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Space Stories

Scientists Say Goodbye to Philae Comet Lander 31 comments
It's Official: LIGO Scientists Make First-Ever Observation of Gravity Waves 396 comments
LIGO Will Make Gravitational Waves Announcement on Thursday 120 comments
Listen To Hawking's Second Reith Lecture On Black Holes, Illustrated 17 comments
Meteorite Strike Kills Man In India 130 comments
SpaceX Sets Feb. 24th Target Date For Next Launch 42 comments
NASA Is Building a Virtual Mars For VR Viewing 37 comments
Thirty Meter Telescope Likely Never Gets Built ... In Hawaii 277 comments
NASA Announces That Pluto Has Icebergs Floating On Glaciers of Nitrogen Ice 50 comments
Giant Magellan Telescope Set To Revolutionize Ground-Based Astronomy 105 comments
Receiving Real-Time Imagery From Russia's Meteor-M N2 Satellite 26 comments
China's Chang'e 3 Lander and Yutu Rover Camera Data Released 56 comments
Tiny Pluto Big On Frozen Water Reserves 49 comments
Elon Musk To Unveil Mars Spacecraft Later This Year, For 2025 Flight 101 comments
Ancient Babylonians Figured Out Forerunner of Calculus 153 comments
SpaceX Successfully Tests Crew Dragon Landing Parachutes 91 comments
The Future of Astronomy: NASA's James Webb Space Telescope 117 comments
NASA's Deep Space Habitat Could Support the Journey To Mars and a Lunar Return 43 comments
Blue Origin Launches and Lands the Same New Shepard That Few In November 132 comments
Russia Forming Space Alliance With Iran, May Fly Iranian Astronaut 107 comments
Theoretical Evidence For a Ninth Planet Beyond Pluto May Be Premature 176 comments
The Russian Plan To Use Space Mirrors To Turn Night Into Day 126 comments
Caltech Astronomers Say a Ninth Planet Lurks Beyond Pluto 258 comments
Growing Flowers In Space 44 comments
Comets Can't Explain Weird 'Alien Megastructure' Star After All 412 comments
Are Some Things About the Universe Fundamentally Unknowable? 225 comments
SpaceX Successfully Launches Jason-3 Satellite, Rocket Landing Partial Success 118 comments
The Engineering and Logistics of Building the Giant Magellan Telescope 22 comments
Distant Supernova Is the Most Powerful Ever Detected 75 comments
China Targets 2018 For Landing Probe On Far Side of Moon 101 comments
Inside NASA's Space Rock Vault 11 comments
What Spotlighting Harassment In Astronomy Means 432 comments
NASA Awards Sierra Nevada's Dream Chaser an ISS Commercial Resupply Contract 57 comments
NASA Safety Panel Finds Concerns With the Journey To Mars 155 comments
NASA Forms New Planetary Defense Office To Manage Asteroid Threats 63 comments
The Hardware That Searches For Dark Matter 104 comments
Space Entrepreneur Opines Donald Trump Could Do an Inspirational Space Program 154 comments
Planetary Resources Reveals Out-of-This-World 3D Printing 34 comments
NASA's Fermi Satellite Maps Entire Sky, Finds Mysterious Unknown Object 133 comments
SpaceX Plans Drone Ship Landing On January 17th 115 comments
How Russia May Send Cosmonauts To the Moon After All 143 comments
China Names Chang'e 3 Lunar Landing Site 'Guang Han Gong' Or 'Moon Palace' 83 comments
The Mystery of the Naked Black Hole 81 comments
Alpha Centauri Turns Out Not To Have a Planet After All. At Least, Not Yet 91 comments
The Three Possible Classes of Interstellar Travel 330 comments
Scientists Can Pinpoint Surface Gravity On Other Stars 38 comments
Planetary Exploration In 2016 27 comments
A Brief History of the ESA 27 comments
Comet Catalina Coming To a Night Sky Near You 26 comments
Auroral Show To Dazzle Just Before the New Year; Best View From the ISS 28 comments
