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Supercomputing Stories

Utility Targets Bitcoin Miners With Power Rate Hike 173 comments
Computer Beats Go Champion 149 comments
Finally Calculated: All the Legal Positions In a 19x19 Game of Go 117 comments
New Mersenne Prime Discovered, Largest Known Prime Number: 2^74,207,281 - 1 132 comments
Hunting Malware With GPUs and FPGAs 44 comments
Uber Scaling Up Its Data Center Infrastructure 33 comments
Seymour Cray and the Development of Supercomputers 54 comments
Quantum Computer Security? NASA Doesn't Want To Talk About It 86 comments
Google Finds D-Wave Machine To Be 10^8 Times Faster Than Simulated Annealing 157 comments
Intel Launches 72-Core Knight's Landing Xeon Phi Supercomputer Chip 179 comments
'Shrinking Bull's-eye' Algorithm Speeds Up Complex Modeling From Days To Hours 48 comments
Team Constructs Silicon 2-qubit Gate, Enabling Construction of Quantum Computers 92 comments
NASA's Hurricane Model Resolution Increases Nearly 10-Fold Since Katrina 89 comments
IBM 'TrueNorth' Neuro-Synaptic Chip Promises Huge Changes -- Eventually 97 comments
How Weather Modeling Gets Better 43 comments
Obama's New Executive Order Says the US Must Build an Exascale Supercomputer 223 comments
Cray To Build Australia's Fastest Supercomputer 54 comments
Ask Slashdot: Best Bang-for-the-Buck HPC Solution? 150 comments
Supercomputing Cluster Immersed In Oil Yields Extreme Efficiency 67 comments
AMD Outlines Plans For Zen-Based Processors, First Due In 2016 166 comments
Humans Dominating Poker Super Computer 93 comments
Nuclear Fusion Simulator Among Software Picked For US's Summit Supercomputer 57 comments
US Blocks Intel From Selling Xeon Chips To Chinese Supercomputer Projects 229 comments
US Pens $200 Million Deal For Massive Nuclear Security-Focused Supercomputer 74 comments
NSF Commits $16M To Build Cloud-Based and Data-Intensive Supercomputers 29 comments
Does Being First Still Matter In America? 247 comments
US DOE Sets Sights On 300 Petaflop Supercomputer 127 comments
Researchers Simulate Monster EF5 Tornado 61 comments
Interviews: Ask CMI Director Alex King About Rare Earth Mineral Supplies 62 comments
16-Teraflops, £97m Cray To Replace IBM At UK Meteorological Office 125 comments
First Demonstration of Artificial Intelligence On a Quantum Computer 98 comments
Brown Dog: a Search Engine For the Other 99 Percent (of Data) 23 comments
Supercomputing Upgrade Produces High-Resolution Storm Forecasts 77 comments
Google To Build Quantum Information Processors 72 comments
IBM Opens Up Its Watson Supercomputer To Researchers 28 comments
Unboxing a Cray XC30 'Magnus' Petaflops Supercomputer 71 comments
How a Supercomputer Beat the Scrap Heap and Lived On To Retire In Africa 145 comments
A Peek Inside D-Wave's Quantum Computing Hardware 55 comments
Computing a Cure For HIV 89 comments
NSF Researcher Suspended For Mining Bitcoin 220 comments
Electrical Control of Nuclear Spin Qubits: Important Step For Quantum Computing 42 comments
Stanford Bioengineers Develop 'Neurocore' Chips 9,000 Times Faster Than a PC 209 comments
Using Supercomputers To Predict Signs of Black Holes Swallowing Stars 31 comments
Fifty Years Ago IBM 'Bet the Company' On the 360 Series Mainframe 169 comments
Mystery MLB Team Moves To Supercomputing For Their Moneyball Analysis 56 comments
Pentago Is a First-Player Win 136 comments
IBM Dumping $1 Billion Into New Watson Group 182 comments
NSA Trying To Build Quantum Computer 221 comments
Using Supercomputers To Find a Bacterial "Off" Switch 30 comments
Google Supercomputers Tackle Giant Drug-Interaction Data Crunch 50 comments
The Double Life of Memory Exposed With Automata Processor 32 comments
Japan Aims To Win Exascale Race 51 comments
Warning At SC13 That Supercomputing Will Plateau Without a Disruptive Technology 118 comments
1.21 PetaFLOPS (RPeak) Supercomputer Created With EC2 54 comments
Scientists Using Supercomputers To Puzzle Out Dinosaur Movement 39 comments
