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Space Stories

Urthecast Brings You Earth Images and Videos from the ISS (Video) 15 comments
Poor Pilot Training Blamed For Virgin Galactic Crash 83 comments
Voyager's Golden Record For Aliens Now Available On SoundCloud 57 comments
Andromeda Galaxy's Secrets Revealed By Going Beyond Visible Light 37 comments
Smithsonian Increases Goal For Spacesuit Crowdfunding Effort 106 comments
Pluto's Haze 63 comments
Interviews: Shaun Moss Answers Your Questions About Mars and Space Exploration 48 comments
NASA Spies Earth-Sized Exoplanet Orbiting Sun-Like Star 134 comments
Astronauts' Skin Gets Thinner In Space, Scientists Say 60 comments
New Horizons Returns Best Images of Pluto's Moons Hydra and Nix 33 comments
CanSat Helps Students Make & Launch Sub-Orbital 'Satellites' (Video) 22 comments
Comet Lander Falls Silent; Scientists Fear It Has Moved 36 comments
Elon Musk: Faulty Strut May Have Led To Falcon 9 Launch Failure 220 comments
Stephen Hawking and Russian Billionaire Start $100 Million Search For Aliens 208 comments
Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo's Re-entry Tech: the Feather 62 comments
Company Aims To Launch Spacecraft On Beams of Microwaves 120 comments
Asteroid Mining Company's First Satellite Launches From Space Station 35 comments
The Frozen Plains of Pluto's 'Heart' 42 comments
Preserving Radio Silence At the Square Kilometer Array 27 comments
Astronauts Forced To Take Shelter From Space Junk 55 comments
'Pluto Truthers' Are Pretty Sure That the NASA New Horizons Mission Was Faked 321 comments
NASA Unveils Historic Pictures of Pluto 108 comments
Mini Ice Age: Nothing To Worry About 195 comments
New Horizons Phones Home After Pluto Flyby -- Craft Healthy, Data Recorded 134 comments
Planet Labs Has Launched Over 100 Imaging Satellites with Many More to Come (Video) 15 comments
Study Details What Happens When Galaxies Collide 52 comments
NASA's New Horizons Focuses On Pluto's Largest Moon Charon 77 comments
ISRO Launches Record 5 UK Satellites, Part of a Long String of Successes 33 comments
New Horizons Gets Closer to Pluto, But Mystery Spots Now Out of Sight 98 comments
Double-Dynamo Model Predicts 60% Fall In Solar Output In The 2030s 249 comments
NASA Names Its Astronauts For the First Dragon and CST-100 Flights 38 comments
SpaceX Rocket Failure Cost NASA $110 Million 204 comments
Lifting the Veil On Pluto's Atmosphere 79 comments
Interviews: Ask Shaun Moss About Mars and Colonizing Space 99 comments
EPFL's CleanSpace One Satellite Will "Eat" Space Junk 53 comments
Astronomers Teach a Machine To Analyze Space Images 28 comments
UK May Send More People Into Space 87 comments
A Real-Time Map of All the Objects In Earth's Orbit 41 comments
More Supermassive Black Holes Than We Thought! 92 comments
Pluto Probe Back To Normal, Cause of Snafu Found 80 comments
Glitch Halts New Horizons Operations As It Nears Pluto 107 comments
Russian Progress Cargo Ship Docks With Space Station 47 comments
Russian Cargo Ship Successfully Makes Orbit, Will Supply ISS 50 comments
Rocket Labs Picks New Zealand For Its Launch Site 86 comments
Microsoft Research Open Sources WorldWide Telescope 18 comments
First Human Colonies Should Be Among Venus' Clouds 256 comments
What If You Could See Asteroids In the Night Sky? 54 comments
Asteroid Day On June 30 Aims To Raise Awareness of Collision Risks 76 comments
The Underfunded, Disorganized Plan To Save Earth From the Next Giant Asteroid 88 comments
Why Didn't Voyager Visit Pluto? 98 comments
Touring NASA's Space Shuttle Cockpit Trainer 18 comments
SpaceX Breaks Down Its Rocket Landing Attempts 72 comments
Black Hole Awakens After 26 Years 58 comments
OneWeb Secures "Largest Ever" Rocket Acquisition For Satellite Internet Launch 45 comments
Stellar Rejuvenation: Some Exoplanets May Get Facelifts 29 comments
Elon Musk Probably Won't Be the First Martian 169 comments
SpaceX and OneWeb -- Same Goal, Different Technology and Strategy 54 comments
Mauna Kea Telescope Construction Slated To Resume 65 comments
Plasma Resonance Could Overcome Radio Silence For Returning Spacecraft 62 comments
Venus May Have Active Volcanoes 45 comments
Orbiting 'Rest Stops' Could Repair Crumbling Satellites 59 comments
