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+ - 110 Samsung Galaxy S III Launched, Hands-On Testing->

Submitted by
MojoKid writes "One of the most highly anticipated Android phones of the year is the Samsung Galaxy S III and its official launch is today. This smartphone comes with a number of new features we haven't seen on many Android phones including improved voice control functionality, new sharing features, and Near Field Communication features including Samsung's new TecTiles which are programmable NFC tags that you can use to control the phone's many features and functions. For example, you can program a TecTile to automatically change phone settings for a particular location, send a text message, open apps etc. Samsung's S Voice functionality works much the same way as Apple's Siri: You can use plain English to tell the phone what you want it to do. You can set alarms, update your social networks, get navigation instructions and ask basic questions. During tests with the Galaxy S III, the performance and accuracy with S Voice was comparable to Siri on an iPhone 4S. Performance-wise the Galaxy S III handled well in the benchmarks with Qualcomm's dual-core SnapDragon S4 offering a very fluid experience across Samsung's gorgeous 4.8-inch Super AMOLED display."
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+ - 117 Why 'Nigerian scammers' say they're from Nigeria->

Submitted by
angry tapir
angry tapir writes "'Nigerian scams' (also known as '419 scams' but more accurately called 'advance fee fraud) continue to clog up inboxes with tales of fantastic wealth for the recipient. The raises the question: Do people still fall for this rubbish? The emails often outline ridiculous scenarios but promise millions if a person offers to help get money out of a country. The reason for the ridiculous scenarios seems obvious in retrospect: According to research by Cormac Herley at Microsoft, scammers are looking for the most gullible people, and their crazy emails can help weed out people who are savvy enough to know better. Contrary to what people believe, the scams aren't 'free' for the scammers: Sending an email might have close to zero cost attached, but the process of getting money out of someone can be quite complicated and incurs costs (for example, recruiting other parties to participate in the scam). So at the end of the day, the scammer wants to find people who will almost certainly fall for the scam and offer a good return."
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Electronic Frontier Foundation

+ - 271 EFF Announces New Patent Reform Project-> 2

Submitted by olsmeister
olsmeister (1488789) writes "On Tuesday, the Electronic Frontier Foundation announced its "Defend Innovation" project, which includes seven proposals for software patent reform. These proposals include things like shorter coverage for software patents, and a requirement to demonstrate running code for each claim in the patent."
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+ - 135 CNET, IDC find Rapid Increase in Behavioral Data Tracking->

Submitted by
retroworks writes "According to columnist Elinor Mills at CNET, efforts to track consumer browsing behavior are "rising dramatically". In an interview with data mining company CEO Gordon McLeod, advertising targeted at browsing habits has increased fourfold since 2010. IDC, according to McLeod, projects the browser-search-term-targeted advertising industry to grow from "zero to $5 billion in less than 5 years". Will health insurance companies see us crawling for information on family illnesses? After reading the article, I went hunting for a download of 2008 program antiphormlite , and found nothing remaining at any download site (including CNET). Is there another "cookie camouflage" alternative to polluting the cookie stream with false positives? Or are we left to "do not track" pledges and trusting TOR redirectors?"
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+ - 177 The Rise of RaaS (Resource-as-a-Service) Clouds->

Submitted by paleshadows
paleshadows (1127459) writes "Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), platform-as-a-service (PaaS), and software-as-a-service (SaaS) enable organizations to rent cloud resources required to perform specific tasks, thus reducing operational and support costs. According to researchers at the Technion — Israel Institute of Technology, the cloud market is about to give birth to a new and more efficient cloud platform. In a position paper presented at USENIX HotCloud '12 in Boston, researchers Orna Agmon Ben-Yehuda, Muli Ben-Yehuda, Assaf Schuster, and Dan Tsafrir postulate that IaaS is on the path to evolving into a more practical model, one that enables customers to purchase individual resources for a few seconds at a time. The researchers have dubbed this new cloud platform "resource-as-a-service" (RaaS). RaaS would enable businesses to have more control over what resources to allocate towards a virtual machine. "Renting a fixed combination of cloud resources cannot and does not reflect the interests of clients," states the paper."
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+ - 102 Swedish Sex App Lets You "Test Sex" with Fantasy Characters and Facebook Friends

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "As part of a new safe-sex campaign to promote condom use, the Swedish Institute for Communicable Disease Control (SMI) launched an application called Provligget, or Test Nooky, that lets users "test sex" or explore what it would be like to have sex with a range of fantasy characters, ranging from a personal trainer, to an unfaithful woman, to a handyman, all portrayed by more or less famous Swedish actors."

