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Upgrades Stories

Linux 4.4 Kernel To Bring Raspberry Pi Graphics Driver, Open-Channel SSD Support 67 comments
Intel Flagship Core i7-6950X Broadwell-E To Offer 10-Cores, 20-Threads, 25MB L3 167 comments
Microsoft Rolls Out Major Fall Update To Windows 10 181 comments
Bluetooth 2016 Roadmap Brings Fourfold Range Increase and Mesh Networking 29 comments
Qualcomm Unveils Snapdragon 820 With Adreno 530 Graphics For Mobile Devices 34 comments
OpenSUSE Leap 42.1 Released 31 comments
Firefox 42 Arrives With Tracking Protection, Tab Audio Indicators 134 comments
Linux 4.3 Released As Stable; Improves On Open-Source Graphics, SMP Performance 73 comments
Atom 1.1 Is Out, With Lots of Graphic Improvements 103 comments
Motorola Unveils Droid Turbo 2, Claims Shatterproof Display, 48 Hour Battery 111 comments
Official, Customized Raspberry Pi Versions Coming Soon 93 comments
Ubuntu 15.10 'Wily Werewolf' Released 191 comments
Hands-On With the Fairphone 2 Modular Android Smartphone 107 comments
Samsung 950 Pro Brings NVMe To M.2, Over 2.5GB/s 36 comments
Samsung Demos PCIe NVMe SSD At 5.6 GB Per Second, 1 Million IOPS 88 comments
Google Makes Full-Disk Encryption Mandatory For Some Android 6.0 Devices 150 comments
China's Flash Consumption Grows To 30%; 8TB SSDs Are Coming 67 comments
Software Update Adds Autonomous Driving To Tesla's Bag of Tricks 242 comments
Intel's Core i5 6500 Shines As a $199 Skylake Processor, Works With Linux 119 comments
Pushing the Limits of Network Traffic With Open Source 55 comments
NetBSD 7.0 Released 58 comments
Barnes & Noble Has Been Quietly Refreshing Its Nook Hardware 31 comments
Google's Effort To Speed Up the Mobile Web 95 comments
Microsoft Claims 110M Devices Now Run Windows 10 171 comments
Why Is RAM Suddenly So Cheap? It Might Be Windows 209 comments
Larry Wall Unveils Perl 6.0.0 163 comments
From Microsoft, HoloLens VR Dev Kit, New Phones, Continuum 88 comments
Software Defined Smart Battery Arrays Extend Laptop Life 42 comments
Ask Slashdot: Is the Gap Between Data Access Speeds Widening Or Narrowing? 92 comments
Motorola Marketed the Moto E 2015 On Promise of Updates, Stops After 219 Days 123 comments
How To Clean the Cruft Left By a Windows 10 Upgrade 205 comments
Bjarne Stroustrup Announces the C++ Core Guidelines 262 comments
What's New In GNOME 3.18 170 comments
Barbie Gets a Brain 235 comments
Google Releases Open Source Plans For Cardboard V2 Virtual Reality Viewer 26 comments
Microsoft Is Downloading Windows 10 Without Asking 867 comments
AMD Radeon R9 Nano: 6 Inches Of High-Priced, High-Performance Graphics 26 comments
Mutt 1.5.24 Released 38 comments
Intel Launches Onslaught of Skylake CPUs For Laptops, Hybrids and Compute Stick 54 comments
LLVM 3.7 Delivers OpenMP 3.1 Support, ORC JIT API, New Optimizations 84 comments
Mozilla Project Working on Immersive Displays (Video) 47 comments
Linux Kernel 4.2 Released 142 comments
Do We Need More Emojis? 264 comments
AMD Unveils Radeon R9 Nano, Targets Mini ITX Gaming Systems With a New Fury 60 comments
Contiki 3.0 Released, Retains Support For Apple II, C64 44 comments
Verizon Retrofits Vintage Legacy Vehicles With Smart Features 87 comments
NVIDIA Launches $159 Mainstream Maxwell-Based GeForce GTX 950 85 comments
Revisiting How Much RAM Is Enough Today For Desktop Computing 350 comments
Intel Skylake Gen9 Series Graphics Architecture Unveiled 29 comments
