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Silicon Graphics Stories

Intel and SGI Test Full-Immersion Cooling For Servers 102 comments
SGI Rolls Out "Personal Supercomputers" 303 comments
PLplot Notes Its 10,000th Commit 66 comments
SGI's Open Source Performance Co-Pilot 24 comments
Hardware-Accelerated Graphics On SGI O2 Under NetBSD 75 comments
SGI Lives On, In Name At Least 107 comments
Rackable Buying SGI Assets For $25M? 159 comments
SGI Warns That Bankruptcy Might Be Year-End Option 307 comments
Silicon Graphics To Be Delisted From NYSE 257 comments
SGI Faces Bankruptcy 383 comments
Reliving The Glory Days of SGI 386 comments
Japan's Newest Linux Supercluster: 13TB RAM 163 comments
Open Source SpeedShop Project Opened 14 comments
SGI & NASA Build World's Fastest Supercomputer 417 comments
NASA Powers Up With Linux Supercomputer 8 comments
SGI & NASA Plan 10240-Processor Altix Cluster 202 comments
SGI to Scale Linux Across 1024 CPUs 360 comments
SGI Sells Alias Subsidiary to Accel-KKR 154 comments
SGI & The IMD4Linux Project? 28 comments
SGI Code Changes Not Enough, Says SCO 399 comments
SGI's Letter to the Linux Community 565 comments
SCO's Next Target: SGI? 338 comments
SGI Releases New Workstations 420 comments
SGI Announces Restructuring, Cuts 400 Jobs 318 comments
New SGI Altix 3000 225 comments
SGI launches R16000 352 comments
SGI NUMAflex Linux System On Display @ SC2002 149 comments
SGI Introduces World's Densest Server 341 comments
What Happened to 5dwm? 38 comments
A Look at IRIX 6.5.17 326 comments
SGI Demos 64-Proc Linux Box 253 comments
XFS on a Web Server? 32 comments
Hot New Silicon Graphics Workstations 472 comments
SGI Sets Sights On Turnaround 255 comments
Third Party Software Support for Linux on SGIs? 3 comments
SGI Drops Linux IA-64 Compiler Support 3 comments
SGI Installs First Itanium Cluster At OSC 198 comments
End Of reality For Silicon Graphics 130 comments
SGI 750 Itanium Server 112 comments
SGI Layoffs Hit XFS For Linux Project 57 comments
Silicon Graphics Will Put Linux On Origin 102 comments
Indigo Magic Desktop, Now On Linux 120 comments
SGI Flat Panels @ 1600x1024 w/ Linux/BSD? 10 comments
XFS Beta 76 comments
SGI Releases Open Inventor As Open Source 106 comments
SGI And /Massive/ Linux Machine 72 comments
Specs On New SGI Onyx And Origin 154 comments
NetBSD Ported To SGI 02 52 comments
SGI's New Linux Boxes 99 comments
UPDATED: SGI B1 Linux Patches 103 comments
Tera Completes Acquistion of Cray 41 comments
SGI Releases XFS For 2.3.99pre2 99 comments
Tera Will Buy Cray Research 89 comments
SGI Gives Open Source some OpenGL Love 211 comments
SGI adds Enterprise Support for Linux 0 comments
SGI Release Iris 2.3 for Linux 74 comments
SGI Steps out of the Visual Workstation Market 90 comments
Dave McAllister (SGI) on Linux and Chilli 122 comments
SGI Negotiating Cray Research Sale 67 comments
SGI to Build Commercial Linux Supercomputers 109 comments
SGI announces Linux Kernel Crash Dumps (LKCD) 206 comments
World's Fastest Supercomputer to be Linux 108 comments
U.S. Helps Finance New Cray Development 61 comments
SGI Releases IDE 133 comments
Beta for IRIS Performer 62 comments
SGI to layoff ~ 3000 employees, sees 2Q profit (UPDATED) 126 comments
SGI and Mesa on Linux/OpenGL Base 62 comments
Feature: Myth of the Fall of SGI, Part II - the Mystery of Irix 181 comments
SGI releases "Jessie" to the Open Source 91 comments
Belluzo post-SGI joining Microsoft 63 comments
SGI CEO Belluzzo Resigns 76 comments
SGI Installing Beowulf 46 comments
XFS to be released under the GPL 244 comments
SGI to Dump NT Workstation Business, Move to Linux 156 comments
SGI Announces New Strategy and Alliance 70 comments
Alias|Wavefront to Support Linux 79 comments
SGI Faces Another Reorganization 84 comments
SGI Introduces New 1400L Linux Server 117 comments
SGI to drop Irix for Linux 148 comments
SGI's Linux Server 103 comments
SGIs Linux Future 151 comments
NVIDIA and SGI Align 74 comments
SGI announces port of IRIS Performer 46 comments
SGI Clarifies Multiple OS Strategy 41 comments
SGI gives Linux support for flat screen 1600SW 33 comments
SGI Visual Workstation to run Linux by Year End 57 comments
SGI open-sourcing XFS 179 comments
SGI behind Linux: it's official 45 comments
SGI, others embracing Linux 88 comments
SGI Hiring 5+ Linux Kernel Hackers 54 comments
SGI Linux Servers Coming 49 comments
Silicon Graphics rebrands itself as 'SGI' 166 comments
SGI Name Change 74 comments
SGI Embraces Open Source 63 comments
LinuxWorld Pre-Press: VA & SGI? 13 comments
R12K Debuts 40 comments
SGI Open Sources GLX 79 comments
SGI x86 Linux Servers 36 comments

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