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Unix Stories

SCO vs. IBM Battle Over Linux May Finally Be Over 218 comments
GNU Hurd Begins Supporting Sound, Still Working On 64-bit & USB Support 312 comments
Epoch Time Bug Causes Facebook To Congratulate Users On 46 Years of Friendship 108 comments
New Year's Resolutions For *nix SysAdmins 242 comments
DragonFlyBSD 4.4 Switches To the Gold Linker By Default 26 comments
Andrew Tanenbaum Announces MINIXcon 104 comments
GNU Hurd 0.7 and GNU Mach 1.6 Released 129 comments
Celebrating 20 Years of OpenBSD With Release 5.8 158 comments
NetBSD 7.0 Released 58 comments
OpenIndiana Hipster 2015.10: Keeping an Open-Source Solaris Going 149 comments
30 Years a Sysadmin 162 comments
HardenedBSD Completes Strong ASLR Implementation 66 comments
Why Was Linux the Kernel That Succeeded? 469 comments
GNU Hurd 0.6 Released 229 comments
OpenBSD's Kernel Gets W^X Treatment On Amd64 84 comments
OpenBSD Releases a Portable Version of OpenNTPD 79 comments
Just-Announced X.Org Security Flaws Affect Code Dating Back To 1987 172 comments
FreeBSD 10.1 Released 123 comments
Dangerous Vulnerability Fixed In Wget 58 comments
How Sony, Intel, and Unix Made Apple's Mac a PC Competitor 296 comments
Apple Releases CUPS 2.0 178 comments
Flurry of Scans Hint That Bash Vulnerability Could Already Be In the Wild 318 comments
Remote Exploit Vulnerability Found In Bash 399 comments
GSOC Project Works To Emulate Systemd For OpenBSD 314 comments
New Mayhem Malware Targets Linux and UNIX-Like Servers 168 comments
Prof. Andy Tanenbaum Retires From Vrije University 136 comments
Exploiting Wildcards On Linux/Unix 215 comments
After the Sun (Microsystems) Sets, the Real Stories Come Out 166 comments
Terran Computational Calendar Introduces Minimonths, Year Bases, and Datemods 209 comments
Anonymous' Airchat Aim: Communication Without Need For Phone Or Internet 180 comments
Seven Habits of Highly Effective Unix Admins 136 comments
Introducing a Calendar System For the Information Age 224 comments
Malware Attack Infected 25,000 Linux/UNIX Servers 220 comments
BSD Real-Time Operating System NuttX Makes Its 100th Release: NuttX 6.33 64 comments
Oracle Broadens Legal Fight Against Third-party Solaris Support Providers 142 comments
If UNIX Were a Religion 392 comments
How Ya Gonna Get 'Em Down On the UNIX Farm? 606 comments
Theo De Raadt Says FreeBSD Is Just Catching Up On Security 280 comments
DragonFlyBSD 3.6 Brings AMD/Intel Graphics Drivers & Better SMP Scaling 48 comments
Yearly FreeBSD Foundation Fundraising Campaign Is On 83 comments
OpenBSD 5.4 Released 102 comments
'Morris Worm' Turns 25: Watch How TV Covered It Then 51 comments
The Steady Decline of Unix 570 comments
FreeBSD Team Begins Work On Booting On UEFI-Enabled Systems 248 comments
Unix Guru Evi Nemeth Missing, Feared Lost At Sea 156 comments
PlayStation 4 Will Be Running Modified FreeBSD 457 comments
Happy 20th Birthday, FreeBSD 220 comments
SCO v. IBM Is Officially Reopened 104 comments
FreeBSD 8.4 Released 80 comments
NetBSD 6.1 Has Shipped 105 comments
Ask Slashdot: Dealing With a Fear of Technological Change? 429 comments
OpenBSD 5.3 Released 109 comments
Solaris Machine Shut Down After 3737 Days of Uptime 409 comments
Minix 3.2.1 Released 107 comments
The State of BSD At the Start of 2013 91 comments
You've Got 25 Years Until UNIX Time Overflows 492 comments