Qcloud Puts Quantum Chip In the Cloud For Coders To Experiment 73 comments
IBM Devises Software For Its Experimental Brain-Modeling Chips 33 comments
IBM Opens Up POWER Architecture For Licensing 131 comments
US Intel Agencies To Build Superconducting Computer 73 comments
National Weather Service Upgrades Storm-Tracking Supercomputers 34 comments
Same Programs + Different Computers = Different Weather Forecasts 240 comments
Supercomputer Becomes Massive Router For Global Radio Telescope 60 comments
Adapteva Parallella Supercomputing Boards Start Shipping 98 comments
Sculpting Nanoflows With Supercomputers 11 comments
Meet the Stampede Supercomputing Cluster's Administrator (Video) 34 comments
With Catastrophes In Mind, Supercomputing Project Simulates Space Junk Collision 15 comments
Cray X-MP Simulator Resurrects Piece of Computer History 55 comments
Breaking Supercomputers' Exaflops Barrier 96 comments
The Men Trying To Save Us From the Machines 161 comments
Fear of Thinking War Machines May Push U.S. To Exascale 192 comments
Intel Announces New Enterprise Xeons, More Powerful Xeon Phi Cards 57 comments
China Bumps US Out of First Place For Fastest Supercomptuer 125 comments
When Will My Computer Understand Me? 143 comments
Hackers Spawn Web Supercomputer On Way To Chess World Record 130 comments
Full Details Uncovered on Chinese Tianhe-2 Supercomputer 56 comments
Researchers Determine Chemical Structure of HIV Capsid 90 comments
Supercomputers At TACC Getting a Speed Boost 14 comments
ARM In Supercomputers — 'Get Ready For the Change' 238 comments
Some Scientists Question Whether Quantum Computer Really Is Quantum 170 comments
NWS Announces Big Computer Upgrade 161 comments
Google and NASA Snap Up D-Wave Quantum Computer 108 comments
Why We Should Build a Supercomputer Replica of the Human Brain 393 comments
Has Supercomputing Hit a Brick Wall? 185 comments
Japan Planning Exascale Computer For 2020 38 comments
Sequoia Supercomputer Sets Record With 'Time Warp' 39 comments
LLNL/RPI Supercomputer Smashes Simulation Speed Record 79 comments
Putin Reportedly Comments On T-Platform Supercomputer Flap 49 comments
Indiana University Dedicates Biggest College-Owned Supercomputer 83 comments
Harvard Grid Computing Project Discovers 20k Organic Photovoltaic Molecules 125 comments
US Gov't Blocks Sales To Russian Supercomputer Maker 116 comments
First Petaflop Supercomputer To Shut Down 84 comments
'Blue Waters' Supercomputer Lucky To Exist 39 comments
World's Most Powerful Private Supercomputer Will Hunt Oil and Gas 135 comments
Too Much Gold Delays World's Fastest Supercomputer 111 comments
New Largest Known Prime Number: 2^57,885,161-1 254 comments
IBM's Watson Goes To College To Extend Abilities 94 comments
Stanford Uses Million-Core Supercomputer To Model Supersonic Jet Noise 66 comments
DOE Asks For 30-Petaflop Supercomputer 66 comments
Three-Mile-High Supercomputer Poses Unique Challenges 80 comments
Supercomputer Repossessed By State, May Be Sold In Pieces 123 comments
Einstein@Home Set To Break Petaflops Barrier 96 comments
All Systems Go For Highest Altitude Supercomputer 36 comments
Supercomputers' Growing Resilience Problems 112 comments
NVIDIA and AMD Launch New High-End Workstation, Virtualization, and HPC GPUs 95 comments
Titan Tops Top500 Supercomputing List 52 comments
Cray Unveils XC30 Supercomputer 67 comments
How To Build a Supercomputer In 24 Hours 161 comments
Facebook's Prism, Soon To Be Open Sourced, Gives Hadoop Delay Tolerance 17 comments
China Building a 100-petaflop Supercomputer Using Domestic Processors 154 comments
Titan Supercomputer Debuts for Open Scientific Research 87 comments
Climate Change Research Gets Petascale Supercomputer 121 comments
A Supercomputer On the Moon To Direct Deep Space Traffic 166 comments
Parallella: an Open Multi-Core CPU Architecture 103 comments
Google Puts Souped-Up Neural Networks To Work 95 comments
Apple iPad 2 As Fast As the Cray-2 Supercomputer 231 comments
