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Unix Stories for 1999

Managing 'make' for Large Projects 0 comments
*BSD HOWTO for Linux Users? 0 comments
Daemonnews reviews Applixware 120 comments
Historical Unix, Open Source Legal Battles, and John Lions 61 comments
Using Samba 48 comments
Samba 2.06 Released 102 comments
Mutt Hits 1.0 126 comments
CUPS 1.0 Enters The World 265 comments
The Continuing Rise of Linux and UNIX 123 comments
Firewall Help with OpenBSD 8 comments
Credit Card Processing? 7 comments
Monterey Boots on Merced 6 comments
Distributed Password Files? 10 comments
SLiRP Project Needs Maintainer 70 comments
W. Richard Stevens Passes On 266 comments
SCO Talks About Linux 118 comments
Ask Slashdot: Business Software for Linux? 202 comments
The Re-Unification of Linux 361 comments
SCO does Linux 111 comments
UNIX Machines that don't use /etc/passwd 16 comments
Ritchie Releases Early Compilers 67 comments
Centralized and Secure Autentication? 9 comments
Dynamic Text Graphics w/ Apache? 6 comments
Flexible File Synchronization? 3 comments
SunOS to Linux Migration? 12 comments
Historic "Free Unix" white paper by Larry McVoy 61 comments
FCW compares Unix workstations 51 comments
FreeBSD and Linux Comparative Apache benchmarks 119 comments
SCO Open Sources System Activity Reporter 44 comments
Unix in a Nutshell 39 comments
Review:Samba: Integrated UNIX and Windows 71 comments
Ask Slashdot: Linux and Biometric Devices? 8 comments
Unix Hints and Hacks 17 comments
Ask Slashdot: How do Software MMU's Work? 92 comments
Thompson Critical of Linux 461 comments
Ask Slashdot: NFS on Free OSes Substandard? 107 comments
UNIX for Moms 78 comments
Unix vs. Linux Career Prospects 46 comments
Big Guns Unite To Unify Unix 121 comments
UDI spec 0.90 available for review 130 comments
Ken Thompson Receives Kanai Award 61 comments
UNIX fragmentation editorial 100 comments
Kernel Musings: Unix and NT 357 comments
Major Unix flaw emerges?? 138 comments
SCO UnixWare 7 to run Linux software 40 comments
Interview with Dennis Ritchie 60 comments
Love of Unix 95 comments
Ask Slashdot: What Training is Necessary in Becoming a Sysadmin? 112 comments

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