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Security Stories

Researchers Create Mac "Firmworm" That Spreads Via Thunderbolt Ethernet Adapters 65 comments
One In Four Indiana Residents' E-Record Data Exposed in Hack 60 comments
Critical BIND Denial-of-Service Flaw Could Take Down DNS Servers 62 comments
Germany Won't Prosecute NSA, But Bloggers 107 comments
Symantec: Hacking Group Black Vine Behind Anthem Breach 18 comments
Research: Industrial Networks Are Vulnerable To Devastating Cyberattacks 76 comments
Tools Coming To Def Con For Hacking RFID Access Doors 27 comments
What Federal Employees Really Need To Worry About After the Chinese Hack 123 comments
Hacking a 'Smart' Sniper Rifle 72 comments
Honeywell Home Controllers Open To Any Hacker Who Can Find Them Online 85 comments
Veteran IT Journalist Worries That Online Privacy May Not Exist (Video) 44 comments
Chrome Extension Thwarts User Profiling Based On Typing Behavior 61 comments
Your Stolen Identity Goes For $20 On the Internet Black Market 57 comments
Air-Gapped Computer Hacked (Again) 80 comments
Hacker Set To Demonstrate 60 Second Brinks Safe Hack At DEFCON 147 comments
950 Million Android Phones Can Be Hijacked By Malicious Text Messages 120 comments
'Stagefright' Flaw: Compromise Android With Just a Text 202 comments
Steam Bug Allowed Password Resets Without Confirmation 57 comments
A Plea For Websites To Stop Blocking Password Managers 365 comments
HardenedBSD Completes Strong ASLR Implementation 66 comments
Using HTML5 To Hide Malware 56 comments
The OpenSSH Bug That Wasn't 55 comments
After Progressive Insurance's Snapshot Hacked, Manufacturer Has Been, Too 3 comments
Fiat Chrysler Recalls 1.4 Million Autos To Fix Remote Hack 157 comments
Remote Control of a Car, With No Phone Or Network Connection Required 158 comments
HP: Smartwatches Are a Major Security Risk 98 comments
A Tweet-Sized Exploit Can Get Root On OS X 10.10 129 comments
What Non-Experts Can Learn From Experts About Real Online Security 112 comments
Belgian Government Phishing Test Goes Off-Track 58 comments
Bug Exposes OpenSSH Servers To Brute-Force Password Guessing Attacks 157 comments
Hacking Team's RCS Android May Be the Most Sophisticated Android Malware Ever Exposed 91 comments
FTC Accuses LifeLock of False Advertising Again 54 comments
FBI's Hacks Don't Comply With Legal Safeguards 64 comments
Ask Slashdot: Do You Use a Smartphone At Work, Contrary to Policy? 227 comments
Free Tools For Detecting Hacking Team Malware In Your Systems 62 comments
How Developers Can Rebuild Trust On the Internet 65 comments
Netragard Ends Exploit Acquisition Program After Hacking Team Breach 48 comments
Affair Site Hackers Threaten Release of All User Data Unless It Closes 446 comments
Hacking Team and Boeing Subsidiary Envisioned Drones Deploying Spyware 79 comments
Spurious Drones Buzzing Around Spanish Royal Palace 49 comments
Despite Triage, US Federal Cybersecurity Still Lags Behind 36 comments
New RC4 Encryption Attacks Reduces Plaintext Recovery Time 44 comments
NSA Releases Open Source Security Tool For Linux 105 comments
Pawn Storm Group Makes Trend Micro IP Address a C&C Server 45 comments
Critical Internet Explorer 11 Vulnerability Identified After Hacking Team Breach 58 comments
Anonymizing Wi-Fi Device Project Unexpectedly Halted 138 comments
Ask Slashdot: VPN Solution To Connect Mixed-Environment Households? 173 comments
New Default: Mozilla Temporarily Disables Flash In Firefox 199 comments
Facebook's New Chief Security Officer Wants To Set a Date To Kill Flash 283 comments
First Java 0-Day In 2 Years Exploited By Pawn Storm Hackers 122 comments