+ - 175 Microsoft To PC And Tablet Makers: You're Not Our Future->

Submitted by
snydeq writes "Microsoft's plan to build its own Windows 8 tablets puts longtime allies in peril — and it may be the right thing to do. 'In announcing the Surface tablets, due to be released this fall, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer cited Apple's advantage (without mentioning Apple) of integrated software and hardware. "Things work better when hardware and software are considered together," he said. "We control it all, we design it all, and we manufacture it all ourselves." ... Like Apple, Microsoft will hire a few PC makers to do the actual production work. But the need for 20 brands of me-too laptops, tablets, and convertibles is low. Manufacturing sophisticated electronics is a skill requiring manufacturing innovation. But all those branded-but-otherwise-undifferentiated PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones just aren't needed in the vision Ballmer sketched out yesterday.'"
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+ - 133 Millions of Chinese forced to patch, use firewalls for net banking->

Submitted by mask.of.sanity
mask.of.sanity (1228908) writes "A Chinese payments provider is sending warning messages to any of its 550 million customers who try to bank online with security slack Windows machines.

Alipay is the first to use Microsoft's backend to enforce that users patch their operating systems, run firewalls and update anti-virus in order to use online banking."

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+ - 137 Would You Wear Clothes Made From Dead People?-> 1

Submitted by fangmcgee
fangmcgee (1716754) writes "Kerry Greville believes that the human body has resource potential after death. The Central Saint Martins student, who's pursuing a master's degree in textile futures, is exploring the provocative notion that we can—and should—extract chemical components from cremated remains."
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+ - 132 Ubuntu Secure Boot Is Worse Than Windows Secure Boot?->

Submitted by sfcrazy
sfcrazy (1542989) writes "Canonical has given recommendations for ODMs planning Ubuntu pre-installed PCs. Their solution seems a selfish one compared to Fedora's. The significant difference between the Ubuntu approach and the Microsoft approach is that there's no indication that Canonical will be offering any kind of signing service. A system carrying only the Ubuntu signing key will conform to these requirements and may be certified by Canonical, but will not boot any OS other than Ubuntu unless the user disables secure boot or imports their own key database. That is, a certified Ubuntu system may be more locked down than a certified Windows 8 system."
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+ - 156 The Dry Ice 'Snowflakes' of Mars->

Submitted by
astroengine writes "After collecting the vast quantities of data gathered by orbiting Mars spacecraft, MIT scientists have uncovered some rather interesting facts about Martian snow. For starters, as the majority of the Mars atmosphere is composed of carbon dioxide, the snowflakes are made from CO2 ice — basically tiny particles of 'dry ice.' Also, the snowflakes are very small — approximately the size of a red blood cell. "These are very fine particles, not big flakes," said MIT assistant professor Kerri Cahoy in a press release. If you saw these 'snowflakes' fall, "you would probably see it as a fog, because they're so small," she added."
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+ - 112 Google Data Shows Attack and Phishing Sites Increasing Rapidly->

Submitted by Trailrunner7
Trailrunner7 (1100399) writes "The number of compromised sites detected each month by Google's antimalware and anti-phishing systems has been dropping rather steadily from a peak of more than 300,000 in early 2009 and is now down around 150,000. However, the company's statistics also show that the number of outright malicious attack sites is back on the rise.

The company found that while it is still detecting about 9,500 malicious sites every day, the number of legitimate sites that have been compromised to serve malware has been dropping for the last few years. Those compromised sites typically are used in drive-by download attacks to install malware on victims' machines or use them as part of a botnet or to send spam. Some of those attacks also involve the use of other tactics such as social engineering or a series of redirects to push users to the compromised sites."