DirectX 12 Performance Tested In Ashes of the Singularity 96 comments
Firefox 40 Arrives With Windows 10 Support, Expanded Malware Protection 113 comments
Windows 10, From a Linux User's Perspective 321 comments
Windows 10 RSAT, Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 3 Coming This Month 26 comments
Ask Slashdot: Patch Management For Offline Customer Systems? 78 comments
Ask Slashdot: Can You Disable Windows 10's Privacy-Invading Features? 492 comments
Windows 10 Upgrade Strategies, Pitfalls and Fixes As MSFT Servers Are Hit Hard 187 comments
10 Years of Intel Processors Compared 98 comments
A Naysayer's Take On Windows 10: Potential Privacy Mess, and Worse 485 comments
OnePlus Announces OnePlus 2 'Flagship Killer' Android Phone With OxygenOS 154 comments
AMD Starts Rolling Out New Linux Driver Model, But Many Issues Remain 61 comments
AMD Forces a LibreOffice Speed Boost With GPU Acceleration 144 comments
The Android L Update For Nvidia Shield Portable Removes Features 117 comments
Open-Source Mesa 3D Library/Drivers Now Support OpenGL 4 30 comments
"Ludicrous Speed" For Tesla's Model S Means 0-60 MPH In 2.8 Seconds 171 comments
Air-Cooled AMD Radeon R9 Fury Arrives For $100 Less With Fury X-Like Performance 77 comments
Speed-Ups, Small Fixes Earn Good Marks From Ars For Mint 17.2 69 comments
OpenSSL Patches Critical Certificate Forgery Bug 45 comments
New Leaked Build Is Evidence That Windows 10 Will Be Ready By July 29 302 comments
Scientists Overcome One of the Biggest Limits In Fiber Optic Networks 62 comments
Ask Slashdot: Are Post-Install Windows Slowdowns Inevitable? 517 comments
ECMAScript 6 Is Officially a JavaScript Standard 80 comments
Microsoft Announces Customizable Xbox Elite Wireless Controller 99 comments
Logitech Introduces G29, G920 Racing Wheels For PS3, PS4, Xbox One and PC 67 comments
Ask Slashdot: Options After Google Chrome Discontinues NPAPI Support? 208 comments
MediaGoblin 0.8.0 "A Gallery of Fine Creatures" Released 32 comments
Intel Adopts USB-C Connector For 40Gbps Thunderbolt 3, Supports USB 3.1, DP 1.2 179 comments
LG Arbitrarily Denying Android Lollipop Update To the G2 In Canada? 131 comments
Intel Releases Broadwell Desktop CPUs: Core i7-5775C and i5-5675C 126 comments
Cinnamon 2.6: a Massive Update Loaded With Performance Improvements 155 comments
An Early Look At Android M's Multi-Window Mode For Tablets 95 comments
Windows 10 RTM In 6 Weeks 290 comments
New Freescale I.MX6 SoCs Include IoT-focused UltraLite 24 comments
Android M Arrives In Q3: Native Fingerprint Support, Android Pay, 'Doze' Mode 83 comments
Android M To Embrace USB Type-C and MIDI 106 comments
Hyundai Now Offers an Android Car, Even For Current Owners 86 comments
Dell Precision M3800 Mobile Workstation Packs Thunderbolt 2, Quadro, IGZO2 Panel 133 comments
Linux 4.0 Has a File-System Corruption Problem, RAID Users Warned 226 comments
Ask Slashdot: Best Way To Solve a Unique Networking Issue? 384 comments
AMD Details High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) DRAM, Pushes Over 100GB/s Per Stack 98 comments
Microwave Comms Betwen Population Centers Could Be Key To Easing Internet Bottlenecks 221 comments
How MMO Design Has Improved Bar Trivia 22 comments
A Look At GTA V PC Performance and Image Quality At 4K 72 comments
Intel NUC5i7RYH Broadwell Mini PC With Iris Pro Graphics Tested 80 comments
Firefox 38 Arrives With DRM Required To Watch Netflix 371 comments