India Plans To Build Fastest Supercomputer By 2017 135 comments
TACC "Stampede" Supercomputer To Go Live In January 67 comments
University Team Builds Lego and Raspberry Pi Cluster 147 comments
Exposing the Machinery of the Resistome 23 comments
A Look Inside Oak Ridge Lab's Supercomputing Facility 59 comments
GPU Supercomputer Could Crunch Exabyte of Data Daily For Square Kilometer Array 40 comments
Cray XK6 Supercomputer Used To Simulate Ice Cream 55 comments
World's Most Powerful x86 Supercomputer Boots Up in Germany 151 comments
Linux Played a Vital Role In Discovery of Higgs Boson 299 comments
More Hot Weather For Southern California, Says UCLA Study 218 comments
Fujitsu Cracks Next-Gen Cryptography Standard 99 comments
Intel To Ship Xeon Phi For "Exascale" Computing This Year 77 comments
US Regains Supercomputing Crown, Besting China and Japan 132 comments
Hawking Is First User of "Big Brain" Supercomputer 93 comments
First Full Observable-Universe Simulation 95 comments
Rybka Solves the King's Gambit Chess Opening 206 comments
IBM Optical Chip Moves Data At 1Tbps 127 comments
Europe Plans Exascale Funding Above U.S. Levels 70 comments
Texas Supercomputer Upgrading the Hurricane Forecast 31 comments
$100,000 Prize: Prove Quantum Computers Impossible 324 comments
Installation of Blue Waters Petaflop Supercomputer Begins 86 comments
'Blind' Quantum Computing Proposed For the Cloud 89 comments
Supercomputer Cools Off Using Groundwater 62 comments
Chinese Lab Speeds Through Genome Processing With GPUs 408 comments
Lower Limit Found For Sudoku Puzzle Clues 121 comments
Hadoop 1.0 Released 38 comments
Russia, Europe Seek Divorce From U.S. Tech Vendors 201 comments
How the Tevatron Influenced Computing 66 comments
ORNL's Newest Petaflop Climate Computer To Come Online For NOAA 66 comments
JPMorgan Rolls Out (Another) FPGA Supercomputer 210 comments
Wielding Supercomputers To Make High-Stakes Predictions 65 comments
Ask Slashdot: Parallel Cluster In a Box? 205 comments
The Top 10 Supercomputers, Illustrated 68 comments
Intel Announces Xeon E5 and Knights Corner HPC Chip 122 comments
Cray Replaces IBM To Build $188M Supercomputer 99 comments
Fujitsu Announces 16-core SPARC64 IXfx (and the Supercomputer It Powers) 68 comments
Japanese Supercomputer K Hits 10.51 Petaflops 125 comments
China Builds 1-Petaflop Homegrown Supercomputer 185 comments
Hybrid Technology Could Bring 'Quantum Information Systems' 55 comments
Jaguar Supercomputer Being Upgraded To Regain Fastest Cluster Crown 89 comments
Michael Nielsen's Free Video Courseware On Quantum Computing 54 comments
New Supercomputer Boosts Aussie SKA Telescope Bid 32 comments
Behind the Parting of IBM and Blue Waters 36 comments
Will Quantum Computing Make It Out of the Lab? 129 comments
10-Petaflops Supercomputer Being Built For Open Science Community 55 comments
Ask Slashdot: Best Use For a New Supercomputing Cluster? 387 comments
IBM's Watson To Help Diagnose, Treat Cancer 150 comments
IBM Building 120PB Cluster Out of 200,000 Hard Disks 290 comments
NCSA and IBM Part Ways Over Blue Waters 76 comments
Breakthrough Toward Quantum Computing 61 comments
Banks' Big Upgrade: Meet Real-Time Processing 89 comments
JPMorgan Rolls Out FPGA Supercomputer 194 comments
A Million Node Supercomputer 116 comments
AMD Gains In the TOP500 List 77 comments
Could Wikipedia Become a Supercomputer? 165 comments
Intel Aims For Exaflops Supercomputer By 2018 66 comments
Japan's 8-petaflop K Computer Is Fastest On Earth 179 comments
IBM Turns 100 189 comments
CERN Lends a Hand To the Origin of Life 69 comments
Chinese Tianhe-1A Supercomputer Starts Churning Out the Science 103 comments
Too Much Data? Then 'Good Enough' Is Good Enough 56 comments
Simulations Show Quantum Error Not As Bad As Believed 44 comments
Lockheed Martin Purchases First Commercial Quantum Computer 189 comments
Ask Slashdot: Best Linux Distro For Computational Cluster? 264 comments
Australians Look To SkyNet For SKA Telescope 59 comments
