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X Stories

AMD Publishes New 'AMDGPU' Linux Graphics Driver 88 comments
Google Introduces Freon, a Replacement For X11 On Chrome OS 166 comments
Why Screen Lockers On X11 Cannot Be Secure 375 comments
Just-Announced X.Org Security Flaws Affect Code Dating Back To 1987 172 comments
X.Org Server 1.16 Brings XWayland, GLAMOR, Systemd Integration 226 comments
X Window System Turns 30 Years Old 204 comments
XWayland Aiming For Glamor Support, Merge Next X.Org Release 83 comments
Glamor, X11's OpenGL-Based 2D Acceleration Driver, Is Becoming Useful 46 comments
23-Year-Old X11 Server Security Vulnerability Discovered 213 comments
X.Org Server 1.15 Brings DRI3, Lacks XWayland Support 340 comments
Mir Won't Ship Even In Ubuntu 14.04 111 comments
Gate One Will Support X11: Fast Enough To Run VLC In Your Browser 164 comments
Chromium To Support Wayland 61 comments
AMD Brings 3D GPU Documentation Up To Date 64 comments
Ubuntu 13.10 Will Not Ship Mir By Default 165 comments
GNOME 3.10 Is Now Properly Supported On Wayland 128 comments
Canonical To Ship Mir Display Server In Ubuntu 13.10 122 comments
Xfce, LXDE, GNOME3 Desktops Running On Ubuntu Mir Via XMir 162 comments
KDE Plasma Can Now Run On Wayland 29 comments
Clearing Up Wayland FUD, Misconceptions 240 comments
Wayland 1.1 Released — Now With Raspberry Pi Support 197 comments
GNOME Aiming For Full Wayland Support by Spring 2014 300 comments
More From Canonical Employee On: "Why Mir?" 337 comments
Ask Slashdot: Open Source Remote Application Access? 113 comments
A Proposal To Fix the Full-Screen X11 Window Mess 358 comments
Wayland 1.0 Released, Not Yet Ready To Replace X11 455 comments
X11 Window System Turns 25 Years Old 285 comments
KWin Adds Support for QML Decorations 30 comments
X11 7.7 Released, Brings Multi-Touch Input 128 comments
Update On Wayland and X11 Support 315 comments
X Server Now Available For Android 131 comments
WindowMaker Development Resumes, Has First Release Since 2006 192 comments
The Letter That Started AMD's Open-Source Strategy 92 comments
Linux Support Fades For 3Dfx Voodoo, Rage 128, VIA 330 comments
X.Org Server 1.11 Released 145 comments
Ask Slashdot: Best Linux Distro For Computational Cluster? 264 comments
Why Linux Loses Out On Hardware Acceleration In Firefox 456 comments
NetBSD 5.1 Released 1 comments
Ubuntu Dumps X For Unity On Wayland 640 comments
Ubuntu 10.10 Multitouch Support Demo 104 comments
Linux Critical Security Flaw Silently Patched 259 comments
Compiz Project Releases C++ Based v0.9.0 237 comments
Ubuntu LTS Experiences Memory Leak 320 comments
After 2 Years of Development, LTSP 5.2 Is Out 79 comments
Enlightenment Returns To Bring Ubuntu To ARM 198 comments
Open Source 3D Nvidia Driver Is Ready For Fedora 13 160 comments
2 Displays and 2 Workspaces With Linux and X? 460 comments
Multiple-Display Power Tools For Linux? 410 comments
X11 Chrome Reportedly Outperforms Windows and Mac Versions 542 comments
Kernel 2.6.31 To Speed Up Linux Desktop 360 comments
Moblin Will Run X Server As Logged-In User, Not Root 205 comments
Wayland, a New X Server For Linux 487 comments
Ubuntu To Pay for Upgrades To the Free Software User Experience 546 comments
VIA Releases FOSS Graphics Driver 153 comments
The State of X.Org 618 comments
KDE 4.0 RC 1 Released 334 comments
New Linux Desktop Environment Built on Firefox 198 comments
XFCE Adds Icons, Switches to Thunar in v4.4 83 comments
A Free Software X11R6.9 X Server for Windows 0 comments
XGL Development Opens Up 174 comments
New, Modularized X Window Release Now Available for Download 456 comments
The State of Linux Graphics 349 comments
Xgl Developer Calls it Quits 85 comments
Using Enlightenment 17's Epeg API (Part Deux) 29 comments
Xorg and Desktop Eyecandy 416 comments
Figuring Out the Font System on Linux Desktops? 51 comments
Next Generation X11 516 comments
X Window System Test Suite Released 14 comments
XGI, VIA Release Open Source Drivers 315 comments
