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Sun Microsystems Stories

Mozilla: Following In Sun's Faltering Footsteps? 300 comments
Five Years After the Sun Merger, Oracle Says It's Fully Committed To SPARC 190 comments
After the Sun (Microsystems) Sets, the Real Stories Come Out 166 comments
Astronomers Identify the Sun's Long-Lost Sister 69 comments
Apache OpenOffice Reaches 100 Million Downloads. Now What? 285 comments
James Gosling Grades Oracle's Handling of Sun's Tech 223 comments
Sun Not a Significant Driver of Climate Change 552 comments
Oracle Kills Commercial Support For GlassFish: Was It Inevitable? 125 comments
Oracle To Stop Developing Sun Virtualization Technologies 145 comments
MySQL's Creator On Why the Future Belongs To MariaDB 208 comments
Oracle Releases SPARC T5 Servers; Too Late? 175 comments
Solaris Machine Shut Down After 3737 Days of Uptime 409 comments
Of the Love of Oldtimers - Dusting Off a Sun Fire V1280 Server 281 comments
Is MySQL Slowly Turning Closed Source? 336 comments
Ex-Sun Employees Are Taking Java To iOS 115 comments
Schmidt Testifies Android Did Not Use Sun's IP 239 comments
Google Developer Testifies That Java Memo Was Misinterpreted 201 comments
Solaris 11 Released 224 comments
Oracle: Proud, Self-Reliant, Increasingly Isolated 119 comments
Is the Sparc T4 Too Little Too Late? 128 comments
Oracle Demos New SPARC T4 Processor 127 comments
Why You Shouldn't Panic About Closed Source MySQL Extensions 171 comments
US Gov't Lobbied EU To Approve Oracle-Sun Merger 169 comments
Perseid Meteor Shower To Be Hampered By Full Moon 43 comments
Oracle Announces Java SE 7 204 comments
Did Google Knowingly Violate Java Patents? 148 comments
After a Lull, Sun Server Business Grows Under Oracle 84 comments
Mickos Says MySQL Code Better Than Ever Under Oracle 117 comments
Don't Expect an OpenOffice/LibreOffice Merger 192 comments Hacked With Sql Injection 288 comments
Oracle Could Reap $1 Million For Domain 183 comments
How Sun Bought Apple Computer (Almost) 307 comments
Post-Oracle Purchase, How Is Sun's Software Doing? 235 comments
RIP, SunSolve 100 comments
Ex-Sun CEO Warns Oracle of Death By Open Source 408 comments
Running ZFS Natively On Linux Slower Than Btrfs 235 comments
Where Do I Go Now That Oracle Owns 510 comments
NASA Working On Solar Storm Shield 85 comments
Oracle Asks OpenOffice Community Members To Leave 589 comments
Father of Java, James Gosling Unloads 337 comments
Oracle, NetApp Drop ZFS Patent Suit 66 comments
Native ZFS Is Coming To Linux Next Month 273 comments
Glibc Is Finally Free Software 337 comments
OpenSolaris Governing Board Dissolves Itself 198 comments
Why Software Patents Are a Joke — Literally 311 comments
The Future of OpenSolaris Revealed 342 comments
Illumos Sporks OpenSolaris 161 comments
Sun Founders' Push For Open Source Education 169 comments
Oracle's Java Company Change Breaks Eclipse 397 comments
NetApp Threatens Sellers of Appliances Running ZFS 231 comments
"Music" Of the Sun Recorded By Astronomers 94 comments
The Sun's Odd Behavior 285 comments
Bill Joy On Sun, Microsoft, Open Source, and Creativity 173 comments
Oracle Restricts Access To Sun Firmware Downloads 202 comments
Open Community vs. Open Code 141 comments
Oracle Wants Proof That Open Source Is Profitable 393 comments
"Father of Java" Resigns From Sun/Oracle 396 comments
Explaining Oracle's Sun Takeover — "For the Hardware" 154 comments
