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Toys Stories

FAA Eases Drone Restrictions Around Washington, DC 72 comments
German Inventor, Innovator and Businessman Artur Fischer Dies At Age of 96 38 comments
Ask Slashdot: Math-Related Present For a Bright 10-Year-Old? 238 comments
To Solve a Rubik's Cube In 1 Second, It Takes a Robot 100 comments
Open-Source Firmware For Your Toy Drone 32 comments
Rail Gun Controller Lets You Pack the Heat of Your Air Soft Gun In Any FPS Game 44 comments
Drone Ban Extends 30 Miles Around DC, Per FAA 410 comments
Arca Space Corp Unveils Functional Turbine Powered Hoverboard 48 comments
Merry Christmas - Be an Erector Engineer! 200 comments
VTech Hack Gets Worse: Chat Logs, Kids' Photos Taken In Breach 69 comments
In Ireland, All RC and Drones Over 1kg To Be Registered 108 comments
Before Barbie's Brainy Makeover, Mattel Execs Met With White House, Google 125 comments
Point-And-Shoot Weapon Stops Drones Without Destroying Them 116 comments
Brain-Controlled (Inflatable) Shark Attack 17 comments
Barbie Gets a Brain 235 comments
Ask Slashdot: Tips For Getting Into Model Railroading? 149 comments
The Tech Problems Inside Nintendo's Amiibo Toys 70 comments
Are Girl-Focused Engineering Toys Reinforcing Gender Stereotypes? 490 comments
Ask Slashdot: What Interesting Things Can I Power With an External USB Battery? 133 comments
Hot Topic To Buy ThinkGeek Parent Company Geeknet 107 comments
Cute Or Creepy? Google's Plan For a Sci-Fi Teddy Bear 102 comments
Dad and Daughter Recreate Jurassic Park With $100,000 In Lego Pieces 52 comments
"Hello Barbie" Listens To Children Via Cloud 163 comments
1950s Toy That Included Actual Uranium Ore Goes On Display At Museum 286 comments
LEGO Contraption Allows Scientists To Safely Handle Insects 93 comments
Homemade RC Millennium Falcon Is the Drone You've Always Dreamed of Flying 51 comments
Smartphones, Tablets and EBay Send SkyMall To Chapter 11 65 comments
Being Pestered By Drones? Buy a Drone-Hunting Drone 151 comments
Glowing Hobbit Sword Helps You Find Unsecured Wi-Fi 67 comments
An Open Source Flat Pack Robot Arm That's As Easy To Build As Ikea Furniture 39 comments
Ask Slashdot: What Can I Really Do With a Smart Watch? 232 comments
Amazon's Echo: a $200, Multi-Function, Audio-Centric Device 129 comments
Lego Ends Shell Partnership Under Greenpeace Pressure 252 comments
Nixie Wearable Drone Camera Flies Off Your Wrist 63 comments
For $1.5M, DeepFlight Dragon Is an "Aircraft for the Water" 76 comments
Build Your Own Gatling Rubber Band Machine Gun 39 comments
Household Robot Jibo Nets Over $1 Million On Indiegogo 61 comments
That Toy Is Now a Drone 268 comments
Rubik's Cube: 40 Years Old and Never Meant To Be a Toy 105 comments
The People Who Are Still Addicted To the Rubik's Cube 100 comments
12-Year-Old Builds Lego Braille Printer 49 comments
Meet the MOSS Modular Robots (Video) 22 comments
CES 2014: A Powered, Remote Control Paper Airplane (Video) 28 comments
Life-Sized, Drivable 500,000 Piece Lego Car Runs On Air 73 comments
Gift Review: Strandbeest Model Kit 28 comments
Anki Is Not a Toy Company; Has iRobot, Others In Its Sights 19 comments
Man Killed By His Own Radio-Controlled Helicopter In Brooklyn 479 comments
U.S. Gov't Still Fighting the Man Behind Buckyballs; Guess Who's Winning? 555 comments
Man Creates ATLAS Detector From Lego Bricks 54 comments
NASA Teams With LEGO To Offer Model Competition 34 comments
Meet the 23-Ton X-Wing, the World's Largest Lego Model 121 comments
Six Retailers Announce Recall of Buckyballs and Buckycubes 343 comments