Blackbox (Finally) Updated 311 comments
Preview of X Windows Eye Candy 462 comments
Rasterman Responds To Seth And Havoc 423 comments
Next-Gen X Window Rendering For Linux 652 comments
X.Org 6.8.2 is Out 450 comments
GTK+ to Use Cairo Vector Engine 247 comments
Apple Explains How to Run X11 on Mac OS X 375 comments
Xfce 4.2.0 Released 275 comments
XLiveCD: Cygwin and X For Windows On A Live CD 313 comments
Open Source Graphic Card Project Seeks Experts 370 comments
Window Maker 0.90.0 Released At Long Last 55 comments X11 Server Release 6.8 463 comments Making Fast Progress 778 comments
The Power of X 410 comments
Gosling: If I Designed a Window System Today... 431 comments
LTSP 4.1 Announced 9 comments
FreeBSD Moves to X.Org 428 comments
The Stealth Desktop: Sight and Sound With Slackware 158 comments
Metisse - New Looking Glass Alternative 299 comments
First Experiences with's X11 Server? 113 comments
Dealing with the Unix Copy and Paste Paradigm? 1125 comments
Waimea Developer Returns From Beyond 37 comments
Slackware Chooses Server Over XFree86 523 comments
Nicholas Petreley Slams Gnome 818 comments
XOrg Foundation Opens Membership and Elections 197 comments
X.Org Foundation Releases X11R6.7 X Window System 443 comments For Mac OS X Hits 1.1.1 (Finally) 109 comments
ATI Releases Drivers for XFree 4.3.0 428 comments
NetBSD Imports XFree86 4.4.0 83 comments
XFree86 4.4 Released 531 comments
Y Window System Project Started 512 comments
XFree86 4.4: List of Rejecting Distributors Grows 682 comments
KDE 3.2.0 Released 650 comments
XFree86 Alters License 430 comments
Full X11-Based Distro For PDAs 155 comments xlibs 1.0 Released 243 comments and XFree86 Reform 597 comments
FVWM Developers Announce New Logo 37 comments
XFree86 Core Team Disbands 448 comments
First Xouvert Milestone Released 404 comments
Window Managers For Small Screens? 94 comments on KDE/Gnome, New Goals 340 comments
New X Roadmap from Jim Gettys 278 comments
Not Just Eye Candy At 445 comments
New X Proposal on 395 comments
Cygwin/XFree86 Leaving 446 comments
Frontiers: A New Xlib Compatible Window System 439 comments
Y: A Successor to the X Window System 666 comments
Proxy Servers Lighten Up X 254 comments
XFce Desktop 4 Released 261 comments
Xr Renamed to Cairo 216 comments
XFree86 Fork Gets a Name, Website 647 comments
Hardware Based XRender Slower than Software Rendering? 297 comments
Afterstep 2.0 Beta Includes XML Graphics System 214 comments
X11 in ASCII 168 comments
Making Mouse Wheels Work w/ a KVM? 85 comments
EvilWM - Minimalist Window Manager 418 comments
fvwm Turns Ten 363 comments
X Might Be Ready For IPV6 249 comments
DRI Comes to DirectFB 248 comments
ATI To Support XFree86 4.3 Soon 31 comments
Translucent Windows for X using OpenGL 539 comments
Keith Packard's Xfree86 Fork Officially Started 578 comments
Mac OS X in a Nutshell 95 comments
The Next XFree86 Wars: XFT2 vs STSF 337 comments
The XFree86 Fork() Saga Continues 580 comments
XFree86 DRI on NetBSD 28 comments
XFree86 Politics 452 comments
Apple Releases Beta 3 of X11 58 comments
XFree86 4.3.0 in FreeBSD Ports Tree 23 comments
Significant Interactivity Boost in Linux Kernel 673 comments
XFree86 4.3.0, Latest Binutils Imported In NetBSD 35 comments
X With No Mouse Cursor 46 comments
XFree86 4.3.0 Released 461 comments
Wine Terminal Servers? 25 comments
An X-Client Wrapper for Microsoft Windows? 62 comments
Apple's X11 Beta Updated 74 comments
Apple Posts Their X11 Source 111 comments
A Sound Server For X 226 comments
Why Isn't X11 Thread-Safe? 44 comments for Mac OS X Goes Final Beta 46 comments
Fresco M1 Released 282 comments
ATI Releases New Linux Drivers 445 comments
Making Mac OS X Work Like X Windows? 110 comments
picoGUI: An X Alternative? 564 comments
RandR Support on XFree86 4.3 532 comments
Killing Clutter With The Antidesktop 542 comments
Fontconfig 2.0 Released 163 comments
Any rxvt-Sized Unicode-Aware Terminal Emulators? 48 comments
A PostScript-like API for the X Render Extension 193 comments