SpaceX To Test Recovered First Stage, Then Put It On Display 108 comments
NASA Uncertain How To Proceed In Developing Deep Space Module 120 comments
How Big Was the Universe When It Was First Born? 194 comments
Estimating SpaceX's Reusable Rocket Cost Savings 163 comments
NASA Rings Out 2015 With Close Looks At Ceres and Enceladus 15 comments
Apollo 17 Soil Matches Ancient Earth's Ocean Ridges In Water Content 78 comments
Physicists Theorize Out How To Retrieve Information From a Black Hole 82 comments
ORNL Restores US Capability To Produce Plutonium-238 129 comments
NASA Has Suspended Its Next Mission To Mars 46 comments
SpaceX Lands Falcon 9 Rocket At Cape Canaveral 373 comments
ISRO Launches Six Singaporean Satellites 29 comments
Physicists Find New Evidence For Helium 'Rain' On Saturn 27 comments
Astronomers Successfully Predict Appearance of Supernova 86 comments
China Launches Dark Matter Space Probe 71 comments
The FAA To Facilitate American Commercial Participation In the ESA Moon Village 31 comments
The Astronaut Hopeful's Manifesto 33 comments
Mars Colonies and Class Warfare 414 comments
Clouds May Hide Water On Alien Worlds 27 comments
European Space Agency Records Leaked For Amusement, Attackers Say 74 comments
Persistent Storm Detected On Low-Mass Star 39 comments
Why Haven't the Arms of Spiral Galaxies Wound Up After All This Time? 94 comments
Looking For Jupiter-Class Planets Indicates Solar Systems Like Ours Are Rare 90 comments
Huge, Jupiter-Like Storm Rages On Cool 'Failed Star' 38 comments
Musk Announces Return-to-Flight Date For Falcon 9 Rocket 114 comments
Simulation Pinpoints the Most Likely Spots For Life In the Milky Way 86 comments
Japan Releases AKATSUKI's Pictures of Venus 44 comments
How the Thirty Meter Telescope Ruling Will Impact Future Astronomy Projects 251 comments
Japanese Space Probe Akatsuki Enters Orbit Around Venus Five Years Late 51 comments
NASA 'Moving On' From Low-Earth Orbit 118 comments
Cygnus Launches In First Mission Since Antares Rocket Explosion 39 comments
India Wins Contract To Launch Private Weather Satellites 34 comments
Astronomers Spot Baby Galaxies Cradled In Dark Matter 73 comments
Controversial Experiment Sees No Evidence That the Universe Is a Hologram 157 comments
More Than Half of Kepler's Giant Exoplanets Were False Positives 88 comments
Giant Telescope Project Stalled By Hawaiian Natives 177 comments
Diamond Nanothreads Could Support Space Elevator 171 comments
Canadian, UK Law Professors Condemn Space Mining Provisions of Commercial Space Act 218 comments
2 Planets Can Share the Same Orbit, In 3 Different Ways 73 comments
NASA Prepares To Launch an Orion and 3 Cubesats To Deep Space: 3 Years To Go 54 comments
Parts of the SpaceX Falcon-9 Rocket Found Off the Isles of Scilly 29 comments
NASA Concludes That Comets, Not Alien Megastructures Orbit KIC 8462852 105 comments
Japanese Rocket Launches Its First Commercial Satellite 31 comments
Neil deGrasse Tyson Touches Off Debate With Remarks On Commercial Space 373 comments
Dark Matter Grows Hair Around Stars and Planets 171 comments
Lori Garver Claims That NASA Is 'Wary' of Elon Musk's Mars Plans 103 comments
Blue Origin "New Shepherd" Makes It To Space... and Back Again 121 comments
NASA Contracting Development of New Ion/Nuclear Engines 70 comments
US and China Setting Up "Space Hotline" 15 comments
New Spectroscope Perfect For Asteroid Mining, Planetary Research 56 comments
Florida Group Wants To Make Space a 2016 Presidential Campaign Issue 118 comments