For £70,000, You Might Be Able to Own an Enigma 65 comments
Ask Slashdot: Giving Users Extra-Firewall Access For Sites Normally Blocked? 267 comments
The Guardian Looks At Hacking Team's Client List, Internal Communications 35 comments
Rethinking Security Advisory Severities 30 comments
Australian Cops and Anti-Corruption Agencies Keen On Hacking Team Malware 27 comments
Hacker Group That Hit Twitter, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft Intensifies Attacks 40 comments
Ask Slashdot: Dealing With Ongoing Suspected Identity Theft? 213 comments
OpenSSL Patches Critical Certificate Forgery Bug 45 comments
Apple Drops Recovery Key From Two-Factor Authentication In New OS Versions 64 comments
DARPA's $4M Cyber-Threat Clash Down To Seven Challengers 23 comments
Microsoft Thanked For Its "Significant Financial Donation" To OpenBSD Foundation 265 comments
Hacking Team Breach Leaks Zero-Days, Renews Fight To Regulate Cyberweapons 123 comments
The Mob's IT Department 104 comments
'Severe Bug' To Be Patched In OpenSSL 69 comments
Crypto Experts Blast Gov't Backdoors For Encryption 102 comments
Hacking Team Scrambling To Limit Damage Brought On By Explosive Data Leak 95 comments
Click-Fraud Trojan Politely Updates Flash On Compromised Computers 66 comments
Chilling Effect of the Wassenaar Arrangement On Exploit Research 30 comments
Hacking Team Hacked, Attackers Grab 400GB of Internal Data 95 comments
Researcher Who Reported E-voting Vulnerability Targeted By Police Raid in Argentina 116 comments
Firefox 39 Released, Bringing Security Improvements and Social Sharing 172 comments
MasterCard To Approve Online Payments Using Your Selfies 77 comments
Angler Exploit Kit Evasion Techniques Keep Cryptowall Thriving 36 comments
Ask Slashdot: Dealing With Passwords Transmitted As Cleartext? 251 comments
Windows 10 Shares Your Wi-Fi Password With Contacts 487 comments
Amazon's New SSL/TLS Implementation In 6,000 Lines of Code 107 comments
Stanford Starts the 'Secure Internet of Things Project' 77 comments
White House Lures Mudge From Google To Launch Cyber UL 23 comments
Interviews: Brian Krebs Answers Your Questions 33 comments
RFC 7568 Deprecates SSLv3 As Insecure 53 comments
UK Researchers Find IPv6-Related Data Leaks In 11 of 14 VPN Providers 65 comments
How IKEA Patched Shellshock 154 comments
Malwarebytes Offers Pirates Its Premium Antimalware Product For Free 111 comments
Avira Wins Case Upholding Its Right To Block Adware 64 comments
Ask Slashdot: Are Post-Install Windows Slowdowns Inevitable? 517 comments
Samsung To Stop Blocking Automatic Windows Updates 23 comments
Cisco Security Appliances Found To Have Default SSH Keys 112 comments
My United Airlines Website Hack Gets Snubbed 187 comments
Put Your Enterprise Financial Data In the Cloud? Sure, Why Not 91 comments
Security Researcher Drops 15 Vulnerabilities for Windows and Adobe Reader 117 comments
Samsung Cripples Windows Update To Prevent Incompatible Drivers 289 comments
Car Hacking is 'Distressingly Easy' 165 comments
HP Researchers Disclose Details of Internet Explorer Zero Day 49 comments
US Securities and Exchange Commission Hunting Insider Trading Hackers 20 comments
Emergency Adobe Flash Patch Fixes Zero-Day Under Attack 71 comments
Hackers Exploit MacKeeper Flaw To Spread OS X Malware 63 comments
New Snowden Leaks Show NSA Attacked Anti-Virus Software 98 comments
The US Navy's Warfare Systems Command Just Paid Millions To Stay On Windows XP 192 comments
Controversial GCHQ Unit Engaged In Domestic Law Enforcement, Online Propaganda 83 comments
Swedish Investigators Attempt Assange Interview; Wikileaks Makes Major Release 154 comments