Dynamic GUI Window Redirection? 51 comments
Cygwin's XFree86 4.2.0 on Windows XP 358 comments
Adding Character Accents in XFree86? 34 comments
Xinerama Part of X 28 comments
X11 Alternatives? 28 comments
Load Testing X11 Servers? 11 comments
XFree86 10 Years Old 441 comments
Multiple Monitors for Linux Laptops? 37 comments
Best Mouse-free Windowmanager? 36 comments
Xft Hack Improves Antialiased Font Rendering 360 comments
ROX Desktop Update 181 comments
Xfree86 4.2.0 Out 438 comments
The RENDER Extension: The Wait Hurtles On 17 comments
Lightweight Window Managers? 50 comments
Berlin Packages Released For Debian 349 comments
Trident Micro Update 81 comments
Trident Micro Changes Policy Toward XFree86 275 comments
Making an X Terminal from a PC 176 comments
X + VNC + SSH + Keyboard Shortcuts = Dueling Network WMs? 22 comments
XFree86 4.1.0 Reviewed 149 comments
Who is Using X11's LBX and RX Features? 14 comments
Legacy X-Terminal Software? 13 comments
XFree 4.1.0 Out 171 comments
Matrox Releases G series X config tool 70 comments
The Superior Motif? 155 comments
Interview With XFce Lead Developer 53 comments
2001 XFree86 Technical Conference 1 comments Returning 73 comments
Berlin Project Lead Holds Forth 140 comments
XFree 4.0.3 Released 121 comments
Remote X11 Sessions? 17 comments
Low-Bandwidth X 145 comments
Better Mouse Drivers For X11? 23 comments
DRI For 2D Graphics? 9 comments
Why Are Modern X11 Tookits Not Written For Xt? 10 comments
Better Fonts for X11? 8 comments
X11 On Hi-Resolution TFT Displays? 7 comments
Interview With Tom LaStrange (The T In twm) 73 comments
MacOSX and XFree86 run side by side 94 comments
XFree86 4.0.2 Released 249 comments
Two Mouse Pointers And One Display? 52 comments
Remote X Applications Over Slow Lines? 15 comments
Anti-Aliased Text in X11 Continued 150 comments
The 3Dsia Project: More Than A 3DWM 150 comments
The Next Generation of XAnim 96 comments
Xfce: Alternative to GNOME/KDE 143 comments
X11R6.4 And Apache On Mac OS X Beta 121 comments
Loading NVidia XFree 4.01 Modules When Booting? 5 comments
X Consortium Announces X11R6.5.1 118 comments
KDE Developer on the GNOME Foundation 369 comments
Matrox Releases XFree86 4.0.1 Driver 90 comments
XFree & Rendering 72 comments
Can You Create X11 Fonts With METAFONT? 7 comments
XFree86 4.0.1 Review 74 comments
X Windows Must Die! 446 comments
Portrait Display Drivers For X11? 7 comments
XFree86 4.0.1 Released 220 comments
XFree86 Enters Wondrous World Of CVS 96 comments
KDE And GNOME To Share Component Architectures? 168 comments
Berlin 0.2.0 Released 188 comments
X11 Serial Killer? 14 comments
RMS On 'Open' Motif 154 comments
XFree86 4.0 vs. XFree86 3.3.x 122 comments
X-Server with Alpha Transparency 137 comments
Motif Released To The Open Source Community 183 comments
A New Rendering Model For X 173 comments
Motif's Not Dead 127 comments
High-Quality 3-Button Mouse For X? 35 comments
XFree86 4.0 Now Available 428 comments
Modifying X-Modifiers 3 comments
Making Linux Beautiful 496 comments
XFree86 3.9.18 Today, v4.0 in March 188 comments
President of the XFree86 Joins Precision Insight 42 comments
Matrox to fund DRI Development 120 comments
XFree86 3.3.6 released 154 comments
Nvidia Releases Xserver and GLX for GeForce 256 157 comments
XFree86 Gets 25k 24 comments
New XFree86 snapshot - 3.9.17 295 comments
IceWM 1.0.0 released 166 comments
XIG Releases Commercial OpenGL X-Server 91 comments
Configuring Monitors in X 408 comments
What Video Card best Supports Xfree86-4.0 0 comments
On Using X w/o the Rodent 404 comments
XFree86 Release Update: 4.0 in Q12000 149 comments
XFree86 joins X.Org as Honorary Member 93 comments
GraphOn Patents Remote Windows Apps Over X 248 comments
Xi Announces Hardware Accelerated 3D X Server 160 comments
3D Window Manager 244 comments
ATI Announces Open 2D/3D Linux Support 133 comments
Problems when Closing XFree86 Using a S3Virge/Gx 9 comments
Xig Ad Campaign Slamming Xfree? 423 comments
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