Should Nuclear Devices Be Kept On Hand To Protect Against Near Earth Objects? 272 comments
Philae's Lost Seven Months Were Completely Unnecessary 419 comments
'Warm Neptune' Exoplanets May Have Lots of Helium 20 comments
A First: CubeSat-Style Probes To Accompany InSight Mars Lander 22 comments
Online At Last: Comet Lander Philae Wakes Up 62 comments
ESA Still Searching For Philae; May Have Zeroed In On a Possible Location 21 comments
Past a Certain Critical Temperature, the Universe Will Be Destroyed 143 comments
75% of Russia's Satellite Electronics Come From US 127 comments
Congress Decides To Delay US-Launched Astronauts, Keep Using Russian Services 173 comments
NASA Probe Reveals More Detail In Pluto's Complex Surface 66 comments
SpaceX Wants Permission To Test Satellite Internet 98 comments
Google and Facebook Cancel Satellite Plans 33 comments
Parachute Problems Plague NASA's Flying Saucer 41 comments
LightSail Wakes Up After Silent Spell and Tries To Spread Solar Sails 72 comments
NASA To Test Inflatable Donut For Landing On Mars 38 comments
Pluto's Outer Moons Orbit Chaotically, With Unpredictable Sunrises and Sunsets 92 comments
Mystery Moon Swirls Caused By Blasts of Comet Gas? 11 comments
SpaceX Applies To Test Internet Service Satellites 50 comments
Fuel Free Spacecrafts Using Graphene 265 comments
Does a Black Hole Have a Shape? 108 comments
Rosetta Team Proposes Landing On Comet To Finish Mission 35 comments
Ground Crew Back In Touch With LightSail Solar Spacecraft 56 comments
Crowdfunded, Solar-powered Spacecraft Goes Silent 366 comments
Neil DeGrasse Tyson Urges America To Challenge China To a Space Race 275 comments
Black Hole Plays Pool With Plasma 43 comments
SpaceX Cleared For US Military Launches 62 comments
How To Die On Mars 278 comments
Russian Space Agency Misused $1.8 Billion, May Be Replaced 94 comments
Largest Eruption In the Known Universe Is ~100 Times the Size of Milky Way 73 comments
Hubble Discovers a Fast-Aging Star Nicknamed "Nasty 1" 29 comments
India Ends Russian Space Partnership and Will Land On the Moon Alone 119 comments
Universe's Dark Ages May Not Be Invisible After All 55 comments
Asteroid Risk Greatly Overestimated By Almost Everyone 236 comments
India Targets July/August To Test Its Space Shuttle 77 comments
Robotic Space Plane Launches In Mystery Mission This Week 110 comments
Four Quasars Found Clustered Together Defy Current Cosmological Expectations 62 comments
How We'll Someday Be Able To See Past the Cosmic Microwave Background 64 comments
Arab Mars Probe Planned For 2020 190 comments
Ask Slashdot: Best Payloads For Asteroid Diverter/Killer Mission? 150 comments
Russian Rocket Crashes In Siberia 96 comments
House Science Committee Approves Changes To Space Law 103 comments
Planetary Society Wants To Launch a Crowd-Funded Solar Sail 52 comments
How SpaceX and the Quest For Mars Almost Sunk Tesla Motors 126 comments
Kepler Observes Neptune Dancing With Its Moons 19 comments
Galaxies Die By Slow "Strangulation" 42 comments
Kepler's "Superflare" Stars Sport Huge, Angry Starspots 25 comments
Dawn Spacecraft Gets a Better Look At Ceres' Bizarre 'White Spots' 78 comments
ISS Crew Stuck In Orbit While Russia Assesses Rocket 105 comments
Construction At SpaceX's New Spaceport About To Begin 57 comments
The Milky Way's Most Recent Supernova That Nobody Saw 56 comments
Apollo 15 Commander Talks About Developing and Driving Lunar Buggy 49 comments
Messenger Data Says Mercury's Magnetic Past Goes Back Billions of Years 26 comments
Shape of the Universe Determined To Be Really, Really Flat 235 comments
NASA Images Massive Solar Flare 42 comments
Doomed Russian Spacecraft Re-Enters Atmosphere Over Pacific Ocean 33 comments
17-Year-Old Radio Astronomy Mystery Traced Back To Kitchen Microwave 227 comments
SpaceX Launch Abort Test Successful 54 comments
As Hubble Breaks a Distance Record, We Learn Its True Limits 53 comments
SpaceX Testing Passenger Escape System Tomorrow 55 comments
Extreme Exoplanet Volcanism Possibly Detected On 55 Cancri E 40 comments
No, NASA Did Not Accidentally Invent Warp Drive 416 comments
High School Students Discover Pulsar With Widest-Known Orbit 19 comments
