mailing-lists, check or ask if it is indexed on the web and if your email is diclosed there. Ask for removal or dedicate another email to that list that you will delete/change when it gets spammed.
  9. If you have time, read the headers of spam emaiks and complain to the ISP that the spammer used.
  10. There are many tools and advice on the web: cauce

Updates to this list are in my journal.

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Ten tips to reduce spam

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