Cyberattack Grounds Planes In Poland 40 comments
Samsung Fixes Cellphone Keyboard Vulnerability 41 comments
Secunia Drops Public Listing of Vulnerabilities 19 comments
Schneier: China and Russia Almost Definitely Have the Snowden Docs 157 comments
Encryption Would Not Have Protected Secret Federal Data, Says DHS 142 comments
Canadian Government Servers Compromised By Anonymous 79 comments
E-Detective Spy Tool Used By Police and Governments Has Major Security Holes 64 comments
The Internet of Things Is the Password Killer We've Been Waiting For 124 comments
Is Surespot the Latest Crypto War Victim? 26 comments
"Let's Encrypt" Project To Issue First Free Digital Certificates Next Month 97 comments
Interviews: Ask Brian Krebs About Security and Cybercrime 53 comments
Researchers Find Major Keychain Vulnerability in iOS and OS X 78 comments
Samsung Cellphone Keyboard Software Vulnerable To Attack 104 comments
US Lawmakers Demand Federal Encryption Requirements After OPM Hack 91 comments
Baseball Team Hacks Another Team's Networks, FBI Investigates 105 comments
Google Expands Security Rewards To Bugs In Android Devices 20 comments
Report: Aging Java Components To Blame For Massively Buggy Open-Source Software 130 comments
The Words That Indicate Malicious Domain URLs 84 comments
Malware Attacks Give Criminals 1,425% Return On Investment 124 comments
Hacks To Be Truly Paranoid About 106 comments
US Navy Solicits Zero Days 59 comments
LastPass Reporting a Security Breach, Including Authentication Hashes and Salts 206 comments
Rethinking Security: Securing Activities Instead of Computers 55 comments
A Tale of Election Intrigue Wins Bruce Schneier's 8th Movie-Plot Contest 57 comments
M0n0wall Fork SmallWall Has First Official Release 34 comments
Kaspersky Explains Why They Won't Say Who Hacked Them 124 comments
SF86 Data Captured In OPM Hack 173 comments
Samsung, LG Smartwatches Give Up Personal Data To Researchers 46 comments
New OpenSSL Security Advisory Announced 95 comments
Ask Toolbar Now Considered Malware By Microsoft 212 comments
Whitehouse Mandates HTTPS For Government Sites and Services 111 comments
Kaspersky Lab Reveals Cyberattack On Its Corporate Network 73 comments
German Parliament May Need To Replace All Hardware and Software To Stop Malware 189 comments
Why Our Brains Can't Process the Gravest Threats To Humanity 637 comments
US Tech Giants Ask Obama Not To Compromise Encryption 108 comments
49 Suspected Members of Cybercriminal Group Arrested In Europe 23 comments
Internet Explorer 11 Gains HTTP Strict Transport Security In Windows 7 and 8.1 56 comments
Wassenaar Treaty Will Hamper Bug Bounties 35 comments
Ask Slashdot: Should We Expect Attacks When Windows 2003 Support Ends? 117 comments
Developer Draws Legal Threat For Exposing Indian Telco's Net Neutrality Violation 134 comments
US Army Website Hacked By Syrian Electronic Army 116 comments
TSA Fails To Find Links To Terrorism of Airport Workers 166 comments
Report: Evidence of Healthcare Breaches Lurks On Infected Medical Devices 42 comments
China Denies Responsibility For US Government Data Breach 144 comments
2014 Underhanded C Contest Winners Announced 27 comments
Ask Slashdot: Options After Google Chrome Discontinues NPAPI Support? 208 comments
Opening Fixed-Code Garage Doors With a Toy In 10 Seconds 105 comments
SourceForge Responds To nmap Maintainer's Claims 172 comments
Microsoft Lets EU Governments Inspect Source Code For Security Issues 143 comments
Intel Security Scares Ransomware Script Kiddie Out of Business 117 comments
US Office of Personnel Management Hacked Again 73 comments