NASA Gets Its Marching Orders: Look Up! Look Out! 179 comments
Native Hawaiian Panel Withdraws Support For World's Largest Telescope 286 comments
Space Radiation May Alter Astronauts' Neurons 73 comments
New Test Supports NASA's Controversial EM Drive 480 comments
Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin Launches Its First Rocket 76 comments
New Solar Telescope Unveils the Complex Dynamics of Sunspots' Dark Cores 17 comments
Messenger's Mercury Trip Ends With a Bang, and Silence 108 comments
NASA Probe Spies Possible Polar Ice Cap On Pluto 60 comments
Armadillo Aerospace Resurrected On Kickstarter By the Team Members 29 comments
Russian Cargo Mission To ISS Spinning Out of Control 120 comments
Signs of Subsurface 'Alien' Life Found In Antarctica 106 comments
Kerbal Space Program 1.0 Released After 4 Years of Development 99 comments
Holographic Principle Could Apply To Our Universe 129 comments
Cosmologists Find Eleven Runaway Galaxies 60 comments
Mystery of the Coldest Spot In the CMB Solved 45 comments
Wormholes Untangle a Black Hole Paradox 157 comments
Hubble Turns 25 45 comments
Cosmic Rays Could Reveal Secrets of Lightning On Earth 49 comments
Virtual Telescope Readied To Image Black Hole's 'Ring of Fire' 37 comments
Hubble Spots Star Explosion Astronomers Can't Explain 154 comments
NASA Teams Scientific Experts To Find Life On Exoplanets 58 comments
How False Color Astronomy Works 28 comments
Rosetta Spacecraft Catches Comet Eruption 42 comments
Mysterious "Cold Spot": Fingerprint of Largest Structure In the Universe? 94 comments
ISS Could Be Fitted With Lasers To Shoot Down Space Junk 167 comments
Rocket Lab Unveils "Electric" Rocket Engine 75 comments
The Origin of the First Light In the Universe 133 comments
Incorrectly Built SLS Welding Machine To Be Rebuilt 150 comments
Enceladus Spreads Ghostly Ice Tendrils Around Saturn 33 comments
An Engineering Analysis of the Falcon 9 First Stage Landing Failure 113 comments
Spitzer Space Telescope Finds New Planet 21 comments
Longer Video Shows How Incredibly Close Falcon Stage Came To Successful Landing 342 comments
Hubble and the VLT Uncover Evidence For Self-Interacting Dark Matter 117 comments
New Horizons Captures First Color Image of Pluto and Charon 78 comments
Space X Falcon 9 rocket lifts off - multiview 0 comments
SpaceX Dragon Launches Successfully, But No Rocket Recovery 117 comments
Tracking the Weather On an Exoplanet 43 comments
SpaceX Launch Postponed 77 comments
European Space Agency Invited To Contribute a Lander To NASA's Europa Clipper 33 comments
Copenhagen Suborbitals Test Rocket Engine 9 comments
Supernovae May Not Be Standard Candles; Is Dark Energy All Wrong? 199 comments
Stars Form Near Milky Way's Supermassive Black Hole 32 comments
SpaceX To Try a First Stage Recovery Again On April 13 78 comments
Collision With Earth's "Little Sister" Created the Moon 83 comments
Organic Molecules Found Circling Nearby Star 33 comments
Amid Controversy, Construction of Telescope In Hawaii Halted 228 comments
The Solar System Is Awash In Water 72 comments
NASA's Chief Scientist Predicts Evidence For Life Beyond Earth By 2025 160 comments
Distance of a Microlensing Event Measured For the First Time 47 comments
Build Your Own Satellite For Less Than $30K 49 comments
NASA-ESA Project Will Shoot an Asteroid To See What Happens 113 comments
Mutinous Humans Murder Peaceful Space-going AI 60 comments
Military Caught Training Children To Fight 72 comments
X-37B To Fly Again 48 comments
Chinese Scientists Plan Solar Power Station In Space 226 comments
SpaceX's New Combustion Technologies 132 comments
Russia Wants To Work With NASA On a New Space Station 152 comments
Taxpayer Subsidies To ULA To End 42 comments
Dark Matter Is Even More of a Mystery Than Expected 236 comments
US Air Force Overstepped In SpaceX Certification 71 comments
GAO Denied Access To Webb Telescope Workers By Northrop Grumman 133 comments
Sierra Nevada's Dream Chaser Could Land At Ellington Space Port Near Houston 24 comments
Jupiter Destroyed 'Super-Earths' In Our Early Solar System 69 comments
World's Largest Asteroid Impacts Found In Central Australia 74 comments
NASA's Abandoned Launch Facilities 56 comments