Samsung's SSD 840 Read Performance Degradation Explained 65 comments
AMD Outlines Plans For Zen-Based Processors, First Due In 2016 166 comments
LG G4 and Qualcomm's Snapdragon 808 Benchmarked 45 comments
KDE Plasma 5.3 Released 53 comments
GCC 5.1 Released 78 comments
Why the Journey To IPv6 Is Still the Road Less Traveled 390 comments
Chrome 43 Should Help Batten Down HTTPS Sites 70 comments
Norway Will Switch Off FM Radio In 2017 293 comments
Kingston HyperX Predator SSD Takes Gumstick M.2 PCIe Drives To 1.4GB/sec 51 comments
KDE Plasma 5.3 Beta Brings Lot of Improvements 64 comments
Google Sunsetting Old Version of Google Maps 222 comments
Chrome 42 Launches With Push Notifications 199 comments
Linux Getting Extensive x86 Assembly Code Refresh 209 comments
Google Lollipop Bricking Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 Devices 179 comments
Windows 10 Successor Codenamed 'Redstone,' Targeting 2016 Launch 197 comments
GCC 5.0 To Support OpenMP 4.0, Intel Cilk Plus, C++14 57 comments
The Most Highly Voted Requests In Windows 10 Feedback Pool 159 comments
Intel Launches SSD 750 Series Consumer NVMe PCI Express SSD At Under $1 Per GiB 67 comments
Microsoft Announces Surface 3 Tablet 128 comments
Firefox 37 Released 156 comments
GNOME 3.16 Released 196 comments
Google's Pricey Pixel Gets USB-C and a Lower Price 139 comments
Does USB Type C Herald the End of Apple's Proprietary Connectors? 392 comments
Google Announces Android 5.1 172 comments
Google Chrome Requires TSYNC Support Under Linux 338 comments
Intel Reveals Unlocked, Socketed Broadwell and Core i7 NUC With Iris Graphics 51 comments
Khronos Group Announces Vulkan To Compete Against DirectX 12 91 comments
Xfce 4.12 Released 91 comments
Intel Updates NUC Mini PC Line With Broadwell-U, Tested and Benchmarked 60 comments
Linux Kernel Switching To Linux v4.0, Coming With Many New Addons 264 comments
HTTP/2 Finalized 171 comments
NVidia Puts the Kibosh On Overclocking of GTX 900M Series 138 comments
Five Years After the Sun Merger, Oracle Says It's Fully Committed To SPARC 190 comments
Live Patching Now Available For Linux 117 comments
Kickstarted Firefox OS HDMI Dongle Delayed, DRM Support Being Added 106 comments
Automakers Move Toward OTA Software Upgrades 157 comments
Greg KH Favors Rolling Release Distros 175 comments
Google Quietly Unveils Android 5.1 Lollipop 167 comments
Perl 6 In Time For Next Christmas? 192 comments
GeForce GTX 980 and 970 Cards From MSI, EVGA, and Zotac Reviewed 66 comments
Wi-Fi Issues Continue For OS X Users Despite Updates 120 comments
Windows 10: Charms Bar Removed, No Start Screen For Desktops 378 comments
Ask Slashdot: GPU of Choice For OpenCL On Linux? 110 comments
OpenSSL 1.0.2 Released 97 comments
Surface RT Devices Won't Get Windows 10 158 comments
Windows Server 2003 Reaches End of Life In July 156 comments
Tesla Roadster Update Extends Range 128 comments
Linux 3.19 Kernel To Start 2015 With Many New Features 66 comments
Samsung Announces Production of 20nm Mobile LPDDR4, Faster Than Desktop DDR4 42 comments
NetworkManager 1.0 Released After Ten Years Development 164 comments
Forbes Blasts Latests Windows 7 Patch as Malware 230 comments
Windows 10 Adds Battery Saver Feature 96 comments
Ask Slashdot: Making a 'Wife Friendly' Gaming PC? 720 comments
Ars Dissects Android's Problems With Big Screens -- Including In Lollipop 103 comments
Apple Disables Trim Support On 3rd Party SSDs In OS X 327 comments