Lego Accused of Racism With Star Wars Set 514 comments
Ask Jörg Sprave About Building Dangerous Projectiles 45 comments
LEGO Announces GNU/LInux-Powered Mindstorms EV3 Platform 164 comments
Investing In Lego Bricks For Fun But Mostly Profit 98 comments
The Twelve Days of Christmas Gadgets 28 comments
Has Lego Sold Out? 425 comments
Arduino and MK802 Robot, Controlled By Phone 31 comments
Juggling By the Numbers 59 comments
Drone Made of Lego Takes Flight 83 comments
Bennett's Whimsi-Geek Gift Guide For 2012 57 comments
World's First Fully Functioning Missile-Shooting Robotic Transformer 33 comments
A Wi-Fi Wardriving Motorbike — With Plans Available 36 comments
Buckyballs Throws In the Towel 383 comments
The Whirlydoodle Project Makes Fun, Spinning Things (Video) 34 comments
Make Your Own LEGO Curiosity Rover 35 comments
Feds Ban 'Buckyballs' Magnets 820 comments
A Turing Machine Built With Lego, And a Place To Put It 74 comments
Militarizing Your Backyard With Python and AI 112 comments
Giant Paper Airplane Takes (Brief) Flight Over Arizona 54 comments
3D Printer Models For Universal Construction Toy Connectors 76 comments
Lego Mindstorms Used To Make Artificial Bones 42 comments
Man Digs Out Basement Using Radio Controlled Toy Tractors 169 comments
Stanford's Francis Fukuyama Builds Personal Surveillance Drone 92 comments
From the Nuremberg Toy Fair, a New Linux System For RC Cars 81 comments
Sinclair ZX81 Made Out of Lego 97 comments
High School Students Send Lego Man 24 Kilometers High 115 comments
Apple Threatens Steve Jobs Doll Maker With Lawsuit 314 comments
Controlled Quantum Levitation Used To Build Wipeout Track 162 comments
The Large Hadron Collider Has Been Recreated In Lego 80 comments
Will Toys-R-Us Carry Spy Drones? 189 comments
Ask Slashdot: Entry-Level Robotics Kits For Young Teenagers? 153 comments
Rare Earth Magnets Pose Threat To Children 284 comments
The Most Dangerous Toys of 2011 292 comments
Lego Bible Too Racy For Sam's Club 484 comments
3D Printer For Your Kids 195 comments
Ask Derek Deville About High-Altitude Amateur Rocketry 148 comments
Robotic Arm With Home-Brewed, Open Source Voice Control 33 comments
1970s Polaroid SX-70 Cameras Make a Comeback 106 comments
Wicked Lasers Introduces Handheld One-Watt Green Laser 404 comments
L.A. Artist Contemplates Future Traffic Flow, With Hot Wheels 118 comments
NASA Sends Lego Figures to Jupiter 164 comments
Fire Breathing Robotic Pony 4 comments
Get Your Own Action Figure (In Japan) 74 comments
Wall-E Robot Made With LEGO Mindstorms 29 comments
Stanford Students Build "JediBot" 157 comments
Exercise Your Thumbs and Eyeballs With a Tiny Space Invaders Cabinet 24 comments
Playdough For Fun and Profit 70 comments
Lego Fan Creates 250,000-brick Garrison of Moriah 0 comments
The Arduino Project Gets a Core Memory Accessory 46 comments
A New Human-Seeking Drone, Much Cheaper Than a Predator 178 comments
Working Model Factory Made With Lego Robots 63 comments
Purdue Claims World Record Goldberg Machine 79 comments
An RC Car That Runs On Soda Can Rings 135 comments
Brazil Builds World's Largest Lego Tower 6 comments
Toy Converted Into an Enigma Machine 39 comments
A Lego Replica of the Antikythera Mechanism 74 comments
Aerospace Engineer Named Lego Czar 132 comments
MIT Media Lab Researcher Prints Playable Flute 85 comments
Apple Forces Steve Jobs Action Figure Off eBay 233 comments
What Robots Do For Christmas 31 comments
Aerial Video Footage of New York Taken By RC Plane 208 comments