New Releases From FreeBSD and NetBSD 149 comments
FreeBSD Project Falls Short of Year End Funding Target By Nearly 50% 245 comments
FreeBSD Project Discloses Security Breach Via Stolen SSH Key 86 comments
FreeBSD Throws the Clang/LLVM Switch: Future Releases Use LLVM 360 comments
Ask Slashdot: Finding Legacy UnixWare Installation Media? 193 comments
OpenBSD 5.2 Released 141 comments
ACM Queue Interviews Robert Watson On Open Source Hardware and Research 37 comments
NetBSD 6.0 Has Shipped 124 comments
Freeside Internet Services: Doing Well With Purely Free Software (Video) 53 comments
Oracle's Sparc T5 Chip Evidently Pushed Back to 2013 98 comments
X11 Window System Turns 25 Years Old 285 comments
Ask Slashdot: What Should a Unix Fan Look For In a Windows Expert? 454 comments
CDE Open Sourced 263 comments
John the Ripper Cracks Slow Hashes On GPU 61 comments
Ask Slashdot: Why Aren't You Running KDE? 818 comments
X11 7.7 Released, Brings Multi-Touch Input 128 comments
Ask Slashdot: Getting a Tech Job With Skills But No Formal Degree? 266 comments
MD5crypt Password Scrambler Is No Longer Considered Safe 212 comments
Making ZFS and DTrace Work On Ubuntu Linux 137 comments
FreeBSD 10 To Use Clang Compiler, Deprecate GCC 711 comments
Mosh: Modernizing SSH With IP Roaming, Instant Local Echo 158 comments
Mutt Fork Adds Features From Notmuch 93 comments
Getting the Most Out of SSH 284 comments
Wine 1.4 Released 168 comments
MINIX 3.2 Released With Some Major Changes 120 comments
DragonFly BSD 3.0 Released 102 comments
Internet Systems Consortium Seeks Wider Input For BIND 10 60 comments
Researchers Expanding Diff, Grep Unix Tools 276 comments
The Strange Birth and Long Life of Unix 293 comments
Andrew Tanenbaum On Minix, Linux, BSD, and Licensing 480 comments
Solaris 11 Released 224 comments
In Favor of FreeBSD On the Desktop 487 comments
Fedora Aims To Simplify Linux Filesystem 803 comments
OpenBSD 5.0 Unleashed On the World 185 comments
Dennis Ritchie Day 301 comments
Dennis Ritchie, Creator of C Programming Language, Passed Away 725 comments
PLAYterm: a New Way To Improve Command Line Skills 162 comments
SUA Deprecated In Windows 8? 226 comments
The Most Expensive One-Byte Mistake 594 comments
OpenBSD Marches Toward 5.0 Release 112 comments
Early UNIX Contributor Robert Morris Dead at 78 90 comments
PlanetLab Creates a More Advanced Sudo 153 comments
Imagining the CLI For the Modern Machine 317 comments
Ask Slashdot: Moving From *nix To Windows Automation? 427 comments
OpenBSD 4.9 Released 137 comments
Novell Sale Delayed Due To Patent Investigation 31 comments
SCO Found No Source Code In 2004 154 comments
The Decline and Fall of System Administration 500 comments
Why You Shouldn't Reboot Unix Servers 705 comments
Common Traits of the Veteran Unix Admin 592 comments
UnXis Group To Acquire SCO 131 comments
Amazon Flaw Lets Password Variants Through 159 comments
Inventors of Unix Win Japan Prize 105 comments
Today Is EPOCH Day 15000 81 comments
Xfce 4.8 Released 193 comments
Attachmate To Retain Novell Unix Copyrights 77 comments
Microsoft (Probably) Didn't Just Buy Unix 289 comments
Taco Bell Programming 394 comments
Linux To Take Over Microsoft In Enterprises 237 comments
Looking Back At OS X's Origins 312 comments
SCO Puts Unix Assets On the Block 217 comments