Satellite Wars 98 comments
NASA Orders SpaceX Crew Mission To International Space Station 69 comments
First Images Ever Taken of a Planet Being Formed, 450 Light-Years From Earth 36 comments
MIT Helping NASA Build Valkyrie Robots For Space Missions 35 comments
ULA Concedes GPS Launch Competition To SpaceX 55 comments
Inside the Mission To Europa 106 comments
Space Exploration Politics -- and an Explanation of the Apollo Flag 'Mystery' (Video) 39 comments
Comet Catalina To Pass By Earth For the Final Time 54 comments
Bill Confirming Property Rights For Asteroid Miners Passes the Senate 171 comments
Astronomers Spot Most Distant Object In the Solar System 85 comments
The Two Modern Space Races 99 comments
Icy Volcanoes May Erupt On Pluto 32 comments
SETI Fails To Detect Signals Coming From KIC 8462852 99 comments
British Spaceplane Skylon Could Revolutionize Space Travel 226 comments
Veteran Spaceflight Engineer Talks About Governance for Space Exploration (Video) 12 comments
NASA's Cassini Discovers Hydrocarbon Dunes On Titan 77 comments
Leading Theory of Solar System's Formation Just Disproven 143 comments
NASA Eagleworks Has Tested an Upgraded EM Drive 203 comments
Why Gravity Is the Ultimate Space Telescope 42 comments
The International Space Station Turns 15 69 comments
Feds Have a Plan For Catastrophic Solar Flares 188 comments
NASA Releases First Images of Cassini's Dive Through the Geyser of Enceladus 26 comments
NASA's Bolden Claims NASA Is 'Doomed' Unless It Stays the Course To Mars 162 comments
Solar Energy in Space is not Necessarily Easy to Harvest (Video) 85 comments
Cassini Probe Will Dive Through Enceladus's Water Jets 65 comments
The International Space Station Is Home To Potentially Dangerous Bacteria 112 comments
Two Radically Different Approaches to Private Access to Space 44 comments
A Real-Life Space Botanist Comments On the Potato Garden In 'The Martian' 134 comments
Comet Lovejoy Giving Away Alcohol 97 comments
First Planet Known To Orbit a White Dwarf Is Falling Apart 67 comments
New Hubble Release Puts Another Nail In the Coffin of Dark Matter's Competitors 274 comments
Looking At the Hardware and Software of JAXA's Hayabusa-2 16 comments
Only 8% of the Universe's Habitable Worlds Have Formed So Far 140 comments
Study Questions Scientific Dating Method Used For Lunar Impacts 49 comments
Europe and Russia Are Headed Back To the Moon Together 65 comments
Space-Time: Scott Kelly Breaks Time-Aloft Record For US Astronauts 35 comments
NASA Returns Images of Frozen Worlds Enceladus and Pluto 37 comments
China Looks To Deep Space Missions, Including More Lunar Landings and Robot Ants 65 comments
Going To Mars Via the Moon 151 comments
How Some Creative Hacking Kept Skylab From Becoming Space Junk 69 comments
Asteroid Impact Mission Sets Sights On New Laser Communications Record 10 comments
Looking At the Hardware and Software of NASA's New Horizons 76 comments
The United States and Israel Sign Space Cooperation Agreement 145 comments
Mysteriously Variable Star Causes Speculation About Dyson Sphere 339 comments
The Rise and Fall of NASA's Shuttle-Centaur 53 comments
Researchers Create 'Habitability Index' For Exoplanets 52 comments
Space Travel For the 1%: Virgin Galactic's $250,000 Tickets Haunt New Mexico Town 239 comments
Review: The Martian 242 comments
B612 Foundation Loses Partnership With NASA; Asteroids Not a Significant Risk 182 comments
An Ice House Design Concept For Mars Bets Long On Liquid Water 63 comments
Vostochny Launch Building Built To the Wrong Size 102 comments