Users With Weak SSH Keys Had Access To GitHub Repositories For Popular Projects 25 comments
Typing 'http://:' Into a Skype Message Trashes the Installation Beyond Repair 225 comments
nmap Maintainer Warns He Doesn't Control nmap SourceForge Mirror 145 comments
100kb of Unusual Code Protecting Nuclear, ATC and United Nations Systems 145 comments
New SOHO Router Security Audit Uncovers Over 60 Flaws In 22 Models 66 comments
Microsoft To Support SSH In Windows and Contribute To OpenSSH 285 comments
Professional Russian Trolling Exposed 276 comments
US Airport Screeners Missed 95% of Weapons, Explosives In Undercover Tests 357 comments
Facebook Now Supports PGP To Send You Encrypted Emails 138 comments
Cybersecurity and the Tylenol Murders 74 comments
Ransomware Creator Apologizes For "Sleeper" Attack, Releases Decryption Keys 45 comments
Malware Attribution: Should We Identify the Crooks Who Deploy It? 87 comments
Macs Vulnerable To Userland Injected EFI Rootkits 82 comments
China Unveils World's First Facial Recognition ATM 129 comments
The Underground Hacking Economy 29 comments
Why Detecting Drones Is a Tough Gig 227 comments
Android M Arrives In Q3: Native Fingerprint Support, Android Pay, 'Doze' Mode 83 comments
A Text Message Can Crash An iPhone and Force It To Reboot 248 comments
Insurer Won't Pay Out For Security Breach Because of Lax Security 119 comments
IRS: Personal Info of 100,000 Taxpayers Accessed Illegally 85 comments
Linux/Moose Worm Targets Routers, Modems, and Embedded Systems 110 comments
Exploit Kit Delivers Pharming Attacks Against SOHO Routers 31 comments
Attackers Use Email Spam To Infect Point-of-Sale Terminals 85 comments
Sniffing and Tracking Wearable Tech and Smartphones 56 comments
Researchers Devise Voting System That Seems Secure, But Is Hard To Use 103 comments
Hacker Warns Starbucks of Security Flaw, Gets Accused of Fraud 107 comments
Adult Dating Site Hack Reveals Users' Sexual Preference, Extramarital Affairs 173 comments
NSA Planned To Hijack Google App Store To Hack Smartphones 94 comments
Netgear and ZyXEL Confirm NetUSB Flaw, Are Working On Fixes 34 comments
What Was the Effect of Rand Paul's 10-Hour "Filibuster"? 385 comments
Security Researchers Wary of Wassenaar Rules 34 comments
Stanford Researcher Finds Little To Love In Would-Be Hacker Marketplace 75 comments
CareFirst Admits More Than a Million Customer Accounts Were Exposed In Security Breach 82 comments
US Proposes Tighter Export Rules For Computer Security Tools 126 comments
Telstra Says Newly Acquired Pacnet Hacked, Customer Data Exposed 15 comments
FBI: Social Media, Virtual Currency Fraud Becoming a Huge Problem 39 comments
Simple Flaw Exposed Data On Millions of Charter Internet Customers 29 comments
How 1990s Encryption Backdoors Put Today's Internet In Jeopardy 42 comments
Eugene Kaspersky: "Our Business Is Saving the World From Computer Villains" 288 comments
Critical Vulnerability In NetUSB Driver Exposes Millions of Routers To Hacking 70 comments
'Logjam' Vulnerability Threatens Encrypted Connections 71 comments
Symantec Data Protection 1 comments
Survey: 2/3 of Public Sector Workers Wouldn't Report a Security Breach 150 comments
Yubikey Neo Teardown and Durability Review 88 comments
Trojanized, Info-Stealing PuTTY Version Lurking Online 216 comments
Chris Roberts Is the Least Important Part of the Airplane Hacking Story 200 comments
FBI Alleges Security Researcher Tampered With a Plane's Flight Control Systems 190 comments
Penn State Yanks Engineering Network From Internet After China-Based Attack 101 comments
Mobile Spy Software Maker MSpy Hacked, Customer Data Leaked 79 comments