Serious New Java Flaw Affects All Browsers 164 comments
Solaris No Longer Free As In Beer 392 comments
Oracle/Sun Enforces Pay-For-Security-Updates Plan 238 comments
Oracle Shuttering OpenSSO 128 comments
Ex-Sun Chief Dishes Dirt On Gates, Jobs 241 comments
The Future of OpenSolaris 307 comments
Oracle Drops Sun's Commitment To Accessibility 220 comments
A Reflection On Sun Executive Payouts For Failure 316 comments
Sun's Project Darkstar Game Server Platform No More 82 comments
Oracle To Invest In Sun Hardware, Cut Sun Staff 135 comments
European Commission Approves Oracle-Sun Merger 144 comments
Why Oracle Can't Easily Kill PostgreSQL 279 comments
Oracle Responds To MySQL Purchase Concerns 156 comments
Senators Ask EC To Let Oracle-Sun Deal Go Through 183 comments
EC Formally Objects To Oracle's Purchase of Sun 334 comments
Oracle Outlines Plans for Sun Products, Casts Doubt on NetBeans 151 comments
ZFS Gets Built-In Deduplication 386 comments
Brian Aker Responds To RMS On Dual Licensing 212 comments
Sun Microsystems To Cut 3,000 Jobs As Oracle Deal Drags On 251 comments
MySQL Cofounder Says Oracle Should Sell Database To a Neutral 3d Party 207 comments
Sneak Preview of New OpenOffice 3.2 377 comments
A Geek Funeral 479 comments
OpenSolaris vs. Linux, For Linux Users 303 comments
Sneak Peek At Sun's SPARC Server Roadmap 113 comments
Oracle To Increase Investment In SPARC and Solaris 146 comments
Slow Oracle Merger Leads To Outflow of Sun Projects, Coders 409 comments
Sun Plans Security Coprocessor For New Ultrasparc 59 comments
DOJ Gives Oracle Approval To Buy Sun 162 comments
Preview the Office 2007 Ribbon-Like UI Floated For OpenOffice.Org 617 comments
XML Library Flaw — Sun, Apache, GNOME Affected 140 comments
Sun's JRuby Team Jumps Ship To Engine Yard 77 comments
62% of Sun's Stockholders Vote For Oracle Deal 152 comments
Mass Speculation Suggests Oracle May Kill OpenSolaris 205 comments
Sun Kills Rock CPU, Says NYT Report 190 comments
Real Nanotechnology Getting Closer, Says Drexler 134 comments
Has MySQL Forked Beyond Repair? 334 comments
Sun To Build World's Biggest App Store Around Java 325 comments
MySQL Founder Starts Open Database Alliance, Plans Refactoring 153 comments
Sun Microsystems May Have Violated Bribery Law 111 comments
Employee (Almost) Chronicles Sun's Top Ten Failures 194 comments
Will Oracle Keep Funding Sun's Pet Java Projects? 234 comments
Oracle Top Execs Answer Sun Employee Questions 207 comments
Sun Announces New MySQL, Michael Widenius Forks 306 comments
Ballmer, IBM Surprised By Oracle-Sun Deal 324 comments
Oracle Buys Sun 906 comments
Sun's Phipps Slams App Engine's Java Support 186 comments
What If Oracle Bought Sun Microsystems? 237 comments
IBM Withdraws $7B Offer For Sun Microsystems, Says NYT 291 comments
IBM About To Buy Sun For $7 Billion 699 comments
Locating the Real MySQL 335 comments
What an IBM-Sun Merger Might Mean For Java, MySQL, Developers 292 comments
Sun's CEO On FOSS and the Cloud 74 comments
Sun In Talks To Be Acquired By IBM 526 comments
Sun To Include SSDs On Server Motherboards 79 comments
Sun Slips Firefox Extension Into Java Update 311 comments
Five Questions With Michael Widenius 71 comments
MySQL Co-Founder Monty Widenius Quits Sun 140 comments
Red Hat Set To Surpass Sun In Market Capitalization 221 comments
Sun Open Sources the Netscape Enterprise Server 114 comments