New Sandbox Framework For Chromium Released 109 comments
Illumos Sporks OpenSolaris 161 comments
Wine 1.2 Released 427 comments
Claimed Proof That UNIX Code Was Copied Into Linux 578 comments
Judge Rejects SCO's Motion For a New Trial 168 comments
SCO Asks Judge To Give Them the Unix Copyright 286 comments
Adding Some Spice To *nix Shell Scripts 411 comments
Ubuntu on a Dime 531 comments
GNOME 2.30, End of the (2.x) Line 276 comments
XKCD Deploys Command Line Interface 288 comments
Gnome 2.30 Released 138 comments
Solaris No Longer Free As In Beer 392 comments
Novell Wins vs. SCO 380 comments
SCO v. Novell Goes To the Jury 67 comments
Need Help Salvaging Data From an Old Xenix System 325 comments
Raise a Glass — Time(2) Turns 40 Tonight 114 comments
Cygwin 1.7 Released 203 comments
Serious Remote FreeBSD Exploit Posted, Patched 7 comments
Fedora 12 Package Installation Policy Tightened 172 comments
Fedora 12 Lets Users Install Signed Packages, Sans Root Privileges 502 comments
Microsoft Buys Teamprise, Will Ship Linux Tools 200 comments
Microsoft Patents Sudo's Behavior 657 comments
40 Years of Multics, 1969-2009 138 comments
Arbitrary Code Execution With "ldd" 184 comments
OpenSolaris vs. Linux, For Linux Users 303 comments
Meet Uzbl — a Web Browser With the Unix Philosophy 318 comments
Appeals Court Overturns 2007 Unix Copyright Decision 330 comments
SCO Sells Its UNIX Product Line To London Firm 95 comments
Saving Unix Heritage, One Kernel At a Time 169 comments
Unix Turns 40 254 comments
Maddog's New Hampshire "Unix" Plate Turns 20 212 comments
PC-BSD 7.1 Released With Integrated Software Manager 81 comments
IBM Withdraws $7B Offer For Sun Microsystems, Says NYT 291 comments
Steve Bourne Talks About the History of Sh 232 comments
Beginning Portable Shell Scripting 186 comments
February 13th, UNIX Time Will Reach 1234567890 376 comments
Why Do We Name Servers the Way We Do? 1397 comments
Midnight Commander Development Revived 304 comments
SCO Proposes Sale of Assets To Continue Litigation 290 comments
OpenSolaris 2008.11 Released, Reviewed 87 comments
FreeBSD 6.4 Released 64 comments
Benchmarks For Ubuntu vs. OpenSolaris vs. FreeBSD 131 comments
Taking a Look at Nexenta's Blend of Solaris and Ubuntu 248 comments
Final Judgment — SCO Loses, Owes $3,506,526 265 comments
Unix Dict/grep Solves Left-Side-of-Keyboard Puzzle 423 comments
AIX On the Desktop Is Getting the Boot 366 comments
OpenSolaris 2008.11 – Year of the Laptop? 223 comments
(Useful) Stupid Vim Tricks? 702 comments
Ubuntu 8.10 vs. Mac OS X 10.5.5 Benchmarks 328 comments
(Useful) Stupid Unix Tricks? 2362 comments
Gnome's Nautilus Gets ZFS Integration, In OpenSolaris 38 comments
NYT Ponders the Future of Solaris In a Linux/Windows World 340 comments
OpenSolaris From a Linux Admin and User Perspective 370 comments
33-Year-Old Unix Bug Fixed In OpenBSD 162 comments
Persistent Terminals For a Dedicated Computing Box? 288 comments
Darl McBride Takes the Stand In Novell v. SCO 138 comments
MS Beta Software To Manage Unix/Linux Systems 246 comments
SCO v. Novell Goes to Trial Today In Utah 134 comments
OpenSolaris Boot Support For ZFS Root FS on x86 and SPARC 50 comments
Choosing a Unix System Administration Textbook? 57 comments
SCO Goes Private With $100 Million Backing 411 comments
Linux And Unix Devices Popular On Amazon's 'Best of '07' List 106 comments