Microsoft Aims To Offer Windows 10 Upgrades For All Windows Phone 8 Lumias 77 comments
FreeBSD 10.1 Released 123 comments
Nvidia Shield Tablet Gets Android Lollipop Update, Half Life 2 EP1 and GRID 58 comments
Multi-Process Comes To Firefox Nightly, 64-bit Firefox For Windows 'Soon' 181 comments
Eben Upton Explains the Raspberry Pi Model A+'s Redesign 107 comments
PC Cooling Specialist Zalman Goes Bankrupt Due To Fraud 208 comments
YouTube Opens Up 60fps To Everyone 152 comments
OpenBSD 5.6 Released 125 comments
Kubuntu 15.04 Will Be Based On KDE5 45 comments
OEM Windows 7 License Sales End This Friday 242 comments
Alienware's Triangular Area-51 Re-Design With Tri-SLI GeForce GTX 980, Tested 138 comments
Microsoft Is Bringing WebRTC To Explorer, Eyes Plugin-Free Skype Calls 66 comments
Ubuntu 14.10 Released With Ambitious Name, But Small Changes 110 comments
GNU Emacs 24.4 Released Today 156 comments
More Eye Candy Coming To Windows 10 209 comments
iFixit Tears Apart Apple's Shiny New Retina iMac 109 comments
Apple's Next Hit Could Be a Microsoft Surface Pro Clone 252 comments
Google Releases Android 5.0 Lollipop SDK and Nexus Preview Images 77 comments
Samsung's Wi-Fi Upgrades Promise Speeds Up to 4.6Gbps 92 comments
Windows Users, Get Ready For a Bigger-Than-Usual Patch Tuesday 63 comments
Ubisoft Claims CPU Specs a Limiting Factor In Assassin's Creed Unity On Consoles 338 comments
Chrome 38 Released: New APIs and 159 Security Fixes 55 comments
Possible Reason Behind Version Hop to Windows 10: Compatibility 349 comments
Lost Opportunity? Windows 10 Has the Same Minimum PC Requirements As Vista 554 comments
Xen Cloud Fix Shows the Right Way To Patch Open-Source Flaws 81 comments
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Premieres On Linux, 2 Years After Windows 93 comments
Fedora 21 Alpha Released 37 comments
Ask Slashdot: Is iOS 8 a Pig? 504 comments
NVIDIA Launches Maxwell-Based GeForce GTX 980 and GeForce GTX 970 GPUs 125 comments
Why the iPhone 6 Has the Same Base Memory As the iPhone 5 264 comments
New Release of MINIX 3 For x86 and ARM Is NetBSD Compatible 93 comments
Chrome For Mac Drops 32-bit Build 129 comments
Sapphire Glass Didn't Pass iPhone Drop Test According to Reports 207 comments
Early iPhone 6 Benchmark Results Show Only Modest Gains For A8 208 comments
UCLA, CIsco & More Launch Consortium To Replace TCP/IP 254 comments
Firefox 32 Arrives With New HTTP Cache, Public Key Pinning Support 220 comments
AMD Releases New Tonga GPU, Lowers 8-core CPU To $229 98 comments
Google Introduces HTML 5.1 Tag To Chrome 94 comments
PHP 5.6.0 Released 118 comments
Chromium 37 Launches With Major Security Fixes, 64-bit Windows Support 113 comments
New Windows Coming In Late September -- But Which One? 251 comments
Linux 3.17-rc2 Release Marks 23 Years of the Linux Kernel 106 comments
C++14 Is Set In Stone 193 comments
Can Our Computers Continue To Get Smaller and More Powerful? 151 comments
Samsung Announces Galaxy Alpha Featuring Metal Frame and Rounded Corners 220 comments
NVIDIA Tegra K1: First Mobile Chip With Hardware-Accelerated OpenCL 52 comments
Skype Reverses Decision To Drop OS X 10.5 Support, Retires Windows Phone 7 App 99 comments
Skype Blocks Customers Using OS-X 10.5.x and Earlier 267 comments
Hack an Oscilloscope, Get a DMCA Take-Down Notice From Tektronix 273 comments
The Oculus Rift DK2: In-Depth Review (and Comparison To DK1) 54 comments
Mac OS X Yosemite Beta Opens 165 comments