Tricked Into Buying 543 comments
Why Not To Shout At Your Disk Array 125 comments
Michael Meeks Says OO.o Project is "Profoundly Sick" 676 comments
Toshiba To OEM Laptops With OpenSolaris 226 comments
64-Bit Java For Linux 387 comments
OpenSolaris 2008.11 Released, Reviewed 87 comments
Sun's Mickos Is OK With Monty's MySQL 5.1 Rant 155 comments
Sun Releases JavaFX 185 comments
Benchmarks For Ubuntu vs. OpenSolaris vs. FreeBSD 131 comments
Taking a Look at Nexenta's Blend of Solaris and Ubuntu 248 comments
Sun Banks On Open Source For Its Survival 211 comments
StarOffice Dropped From Google Pack 135 comments
OpenSolaris 2008.11 – Year of the Laptop? 223 comments
ODF Toolkit Announced 71 comments V3.0 Sets Download Record, 80% Windows 451 comments
Mainframe OpenSolaris Now Available 135 comments
Gnome's Nautilus Gets ZFS Integration, In OpenSolaris 38 comments
Open Office Plans To Party Like It's Version 3.0 396 comments
David Axmark Resigns From Sun 229 comments
NYT Ponders the Future of Solaris In a Linux/Windows World 340 comments
Sun Bare Metal Hypervisors Now GPLv3 154 comments
MySQL Founder Monty Quits Sun (Or Not) 148 comments
OpenSolaris From a Linux Admin and User Perspective 370 comments
Sun Open-Sources Java UI Toolkit 59 comments
Review of Sun's Free Open Source Virtual Machine 354 comments
Rare Tour of Sun Microsystems' "Wonderland" 83 comments
Sun Spokesman Says "We Screwed Up On Open Source" 248 comments
Sun Adding Flash Storage to Most of Its Servers 113 comments
Code Quality In Open and Closed Source Kernels 252 comments 3.0 Beta Released 390 comments
MySQL Reverses Decision On Closed Source 157 comments
Interview With Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz 75 comments
Why OpenSolaris Failed To Build a Community 280 comments
Sun to Fully Open Source Java 374 comments
OpenSolaris Boot Support For ZFS Root FS on x86 and SPARC 50 comments
Sun May Begin Close Sourcing MySQL Features 509 comments
Sun Developing Open Media Stack 99 comments
Schwartz Comments On NSA/Sun OpenSolaris Collaboration 92 comments
Sun Turns to Lasers to Speed Up Computer Chips 130 comments
OpenOffice.Org Now Under LGPLv3 107 comments
Sun Hires Two Key Python Developers 173 comments
McNealy Says Telcos Falling Behind in Net Race 168 comments
Sun Snags Open Source Virtualization Company, Innotek 49 comments
Can Sun Make MySQL Pay? 273 comments
Sun Buys MySQL 588 comments
Study Touting OOXML Over ODF Is Debunked 203 comments
Sun Plans to Have No In-House Data Centers by 2015 158 comments
Sun Niagara 2 CPU Now Open Source 158 comments
Sun Offers Reward Program to Boost Open Source Effort 115 comments
Sun to Create Underground Japanese Datacenter 131 comments
Sun To Seek Injunction, Damages Against NetApp 183 comments
Sun Refuses LGPL for OpenOffice; Novell forks 258 comments
The Uncertain Future of 259 comments
Sun Acquires CFS/Lustre, Becomes Windows OEM 138 comments
NetApp Hits Sun With Patent Infringement Lawsuit 217 comments
Sun Says OpenSolaris Will Challenge Linux 405 comments
Will the Pope Declare Google Evil? 622 comments
Sun's Trading Symbol Going From SUNW To JAVA 356 comments
IBM & Sun Agreement Puts Pressure on HP 182 comments
SCO Fiasco Over For Linux, Starting For Solaris? 264 comments
Sun Moves Into Commodity Silicon 236 comments
Sun To Release 8-Core Niagara 2 Processor 214 comments
Sun Says Project Indiana is Not a Linux Copy 161 comments