Apollo-Era Photos Now Up at NASA's Flickr Account, In High-Res 93 comments
Moon Express Signs Launch Contract For Possible First Private Lunar Landing 73 comments
NASA Targets Venus, Asteroids With Potential Missions 47 comments
NASA's New Horizons Shows Pluto's Moon Charon Is a Strange, New World 94 comments
The Case For Going To Phobos Before Going To Mars 150 comments
Talking Science and God With the Pope's New Chief Astronomer 269 comments
Rosetta's Comet Is Actually 2 Comets Stuck Together 45 comments
Scientists Have Spotted the Signs of Flowing Water On Mars 260 comments
ISRO Launches Astrosat, India's First Dedicated Space Observatory 40 comments
Tonight's Dazzling 'Supermoon' Lunar Eclipse: What You'll See 95 comments
Why NASA's Road To Mars Plan Proves That It Should Return To the Moon First 194 comments
Making Mining the Asteroids and the Moon Legal 162 comments
ESA-JAXA Team Wins 'America's Cup of Rocket Science' 20 comments
Who Will Pay For a Commercial Space Station After the End of the ISS? 211 comments
Scientists Propose Using Fast Radio Bursts To Chart Universe In 3D 27 comments
US Restarts Hunt For Gravitational Waves With Advanced LIGO 72 comments
NASA Funded Project Could Mine Asteroids For Water With Sunlight 37 comments
Advanced Civilizations Probably Don't Exist In Our Galactic Neighborhood 365 comments
Saturn's Moon Enceladus Has Global Subsurface Ocean 72 comments
Blue Origin To Launch Big Rockets From Canaveral's Rechristened Complex 36 71 comments
DARPA Working On Robotic Satellite Repair 16 comments
NASA Launching 4K TV Channel 41 comments
Close-Up Images Show Ceres' Bright Spots In Great Detail 43 comments
Hedgehog Rovers Hop and Tumble In Microgravity 31 comments
Whisky Aged On NASA's International Space Station Tastes "Different" 210 comments
Caltech Astronomers Discover Oldest Galaxy Yet Known 63 comments
Commercial Space Crew Supporters Posit a Conspiracy Theory Involving Funding Shortages 62 comments
Why the Black Hole Information Paradox Is Such a Problem 172 comments
NASA To 'Lasso' a Comet To Hitchhike Across the Solar System 99 comments
China Preparing To Send Crewed Shenzhou 11 To Tiangong 2 Space Station In 2016 54 comments
Soyuz Heads To Space Station With New Crew 36 comments
World's Most Powerful Digital Camera Sees Construction Green Light 89 comments
New Horizons' New Target: Kuiper Belt Ice Chunk 2014 MU69 43 comments
Kristian von Bengston's New Goal: The Moon 24 comments
The View From 2015: Integrated Space Plan's 100-Year Plan 36 comments
In Hawaii, a 6-Person Crew Begins a Year-Long Mars Isolation Experiment 81 comments
How NASA Defended Its Assembly Facility From Hurricane Katrina 59 comments
ISRO Successfully Launches Satellite Into Geostationary Orbit 89 comments
Research Suggests How Alien Life Could Spread Across the Galaxy 107 comments
Interviews: L5 Society Cofounder Keith Henson Answers Your Questions 64 comments
NASA Mulls Missions To Neptune and Uranus, Using the Space Launch System 77 comments
Dawn Drops To 1470km Orbit, Snaps Sharper Pictures of Ceres 45 comments
Some Observers Perceive the Universe To Be Much Younger Than We Do 139 comments
Re-Examined IceCube Data Firms Up Case For Extra-Galactic Neutrinos 27 comments
John S. Lewis On the Space Commodities Market 61 comments
JAXA Prepares To Try Making Whiskey In Space 67 comments
Tiny Pebbles Built the Gas Giant Behemoths 32 comments
HTV-5 On Its Way To the ISS 87 comments
Enormous Red Sprites Seen From Space 30 comments
Interviews: Ask Engineer and L5 Society Cofounder Keith Henson a Question 111 comments