Rosetta Spacecraft Makes Nitrogen Discovery On Comet 17 comments
How Space Can Expand Faster Than the Speed of Light 162 comments
Report: NASA May Miss SLS Launch Deadline 59 comments
The Stolen Credit For What Makes Up the Sun 109 comments
Most Powerful Geomagnetic Storm of Solar Cycle 24 Is Happening 86 comments
Politics Is Poisoning NASA's Ability To Do Science 416 comments
NASA Wants Your Help Hunting For Asteroids 85 comments
NASA Launches Four Spacecraft To Study Earth-Sun Magnetism 21 comments
Russia Abandons Super-Rocket Designed To Compete With SLS 179 comments
Huge Ocean Confirmed Underneath Solar System's Largest Moon 117 comments
Proxima Centauri Might Not Be the Closest Star To Earth 98 comments
Billionaire Teams Up With NASA To Mine the Moon 214 comments
Strange Stars Pulse To the Golden Mean 157 comments
The Milky Way May Be 50 Percent Bigger Than Previously Thought 59 comments
SpaceX Worried Fake Competitors Could Disrupt Its Space Internet Plan 115 comments
The Astronomer Who Brought Us the Universe 41 comments
New Images From Mangalyaan 37 comments
NASA's Dawn Spacecraft Becomes First To Orbit a Dwarf Planet 49 comments
How Activists Tried To Destroy GPS With Axes 247 comments
Hubble Discovers Quadruple Lensed Ancient Supernova 20 comments
New Data Indicates Arctic-Ocean Sized Body of Water on Ancient Mars 58 comments
Massive Exoplanet Evolved In Extreme 4-Star System 48 comments
Rosetta Photographs Its Own Shadow On Comet 67P/C-G 21 comments
Astronomers Find an Old-Looking Galaxy In the Early Universe 157 comments
NASA's Spitzer Team Releases Highest-resolution View of the Full Galactic Plane 38 comments
SpaceX Falcon 9 Launches Dual Satellite Mission 23 comments
20-Year-Old Military Weather Satellite Explodes In Orbit 253 comments
Spacewalking Astronauts Finish Extensive, Tricky Cable Job 22 comments
One Astronomer's Quest To Reinstate Pluto As a Planet 196 comments
Methane-Based Life Possible On Titan 69 comments
12-Billion-Solar-Mass Black Hole Discovered 139 comments
Ceres' Mystery Bright Dots May Have Volcanic Origin 28 comments
What Happens When Betelgeuse Explodes? 203 comments
Rocket Flown Through Northern Lights To Help Unlock Space Weather Mysteries 33 comments
ISS Crew Install Cables For 2017 Arrival of Commercial Capsules 106 comments
Why Hollywood Fudged the Relativity-Based Wormhole Scenes In Interstellar 133 comments
In Space, a Laptop Doubles As a VR Headset 26 comments
Supermassive Diet: Black Holes Bulk-Up On Dark Matter 102 comments
Theory of Information Could Resolve One of the Great Paradoxes of Cosmology 183 comments
Another Star Passed Through Our Oort Cloud 70,000 Years Ago 117 comments
Mysterious Martian Plumes Discovered By Amateur Astronomers 62 comments
Time-Lapse of Pluto and Charon Produced By New Horizons 44 comments
Five Glorious Years of Sun Images In a Four-Minute Video 49 comments
ESA Complete Spaceplane Test Flight; IXV Safely Returns To Earth 56 comments
SpaceX Falcon 9 Launches, Rocket Recovery Attempt Scrapped 69 comments
Comets Form Like Deep Fried Ice Cream Scoops 37 comments
West To East Coast: SpaceX Ready For Extreme Multitasking 23 comments
ESA's Experimental Wingless Space Plane IXV Ready For a Test Flight 35 comments
DARPA's ALASA Could Pave Way For Cheaper, Faster Satellite Launches 91 comments
Earth's Libration Visualized For the First Time Above the Moon's Far Side 33 comments
Craters Pop As NASA's Dawn Probe Approaches Ceres 52 comments
The Strangest Moon In the Solar System 141 comments
TP-82: The Gun Cosmonauts Carried On Space Missions 116 comments
Astronomers Find Vast Ring System Eclipsing a Distant Star 85 comments
FAA Could Extend Property Rights On the Moon Through Regulation 283 comments
Obama's 2016 NASA Budget Status Quo, Funds Europa Mission 92 comments
State Television Says Iran Launches New Satellite Into Space 81 comments
NASA Launches Satellite To Observe Soil Moisture 25 comments
NASA Looking At Nuclear Thermal Rockets To Explore the Solar System 282 comments
ESA: No Conclusive Evidence of Big Bang Gravitational Waves 96 comments
There Is No "You" In a Parallel Universe 226 comments
How Gaseous, Neptune-Like Planets Can Become Habitable 65 comments
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