Make Your Own DHS Threat Level Display At Home 132 comments
Homemade Robotic Xylophone Plays Holiday Melodies 70 comments
Major League Dreidel 2 comments
Apple Sues Steve Jobs Figurine Maker Over Likeness 172 comments
Thought-Provoking Gifts For Young Kids? 458 comments
Paper Airplane Touches Edge of Space, Glides Back 158 comments
Android Phone Solves Rubik's Cube In 12.5 Seconds 76 comments
Toy Robots Can Guard Your Home 151 comments
Big Brother Barbie 10 comments
Fun With an Induction Cooktop? 147 comments
Programmable Magnets 120 comments
A 3D Lego Fabricator Made of Lego 87 comments
Building the LEGO MMO 116 comments
Toy Pony Sparks Bomb Scare In Orlando 3 comments
Parrot iPod-Controlled Quadricopter Launches This Week 67 comments
Jet Packs, Finally On Sale 132 comments
Wipeout Recreated With an RC Car 90 comments
Lego 'CubeDudes' By PIXAR Animator 34 comments
How High-Tech Gadget Trends Differ By US Region 51 comments
DefCon Ninja Badges Let Hackers Do Battle 77 comments
Optimus Prime Made of Junk Cars In China 43 comments
Man Repairs Crumbling Walls With Legos 106 comments
George Lucas C&Ds 'Lightsaber Laser' 481 comments
Futurama's New New York Built In Lego 0 comments
McDonalds Facing Lawsuit For Happy Meal Toys 145 comments
Set Free Your Inner Jedi (Or Pyro) 463 comments
Brick Shooting Shotgun Built From Lego By 15-Year-Old 70 comments
Theremin Guitar Hero 79 comments
The Genius of the Lego Printer 187 comments
Lego Robot Solves Bigger and Harder Rubik's Cubes 63 comments
California's Santa Clara County Bans Happy Meal Toys 756 comments
Controlling a Robot With the Emotiv EEG Headset 33 comments
Newcastle Maker Faire 2010 27 comments
Hollow Spy Coins 322 comments
How To Play Poker With Your Rock Band Drum Kit 46 comments
Turn Your Roomba Into a Household Google Bot 79 comments
LG Launches Watch Phone In India 109 comments
Lego Robot Solves Any Rubik's Cube In 12 Seconds 224 comments
Computer Engineer Barbie Unveiled 4 comments
Father of the Frisbee Dies At 90 89 comments
Bleep Labs Brings You Arduino-Based Nebulophone 0 comments
Thomas Edison's Kindle 98 comments
A Practical LCD Writing Tablet 171 comments
The Worst Products of CES 2010 214 comments
Lego Router 17 comments
Rudolph the Cadmium-Nosed Reindeer 454 comments
Using a Toy Train To Calibrate a Reactor 120 comments
iPhone-Controlled Helicopter With AR Games 51 comments
"Universal Jigsaw Puzzle" Hits Stores In Japan 241 comments
Play With LEGOs, Get Arrested By SWAT Team 25 comments
A Dual-Screen 10.1" Laptop In Time For the Holidays 104 comments
Jetman Attempts Intercontinental Flight 140 comments
Response To California's Large-Screen TV Regulation 619 comments
Google Voice Controls Giant LED Display 66 comments
The Rise, Fall, and Resurrection of Pleo 40 comments
Android Phone Turned Into Virtual Reality Goggles 103 comments
Sony Demo'ing 360 Degree 3-D Tabletop Display 102 comments
Wikipedia In Your Pocket, $99 412 comments
How To Play Poker With Your Rock Band Guitar 121 comments
How Hollywood Tie-Ins Saved Lego 193 comments
Lego Blocks Simulate Microfluidic Filters 26 comments
Dad Builds 700 Pound Cannon for Son's Birthday 410 comments
A Hypothesis On Segway Hate 487 comments
World's First 3D Webcam Tested 124 comments
World's Biggest Alarm Clock Shakes You Out of Bed 100 comments
RC Submarine Lays Fiber Through Sewers In Italy 122 comments
Pleo Robot Dinosaur Back From Extinction 42 comments
A Real-World Test of the Verizon MiFi 118 comments
Green GT's All-Electric Supercar Unveiled 196 comments
Polaroid Lovers Try To Revive Its Instant Film 443 comments