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+ - 130 Assange requests asylum in Equador->

Submitted by david.emery
david.emery (127135) writes "Julian Assange, his appeals in the United Kingdom having run out, today went to the Ecuadorian Embassy in London to request asylum from his pending extradition to Sweden to face rape charges."
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+ - 150 Legit media for your linux based media server

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "I recently decided to go all digital and create myself a media server, now the hardware isn't an issue, I plan on making a gentoo based miniDLNA server to serve the entire household (all gigabit ethernet). However I tried to start my media collection by visiting and signing up for an account.
The process to sign up was nice and simple and they even bundled a free DVD with it; Great I thought, until I tried to checkout and it told me "Your operating system is not supported, do you still wish to continue". No I have no plans to use my Windows partition for anything other than gaming and I solely want to be able to download to my NFS mount ready for my TV etc.

So my question is, is there any way for a linux guy to get media in a legal fashion? I'm starting to get fed up with jumping through hoops all the time to try and stay legal, I could easily fire up any number of programs and get all the media I want for free, however I'd like to do the right thing but that looks like it's not possible in the current state of affairs...

If anyone can suggest a method to obtain my media requirements legally, I'll jump at the chance!

Thanks /. in advance, I'm sure if I can't get an answer here, there is no solution and I might have to just elect to download by other means..."

+ - 192 NYC's Trash-Sucking Tubes May Be Upgraded, Expanded->

Submitted by derekmead
derekmead (2466858) writes "When urban planners were trying to turn New York’s Roosevelt Island from a haven for the disabled and the mentally ill into a liveable city, they gotutopian. Lying beneath their plans was an unusual technology: a series of tubes that literallysuck garbage from buildingsat speeds up to 60 miles per hour to a central collection point, where the trash is taken off the island by truck or barge. Theoretically, that eliminates the emissions and traffic caused by giant garbage trucks, and makes trash sorting easier.

Now, more than thirty years after the “AVAC,” or Automated Vacuum Collection System, was installed, Envac, the Swedish company that built it, is exploring how to upgrade it and even extend the system to other parts of the city. Under a new feasibilitystudyconducted by City University and funded by two city agencies, the easiest option would be to stretch the current system south, to cover the new technology campuses being built on Roosevelt Island by Cornell University and the Technion.

Other potential trash tube candidates include the Coney Island boardwalk, in a new housing development there, and near Chelsea neighborhood in Manhattan. There, according to Envac’s new proposal, the tubes could ride underneath the infrastructure of the High Line, the hip railway-cum-park that floats along the neighborhood’s increasingly hip river-side edge."

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+ - 176 Music evolving by listeners' taste, with a slashdot history->

Submitted by Shipud
Shipud (685171) writes "A collaboration between a group in Imperial College and Media Interaction group in Japan yielded a really cool website: The idea is to apply Darwinian-like selection to music. Starting form a garble, after several generations producing something that is actually melodic and listen-able. The selective force being the appeal of the tune to the listener. From the paper published yesterday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences: "At any given time, a DarwinTunes population has 100 loops, each of which is 8 s long. Consumers ratethem on a five-point scale (“I can’t stand it” to “I love it”) as they are streamed in random order. When 20 loops have been rated,truncation selection is applied whereby the best 10 loops are paired, recombine, and have two daughters each." Note that in 2009 the creators of darwintunes harnessed the power of slashdot to help "evolve" their site."
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+ - 154 Shenzhou 9 Sparks Renewed Debate on Space Race with China->

Submitted by
MarkWhittington writes "With the flight of the Shenzhou 9, which includes the first docking between a Chinese spacecraft and a prototype space station module, a renewed debate has arisen over the implications of Chinese space feats. China is planning a large space station by the end of this decade. It has expressed the desire to land people on the moon sometime in the next decade. Scientists, foreign policy experts and journalists debate whether China has supplanted the U.S. as a space power and whether that matters."
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