Cray Unveils Its First GPU Supercomputer 76 comments
16-Year-Old Discovers Potential Treatment For Cystic Fibrosis 236 comments
Simulating Societies At the Global Scale 64 comments
Blue Gene/P Reaches Sixty-Trillionth of Pi Squared 212 comments
China Switching To Home-Grown Chips For Supercomputers 198 comments
Iran Claims Two New Supercomputers 110 comments
Watch IBM's Watson On Jeopardy Tonight 293 comments
Supercomputer Advancement Slows? 86 comments
Researchers Claim 1,000 Core Chip Created 118 comments
Living Earth Simulator Aims To Simulate Everything 241 comments
White House Warns of Supercomputer Arms Race 123 comments
Physicists Improve Spin Information Storage 43 comments
IBM To Build 3-Petaflop Supercomputer 73 comments
USAF Unveils Supercomputer Made of 1,760 PS3s 163 comments
The Problem With the Top500 Supercomputer List 175 comments
Cracking Passwords With Amazon EC2 GPU Instances 217 comments
Windows Cluster Hits a Petaflop, But Linux Retains Top-5 Spot 229 comments
China Makes World's Fastest Supercomputer 222 comments
Supercomputer Sets Protein-Folding Record 63 comments
Computer Defeats Human At Japanese Chess 178 comments
US Lab Models Galaxy Cluster Merger 89 comments
NASA Creates an Alien's Eye View of Solar System 53 comments
IBM Warns of China Closing the Supercomputer Gap 238 comments
Nicholas Sze of Yahoo Finds Two-Quadrillionth Digit of Pi 299 comments
Simulating Galaxies With Supercomputers 120 comments
Solving an Earth-Sized Jigsaw Puzzle 39 comments
Homebrew Cray-1 140 comments
Low Energy Supercomputing 159 comments
Supercomputing, There's an App For That 66 comments
IBM Supercomputer Cooled With Hot Water 89 comments
Scaling To a Million Cores and Beyond 206 comments
'Telecommuting' In Formula 1 90 comments
A Quantum Memory Storage Prototype 114 comments
Petaflops? DARPA Seeks Quintillion-Flop Computers 185 comments
Renewable Energy To Power Aussie SKA 48 comments
Mobile Phones vs. Supercomputers of the Past 247 comments
Latest Top 500 Supercomputer List Released 130 comments
NSF Gives Supercomputer Time For 3-D Model of Spill 102 comments
A Look At CERN's LHC Grid-Computing Architecture 53 comments
US Air Force To Suffer From PS3 Update 349 comments
Slimming Down a Supercomputer 64 comments
Pi Day and an Interview With a Pi Researcher 188 comments
Google's Computing Power Refines Translation 142 comments
Virtualizing a Supercomputer 57 comments
Parallel Algorithm Leads To Crypto Breakthrough 186 comments
FASTRA II Puts 13 GPUs In a Desktop Supercomputer 127 comments
Google Demonstrates Quantum Computer Image Search 106 comments
US Air Force Buying Another 2,200 PS3s 144 comments
A Skeptical Reaction To IBM's Cat Brain Simulation Claims 198 comments
Australia's CSIRO To Launch CPU-GPU Supercomputer 82 comments
IBM Takes a (Feline) Step Toward Thinking Machines 428 comments
100 Million-Core Supercomputers Coming By 2018 286 comments
The Story Behind a Failed HPC Startup 109 comments
Asus Releases Desktop-Sized Supercomputer 260 comments
What Kind of Cloud Computing Project Costs $32M? 158 comments
SGI Rolls Out "Personal Supercomputers" 303 comments
US Supercomputer Uses Flash Storage Drives 72 comments
Pi Calculated To Record 2.5 Trillion Digits 432 comments
Can We Build a Human Brain Into a Microchip? 598 comments
US Supercomputer Lead Sparks Russian Govt's Competitive Drive 74 comments
Sandia Studies Botnets In 1M OS Digital Petri Dish 161 comments
Making Cesium Atoms Do a Quantum Walk 117 comments
BOINC Exceeds 2 Petaflop/s Barrier 114 comments
Optical Transistor Made From Single Molecule 92 comments
DARPA Wants a 19" Super-Efficient Supercomputer 200 comments
Microsoft-Backed Firm Says IBM Is Anticompetitive 174 comments
Aussie Scientists Build a Cluster To Map the Sky 58 comments
Open Source Solution Breaks World Sorting Records 139 comments
Flu Models Predict Pandemic, But Flu Chips Ready 216 comments
IBM Computer Program To Take On 'Jeopardy!' 213 comments
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