Netbook-Run Dice Robot Can Rack Up 1.3 Million Rolls a Day 280 comments
Where Are the High-Res Head-Mounted Displays? 384 comments
DIY Microprocessor Sound Level Meter Demoed At MIT 81 comments
For Building DIY Droids, It Helps to Live In Japan 38 comments
Fly An R/C Plane With an iPhone 105 comments
New Material For Fast-Change Sunglasses, Data Storage 133 comments
Ugobe, Maker of Pleo, Files For Bankruptcy 79 comments
Toys You Control With Your Brain 83 comments
LEGO Rock Band Confirmed 98 comments
Sink Your Balls Quickly With Pool-Cue Robots 79 comments
Record-Breaking Model Rocket Launch Set For April 25 156 comments
A Monster LED Array For Irresponsible Fun 225 comments
Largest High-Tech Tornado Chase Set To Begin 112 comments
The Lightning Hybrid and the Inizio EV 128 comments
Homebrew Microcontroller Laptop, Made of Wood 159 comments
How $1,500 Headphones Are Made 353 comments
Lego MMO Delayed 32 comments
Reverse Engineering a Missile Launcher Toy's Interface 118 comments
Demo of Spatially Aware Blocks 109 comments
A Robotic Bartender, and How To Build One 66 comments
Walmart Photo Keychain Comes Preloaded With Malware 224 comments
DIY USB Servo-Guided Water Gun 66 comments
Interesting Uses For a USB LED Screen? 403 comments
Rubber Duckies For Global Warming Research 167 comments
Lego Loses Its Unique Right To Make Lego Blocks 576 comments
Gadgets For a Budding Geek? 372 comments
Google Founders Buy Fighter Jet 356 comments
1000-mph Car Planned 380 comments
Where to Find Axles, Gears For Kinetic Sculpture? 267 comments
"Roadable Aircraft" Moving Towards Launch 186 comments
Flower Robots For Your Home 119 comments
Computer-Aided Lego Art Project 112 comments
3M Launches First Pocket Projector 187 comments
Inexpensive USB LCD With Linux Drivers For LCDproc 121 comments
Full Immersion Cooling Comes To Desktop PCs 192 comments
What To Do With All of My Gadget Chargers? 696 comments
30 Years of the Lego Minifig 167 comments
Beijing 2008 In Lego 177 comments
Obscura Digital Demos "Minority Report"-Like Display 124 comments
Toyota Announces the Winglet, Wannabe Segway Killer 227 comments
Practical Jetpack Available "Soon" 237 comments
Ancient Italian Walls Repaired With Lego Bricks 62 comments
How To Deal With Internet Bullies? 724 comments
New Rifle Tech Offers Variable Muzzle Speed 443 comments
Inside the Lego Factory 260 comments
Tesla Motors Is Delivering Cars 520 comments
IRobot Looj Gutter Cleaning Robot Review 168 comments
Lego Secret Vault Contains All Sets In History 266 comments
Best Electronics Kits For Adults? 376 comments
R2-D2 Monitors Your Web Servers 70 comments
Multicolored Keyless Entry System 126 comments
Offline Wikipedia Reader For iRex Iliad 112 comments
Guitar Hero -- World Tour Guitar Mystery Images 48 comments
Room Temperature Semiconductor of T-Rays 110 comments
David Pogue Gushes Over the Chumby 134 comments
Swiss Man Flies With Jet Powered Wing 247 comments
R2D2-Shaped DVD and Videogame Projector 147 comments
Dan Rutter Suggests Tossing Some Wi-Fi At the Neighbors 225 comments
Goodbye To the SPOT Watch 87 comments
Laser Pointers Classed as Weapons in Australia 491 comments
The Javabot Combines Engineering and Coffee 165 comments
Rocket Racing League Ready To Launch 79 comments
10 Cool Gadgets You Can't Get Here 232 comments
CTIA Wireless 10 Coolest New Devices 18 comments
Micro-Projectors May Bring YouTube On-The-Go 143 comments
Justice Dept. Approves XM/Sirius Merger 232 comments
How The Latest in High Tech Works 93 comments
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