Sun Releases ODF Plugin for MS Office 166 comments
Sun Super Computer May Hit 2 Petaflops 134 comments
Stanford Gets First Sun Blackbox 124 comments
ZFS On Linux - It's Alive! 281 comments
Torvalds vs Schwartz GPL Wars 335 comments
Sun CEO Says ZFS Will Be 'the File System' for OSX 384 comments
Sun to Make Solaris More Linux Like 400 comments
Sun Debuts Java 'iPhone' 195 comments
Sun Debuts JavaFX As Alternative To AJAX 441 comments
Sun Says, "Compensate OSS Developers" 210 comments
Sun Joins Mac Open Office Development 171 comments
Sun Surges Into Research, Virtual Worlds 56 comments
Sun Asks China to Merge its Doc Format With ODF 114 comments
Ian Murdock Joins Sun 123 comments
Worm Exploiting Solaris Telnetd Vulnerability 164 comments
Sun Joins the Free Software Foundation 116 comments
Sun Releases ODF plugin for Microsoft Office 50 comments
Sun Offering Optimized AMP Stack On Solaris 135 comments
Solaris Telnet 0-day vulnerability 342 comments
Sun Joins Apple in the Intel Camp for x86 Chips 149 comments
Is it Time for Open Office? 449 comments
Sun to Add GPLv3 to OpenSolaris? 118 comments
Sun Releases Fortran Replacement as OSS 233 comments
Sun Is Giving Away Solaris 10 DVDs 248 comments
Sun Releases First GPLed Java Source 206 comments
ZFS Shows Up in New Leopard Build 351 comments
Sun Exec Backs GPLv3 94 comments
Sun Considering GPL For OpenSolaris 215 comments
Sun to Cut 5000 Jobs 214 comments
Red Hat Not Satisfied with Sun's New Java License 338 comments
Sun Urged to Give Up OpenOffice Control 246 comments
Sun Considers dual-sourcing Solaris Under GPL3 198 comments
Google's Anti-Spyware Project 185 comments
Apple Nearly Moved to SPARC 257 comments
Oracle and Sun Team Up to Provide .NET Alternative 335 comments
IT suppliers: User Perspective 3 comments
Google, Microsoft, Sun to Fund New Internet Lab 127 comments
Sun Open-Sourcing UltraSPARC Design 250 comments
Sun CEO On Razors And Blades 233 comments
Sun Opens Up Enterprise Software 210 comments
Sun Adds Java and N1 to No Cost List 40 comments
Sun Announces Support for PostgreSQL 283 comments
Sun Releases ZFS 47 comments
New Server Chip Niagara 307 comments
OpenSolaris-based OSes a Threat to Linux? 92 comments
Solaris Now an Option for IBM Blades 101 comments
Sun Claims They Make Worlds Biggest MMO 56 comments
Lights On But No One Home At Sun Grid 232 comments
New Hopes From Sun's Idea Factory 122 comments
Interview With Gary Edwards of 173 comments
Interview with Sun's Florian Reuter 132 comments
Google & Sun Planning Web Office 751 comments
StarOffice 8 May Be MS Office Killer 335 comments
Indonesia Adopts Java Desktop System on Linux 141 comments
Sun's Bold New Ad Campaign 426 comments
Sun Unveils 64-bit Server Line 287 comments
Solaris DTrace To Be Ported to FreeBSD 151 comments
OpenOffice Goes LGPL 185 comments
Sun Grid Utility Goes Live for Employees 227 comments
Sun Spearheads Open DRM 579 comments
Sun's Linux Killer Examined 544 comments
HP Calls For Sun and IBM to Remove OS Licenses 424 comments
Sun Application Server 9.0 PE Open Sourced 31 comments
Sun Firms Up Its Sparc Chip Plans 9 comments
Sun's CIO Talks Internal Experiences 115 comments
Sun's COO Distorts Free In Free Software 346 comments
James Gosling on Java 356 comments
Sun Announces Its First Laptop 365 comments
Sun Steps Back from Linux JDS 202 comments
Java: One Step Closer To Open Source 318 comments
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