United Airlines Invites Hackers To Find Security Vulnerabilities 54 comments
Online Voting Should Be Verifiable -- But It's a Hard Problem 258 comments
Hackers Using Starbucks Gift Cards To Access Credit Cards 124 comments
US Passport Agency Contractor Stole Applicants' Data To Steal Their Identities 45 comments
Ask Slashdot: Security Certification For an Old Grad? 125 comments
'Venom' Security Vulnerability Threatens Most Datacenters 95 comments
Photo Printing Website Artisan State Allows Access To All User-Uploaded Photos 94 comments
Beware the Ticking Internet of Things Security Time Bomb 131 comments
Anonymous Accused of Running a Botnet Using Thousands of Hacked Home Routers 52 comments
Microsoft Is Confident In Security of Edge Browser 133 comments
The Best Way To Protect Real Passwords: Create Fake Ones 152 comments
GPU Malware Can Also Affect Windows PCs, Possibly Macs 49 comments
The Best-Paying IT Security Jobs of 2015 85 comments
'Breaking Bad' Crypto Ransomware Targets Australian Users 38 comments
Poor, Homegrown Encryption Threatens Open Smart Grid Protocol 111 comments
Proof-of-Concept Linux Rootkit Leverages GPUs For Stealth 67 comments
Cybersecurity Company Extorted Its Clients, Says Whistleblower 65 comments
Top Cyber Attack Vectors For Critical SAP Systems 65 comments
James Comey: the Man Who Wants To Outlaw Encryption 241 comments
Superfish Injects Ads In 1 In 25 Google Page Views 91 comments
LinkedIn Used To Create Database of 27,000 US Intelligence Personnel 82 comments
Self-Destructing Virus Kills Off PCs 107 comments
Researcher: Drug Infusion Pump Is the "Least Secure IP Device" He's Ever Seen 83 comments
FBI Releases Its Files On DEF CON: Not Amused By Spot-the-Fed 102 comments
MacKeeper May Have To Pay Millions In Class-Action Suit 41 comments
Cyberlock Lawyers Threaten Security Researcher Over Vulnerability Disclosure 87 comments
Microsoft: No More 'Patch Tuesday' For Windows 10 Home Users 141 comments
USBKill Transforms a Thumb Drive Into an "Anti-Forensic" Device 288 comments
Maritime Cybersecurity Firm: 37% of Microsoft Servers On Ships Are Vulnerable 51 comments
Hacking the US Prescription System 78 comments
CareerBuilder Cyberattack Delivers Malware Straight To Employers 48 comments
Researcher Bypasses Google Password Alert For Second Time 35 comments
Unnoticed For Years, Malware Turned Linux Servers Into Spamming Machines 180 comments
Chinese Security Vendor Qihoo 360 Caught Cheating In Anti-virus Tests 63 comments
Mozilla Begins To Move Towards HTTPS-Only Web 324 comments
Once a Forgotten Child, OpenSSL's Future Now Looks Bright 76 comments
FBI Slammed On Capitol Hill For "Stupid" Ideas About Encryption 174 comments
Windows XP Support Deal Not Renewed By UK Government, Leaves PCs Open To Attack 137 comments
Google Announces "Password Alert" To Protect Against Phishing Attacks 76 comments
RealTek SDK Introduces Vulnerability In Some Routers 35 comments
Why Crypto Backdoors Wouldn't Work 105 comments
Researchers Mount Cyberattacks Against Surgery Robot 55 comments
New Zero Day Disclosed In WordPress Core Engine 89 comments
The Sun Newspaper Launches Anonymous Tor-Based WikiLeaks-Style SecureDrop 64 comments
Officials Say Russian Hackers Read Obama's Unclassified Emails 109 comments
Turning a Smartphone Display Into a Biometric Scanner 16 comments
Microsoft Opens Vulnerability Bounty Program For Spartan Browser 53 comments
Buggy Win 95 Code Almost Wrecked Stuxnet Campaign 93 comments
Allegation: Philly Cops Leaned Suspect Over Balcony To Obtain Password 225 comments
Pentagon Discloses Network Breach By Russian Hackers 64 comments
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