OpenWRT 14.07 RC1 Supports Native IPv6, Procd Init System 71 comments
New Raspberry Pi Model B+ 202 comments
Nano-Pixels Hold Potential For Screens Far Denser Than Today's Best 129 comments
Ode To Sound Blaster: Are Discrete Audio Cards Still Worth the Investment? 502 comments
CentOS Linux Version 7 Released On x86_64 125 comments
NASA Approves Production of Most Powerful Rocket Ever 146 comments
Damian Conway On Perl 6 and the Philosophy of Programming 132 comments
Samsung Release First SSD With 3D NAND 85 comments
Overkill? LG Phone Has 2560x1440 Display, Laser Focusing 198 comments
Apple Kills Aperture, Says New Photos App Will Replace It 214 comments
Google I/O 2014 Begins [updated] 49 comments
Open-Source NVIDIA Driver Steps Up Its Game & Runs Much Faster 143 comments
Intel To Offer Custom Xeons With Embedded FPGAs For the Data Center 80 comments
EU, South Korea Collaborate On Superfast 5G Standards 78 comments
Firefox 30 Available, Firebug 2.0 Released 270 comments
Grand Theft Auto V For Modern Platforms Confirmed 133 comments
iOS 8 Strikes an Unexpected Blow Against Location Tracking 323 comments
Tesla Makes Improvements To Model S 136 comments
Intel Core i7-4790K Devil's Canyon Increases Clocks By 500 MHz, Lowers Temps 57 comments
Microsoft Confirms Disconnecting Kinect Gives Devs 10% More GPU Horsepower 174 comments
Intel Announces Devil's Canyon Core I7-4790K: 4GHz Base Clock, 4.4GHz Turbo 157 comments
Tracking Tesla's Quiet Changes To the Model S 106 comments
Next IE Version Will Feature Web Audio, Media Capture, ES6 Promises, and HTTP/2 173 comments
TechCrunch and Others On the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 136 comments
Cox Promises National Gigabit Rollout; Starting With Phoenix, Las Vegas, Omaha 129 comments
Is LG's New Ultra Widescreen Display Better Than "Normal" 4K? 304 comments
New Middleware Promises Dramatically Higher Speeds, Lower Power Draw For SSDs 68 comments
Surface Pro 3 Has 12" Screen, Intel Inside 316 comments
OCZ RevoDrive 350 PCIe SSD Hits 1.8GB/sec With Standard Toshiba MLC NAND 113 comments
Can Thunderbolt Survive USB SuperSpeed+? 355 comments
US Navy Develops World's Worst E-reader 249 comments
The Upcoming Windows 8.1 Apocalypse 293 comments
AMD Designing All-New CPU Cores For ARMv8, X86 181 comments
Valve Sponsors Work To Greatly Speed-Up Linux OpenGL Game Load Times 202 comments
Google Shifts Editing From Drive to Docs and Sheets In 'Confusing' Switch 89 comments
Can You Tell the Difference? 4K Galaxy Note 3 vs. Canon 5D Mark III Video 201 comments
SanDisk Announces 4TB SSD, Plans For 8TB Next Year 264 comments
iOS 7 Update Silently Removes Encryption For Email Attachments 68 comments
OpenBSD 5.5 Released 128 comments
Google Opens Up Street View Archives From 2007 To Today 25 comments
Ubuntu Linux 14.04 LTS Trusty Tahr Released 179 comments
Microsoft Confirms It Is Dropping Windows 8.1 Support 575 comments
Linux 3.15 Will Suspend & Resume Much Faster 117 comments
Ask Slashdot: How To Start With Linux In the Workplace? 452 comments
Windows 8.1 Update Released, With Improvements For Non-Touch Hardware 294 comments
AMD Unveils the Liquid-Cooled, Dual-GPU Radeon R9 295X2 At $1,500 146 comments
Raspberry Pi Compute Module Release 51 comments
UK Government Pays Microsoft £5.5M For Extended Support of Windows XP 341 comments
.NET Native Compilation Preview Released 217 comments
USB Reversable Cable Images Emerge 208 comments
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