The 10th Anniversary of the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter 18 comments
Death Star Science: The Physics Of Destroying An Earth-Sized Planet 173 comments
Astronomers Discover Nearby 'Young Jupiter' Exoplanet 28 comments
Rosetta Probe's Comet Reaches Closest Approach To the Sun 16 comments
Samsung Researchers Propose 4,600 Micro-Satellite Space Network 75 comments
Our Early Solar System May Have Been Home To a Fifth Giant Planet 60 comments
Galactic Survey: The Universe Dying as Old Stars Fade Faster Than New Ones Are Born 199 comments
Growing Vegetables In Space, NASA Astronauts Tweet Their Lunch 39 comments
Perseid Meteor Shower Peaks August 12-13 19 comments
Pictures of a Comet From 9 Meters Away 46 comments
Urthecast Brings You Earth Images and Videos from the ISS (Video) 16 comments
Poor Pilot Training Blamed For Virgin Galactic Crash 83 comments
Voyager's Golden Record For Aliens Now Available On SoundCloud 57 comments
Andromeda Galaxy's Secrets Revealed By Going Beyond Visible Light 37 comments
Smithsonian Increases Goal For Spacesuit Crowdfunding Effort 106 comments
Pluto's Haze 63 comments
Interviews: Shaun Moss Answers Your Questions About Mars and Space Exploration 48 comments
NASA Spies Earth-Sized Exoplanet Orbiting Sun-Like Star 134 comments
Astronauts' Skin Gets Thinner In Space, Scientists Say 60 comments
New Horizons Returns Best Images of Pluto's Moons Hydra and Nix 33 comments
CanSat Helps Students Make & Launch Sub-Orbital 'Satellites' (Video) 22 comments
Comet Lander Falls Silent; Scientists Fear It Has Moved 36 comments
Elon Musk: Faulty Strut May Have Led To Falcon 9 Launch Failure 220 comments
Stephen Hawking and Russian Billionaire Start $100 Million Search For Aliens 208 comments
Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo's Re-entry Tech: the Feather 62 comments
Company Aims To Launch Spacecraft On Beams of Microwaves 120 comments
Asteroid Mining Company's First Satellite Launches From Space Station 35 comments
The Frozen Plains of Pluto's 'Heart' 42 comments
Preserving Radio Silence At the Square Kilometer Array 27 comments
Astronauts Forced To Take Shelter From Space Junk 55 comments
'Pluto Truthers' Are Pretty Sure That the NASA New Horizons Mission Was Faked 321 comments
NASA Unveils Historic Pictures of Pluto 108 comments
Mini Ice Age: Nothing To Worry About 195 comments
New Horizons Phones Home After Pluto Flyby -- Craft Healthy, Data Recorded 134 comments
Planet Labs Has Launched Over 100 Imaging Satellites with Many More to Come (Video) 15 comments
Study Details What Happens When Galaxies Collide 52 comments
NASA's New Horizons Focuses On Pluto's Largest Moon Charon 77 comments
ISRO Launches Record 5 UK Satellites, Part of a Long String of Successes 33 comments
New Horizons Gets Closer to Pluto, But Mystery Spots Now Out of Sight 98 comments
Double-Dynamo Model Predicts 60% Fall In Solar Output In The 2030s 249 comments
NASA Names Its Astronauts For the First Dragon and CST-100 Flights 38 comments
SpaceX Rocket Failure Cost NASA $110 Million 204 comments
Lifting the Veil On Pluto's Atmosphere 79 comments
Interviews: Ask Shaun Moss About Mars and Colonizing Space 99 comments
EPFL's CleanSpace One Satellite Will "Eat" Space Junk 53 comments
Astronomers Teach a Machine To Analyze Space Images 28 comments
UK May Send More People Into Space 87 comments
A Real-Time Map of All the Objects In Earth's Orbit 41 comments
More Supermassive Black Holes Than We Thought! 92 comments
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