A Discussion of SCO's Fate With Groklaw's Pamela Jones 84 comments
MIT Releases the Source of MULTICS, Father of UNIX 276 comments
DIY CPU Demo'd Running Minix 313 comments
What's New in OpenBSD 4.2? 203 comments
Investment Firm Bids to Buy SCOs UNIX Operations 177 comments
Nominate SysAdmin of the Year By Oct. 12 76 comments
System Admin's Unit of Production? 556 comments
Sys Admin Magazine Ceases Publication 134 comments
Investors Bailing On SCO Stock, SCOX Plummets 368 comments
SCO Loses 643 comments
Mac OS X Leopard is Now Officially Unix 351 comments
Secretly Monopolizing the CPU Without Being Root 250 comments
NY Stock Exchange Moves To Linux 272 comments
Learn How UNIX Multitasks 160 comments
Do You Get a UNIX Workstation at Work? 290 comments
Define - /etc? 548 comments
Unix Vendors Get Creative Against Windows & Linux 166 comments
FreeBSD 6.2 Released To Mirrors 168 comments
Sun Is Giving Away Solaris 10 DVDs 248 comments
The Birth of vi 459 comments
How To Adopt 10 'Good' Unix Habits 360 comments
SCO Denied Again In Court 204 comments
Being Enron's SysAdmin 94 comments
The Annual US-CERT FUD Festival 152 comments
Linux in a Business - Got Root? 464 comments
Conducting a Unix Desktop Usability Study? 313 comments
Teach Yourself Unix in 24 Hours 250 comments
Unisys: We No Longer Have A Way Out 196 comments
Microsoft Rep To Keynote Unix Conference 233 comments
What's Your Command Line Judo? 272 comments
Windows Beat Unix, But it Won't Beat Linux 424 comments
Microsoft to Stop Releasing Services for Unix 296 comments
IBM Reports Indicate Linux TCO Is Lower 334 comments
E-Mail Server Setup Advice? 67 comments
Sun's Linux Killer Examined 544 comments
Bell Labs Unix Group Disbanded 270 comments
They Make Stuff? SCO's OpenServer 6 Reviewed 240 comments
Novell Asks Court to Separate SCOsource Money 203 comments
Leo Laporte On UNIX As the Future 368 comments
Why FreeBSD 644 comments
Reminders (Pop-up & E-mail) with Unix? 60 comments
What is Mainframe Culture? 691 comments
SCO Says Email Is Inaccurate 326 comments
FrontPage Server Extensions for Unix? 45 comments
SCO Versus Novell Going All the Way 121 comments
Xorg and Desktop Eyecandy 416 comments
Cross Skilling Across Multi-OS Platforms? 347 comments
SCO Includes OS Products In OpenServer 6 268 comments
Open Solaris Derivative Available 209 comments
Pure JavaScript Unix-Like Web Based OS 313 comments
NetBSD Project Calls for Donations 43 comments
Windows Servers Neck and Neck with Unix Servers 492 comments
OpenBSD 3.7 Reviewed 197 comments
Better Scheduler Than Cron? 66 comments
Darwin 8.0.1 Available 55 comments
FreeBSD 5.4 Released 268 comments
NetBSD Announces Sun Hardware Donation 33 comments
Sun Developers Refute OpenSolaris Vaporware Claims 282 comments
DarwinPorts Now Available as a .dmg 64 comments
Does launchd Beat cron? 798 comments
What UNIX Shell Config Settings Work for Newbies? 159 comments
Bastille Adds Reporting, Grabs Fed Attention 151 comments
From Bash To Z Shell 214 comments
Longhorn to use UNIX-like User Permissions 697 comments
BSD Certifications Coming Soon 63 comments
Solving the /etc Situation? 293 comments
date +%s Turning 1111111111 574 comments
Solaris 10 Released 478 comments
OSI Approves Sun's CDDL 29 comments
Comparing Linux To System VR4 208 comments
FreeBSD 4.11-RC2 Available 55 comments
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